By: Charles Awuzie –

These two books destroyed church ministry: 48 laws of power… Art of Seduction… 

They turned holy men to seducers who seduce with words and false appearance. Packaging and games were born through the reading of these materials. A pastor of 10 members would photoshop himself into a crowd to seduce people to follow him. Their bodyguards and flashy cars are meant to seduce you. Their pulpit branding reflecting the photo-shopped perfect image of the prophet is an art of seduction too.

Their action creates an image in your subconscious which is why you keep dreaming about the prophet. The 21st century Christian is SEDUCED but they know not. They literally lust, maybe not sexually, after their religious idols.

They make their hair to look like him… Speak like him… Behave like him… And by so doing, lose their own originality. Some even declare with boldness that their pastor is worthy of worship. That’s how seduced they are; women sowing their husband’s only car as seed to a prophet. I know a Lagos based woman who gave her sick husband’s property to a young prophet whom she lusted after.

Most girls have confessed to me that they have a serious crush on their pastor. A girl in Aba told me she masturbates daily with her papa’s photoshopped image. Unknown to them, they were unconsciously seduced – this time sexually.

These two books destroyed church ministry: 48 laws of power… Art of Seduction… 

If you can NOT say NO to your pastor no matter what he tells you, he has seduced you and has taken control of your mind and will power. Hence he can tell you to drink petrol or sow your last cent and you won’t debate it. You are seduced. If you can fight to defend your papa more than you defend Jesus, you are seduced. You may not know it, but I know. 

These books destroyed the purity and innocence of holy men. Beware of them and those who live by them.



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The Nigerian govt. have decided to establish cattle colonies in every state of the country. Each colony will be five thousand hectares of land(5,000). This will be for fulani herdsmen. Do you know that :

(1) 1 hectare is a  football field.
(2) 10 hectares is one square kilometer.
(3) 100 hectares is 10 square kilometers.
(4) 1,000 hectares is 100 square kilometers, ie 100,000m by 100,000m. And now >👉
(5) 5,000 hectares  is 500 square kilometers, ie 500,000 m by 500,000m. This is a stretch of 25 kilometers by 20 kilometers of land mass.

This is the kind of land mass they want for the fulani colonies. Imagine parts of the land stretching from Zuba to Gwagwalada to Airport junction to kuje to Aya towards Nyanya to Buari and environs.

Do you know that many local Governments land mass in Nigeria are smaller than one colony?. In fact almost every local government in the South south,south East, and South west is smaller than one colony.

So they want to establish one Fulani local Govt Area in every state of Nigeria.

Do you know that there is only one; (1) cattle colony in the whole world? It is in Pakistan, near the town of Karachi. 

Nigerian Landmass = 923,
Proposed Cattle Colony = 10,000hectares/State + FCT = 37
Colony = 370,000hectares

Me: technically, they want to give Fulani Herdsmen killers 1/3 of Nigeria

These people are yet to tell us the truth.


By: Charles Awuzie


Commenting on the wall of a woman of God, Christian James declared that wives who ride their husbands will surely go to hell fire and burn to ashes.

Below is an excerpt of his comment…

“…wife on top husband during sex, instead of husband on top of his wife. This is life turning upside down. This is not the way God made it from the beginning. But animals life was still the way God made it till today….You can never see any female animal on top of male animal, but it was only the male on top of the females animals. But you come to human beings, everything is turned upside down and out of the way God made them. This was a little picture to show you that it was a sin for a wife on top of her husband during sex.

Remember, animals do not marry, but they are having sex with respect among them, and God never count it sin for them to have sex without marriage. This is because they were animals and yet respecting the natural law of sex among themselves. But it was human beings, [husband and wife] which was permitted by God to marry themselves, they claim themselves wiser than animals, but it was really them acting what animals should have been acting  on the bed during sex. This was not how God made human beings to be. This was sin indeed and it will take those involved in it to hell. Do not wait until you fine it condemned in the bible b4 u believe it was a sin.”

Next time when I say that religion is a disease, don’t doubt me. I have never seen a religious person who is normal. They are sick. Very sick in the head. They have been brainwashed. The height of foolishness amongst humans is expressed in religion. All religious people are fools and lack a sound mind. They have even reduced God to a petty porn addict who watches couples enjoy themselves in bed. So their god has his eyes fixed on their bed to judge which sex position they indulge in.

The god that religion worships is too petty as my God.

I hate religion without apology.


By: Gift Tanteda Tarupiwa –

BREADTH of MIND (Investment in time)

Whenever the word investment is mentioned, all that we quickly speculate on is perhaps an entrepreneurial initiative or the establishment of some sort of business yet the greatest and only firm investment one can ever make is investing some acts in time.

It’s a painful though truthful fact that who and where we’re today sums up from what we invested in time either knowingly or unknowingly.

Basing on King Solomon’s controversial discovery prior to the laws that govern mankind’s prosperity, according to his research upshot recorded in the eleventh verse of the ninth chapter of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, our effectiveness during our lifetime is contrary to the default understanding over such phenomena dependent upon how we use time and seize chances that come our way rather than our intellectual capacities, family backgrounds and whatever life privileges we may have above others.

After understanding how everyone has the potential to transform their lives for the good by investing some deeds into the phenomenon of time, it’s of a great essence to watch what we put into eternity on a daily basis for it will someday eventually catch up on us.

When one the biblical book of Esther’s main characters,  Mordecai revealed some conspiracy and assassination attempts by Bigtan and Teresh on King Ahasuerus and saved his life, it seemed to be an effort in vain yet this was a backup investment in time that later saved his life from the atrocities against him and his race by Haman…


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