By: Charles Uwazie

Very Disturbing Image…I wish this image was a lie but unfortunately, it is a reality – this generation is lost in the worship of mammon.

If you doubt this image, go to any (8 in 10) Pentecostal church around you, don’t listen to the sermon, just listen to the Testimonies and if you are filled with the spirit of truth, you will notice the subtle worship of mammon.

You will hear testimonies like “I was going through a difficult time and I sowed seeds (money) to the Senior Pastor and in less than 48 hours, I received a testimony. The power of the seed I sowed spoke for me. Thank you Jesus” Here’s a question – who was glorified in that testimony? Mammon – the filthy god of filthy wealth. The testifier has exalted the money they gave as the reason why they were favored. This idea is a contradiction to the truth of the finished work of Christ.

Mammon is more glorified during testimony sessions than any other session in our services. Just listen to the testimonies and see who or what is mentioned the most – my tithe spoke for me, my seed spoke for me, my daddy or mummy spoke to me, etc. There’s no mention of Jesus except when they want to summarize their testimonies. Money has become their god. From such, turn away.

In true churches where money is not worshipped, the brethren testify about how they penetrated villages, kingdoms and Islamic territories with the gospel of Grace. In true churches, the testimony is centered on Christ without mention of the name of the senior pastor nor seeds sown. In true churches, testimonies are used to encourage others and not to intimidate others.

But in these mammonCentric churches, it’s all about money and control.

God help your children to be focused on Jesus, not G.O and money.