By: Ada Chinyere Cummings – 

Stop using the Holy Spirit to curse people, it’s very wrong!

A man came to our house to complain about his brother and in his words he said “God will punish all wicked people! They will not see good and they’ll be consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost!”

Then I said to him, “Wickedness is actually defined by the one who is hurt, not by the doer. You might be inclusive in that curse, be careful. ‘No sane person throws stone in the marketplace on a market day, who knows who it’ll fall upon.'”

I noticed his expression went cold, his conscience, maybe, racing against him. He turned and looked at me and said, “do you know what he did to me?”

“I heard what you were saying, but make sure you’ve not done and will not do any Wickedness/wrong to anyone or the same fate awaits you. Note, The Holy Spirit will never hurt anyone. He is the meekest of the Spirits ruling the kingdom of Seraph – Salem. He who uses the Holy Spirit to curse people, curses himself, i.e his bad mindset will hunt him.

Jehovah is the one depicted by fire. He is the one who sends fire, but at the coming of Christ, all those stopped. Remember Luke 9: 53 – 55

The problem with mankind is, they only feel their own pain, but don’t care about the pain they cause others .

Think very well before you curse someone or you’ll be cursing yourself.