By: Evangelist Theophilus Izobofolo – 

The earth is a place for ‘Soul Game.’ Souls are sent to earth from the spirit realm to play the game of earthly success and to decide their eternal aboard while the game last. Every soul player must live in a body and have a spirit; the soul keeps playing the game called life till death terminates the game via the body.

These games are played with the “Spiritual Law’s of Time” (the Bible), and the physical laws of time (earthly laws). The laws are in levels and are applied according to the stage of the soul in knowledge and experience.

The achievement of earthly success with obedience to the “Spiritual Law’s of Time” (the Bibles), culminates into heavenly boom. Inversely, the achievement of earthly success with disobedience to the “Spiritual Law’s of Time” accord’s hell doom reward.

The fundamental secrets of life to fulfilling credible success on earth and gain eternal life in heaven are derived from the “Spiritual Law’s of Time” (the Bible).

The first fundamental secret to win the ‘Game of Soul’ on earth and make heaven is to;

(1) Acknowledge the existence and supremacy of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

(2) Accept His redemption, believe He died for the remission of your sins and grant you grace, truth and love; and

(3) Use His divine gifts and skills to play the game while it last and wait for his reward…the first purpose of the game (life) is to; fear God and obey his commandments, this is the whole duty of man; Ecclesiastics 12:13 (ESV).

To remain in the faith keep updating and nourishing your mind with the word, honor Him with your praise, listen to divine messages, read spiritual articles, pray without season and use your testimonies to encourage, motivate and revive other saints,  as you continue to play the “Game of Soul.”

The Game Coach (God) is coming quickly. The time keeper (death) is already waiting…repent now, start obeying the “Spiritual Laws of Time” (the Bible)…Manaratha.