Church Ministers Digest


 Evangelist Theophilus Izobofolo

Church Minister Digest: This especially goes to the young men and women in ministry. Beware and be very alert when your ministry is passing through what appears as a dry/lack season.  This is the time when the enemy makes his first offer. And if you’re very hungry you’ll trade your anointing and soul to the enemy without knowing it!  

When Jesus Christ had fasted and prayed 40days and nights, after he was very hungry and that is when Satan got an opportunity to make his first move. Turn stones into bread he said.  If Jesus was not eternity Himself, He would have taken the advice of Satan and made for Himself opportunities to have bread, but without God!

Don’t be too quick to be known. Don’t be too quick to make a big opportunity for yourself.  Don’t be too quick, because with satanic manipulations even stones can become bread, but bread with the wrong spirit. And that’s how easy Satan makes it for a man of God to OPERATE WITHOUT GETTING A WORD FROM GOD!

There is a principle that is often painful to young intercessors who are full of zeal. It is this: God is not in a hurry. He takes the time He needs to build His character in us. He will patiently and methodically clean up our wicked hearts so He can allow us to pray His purposes into human affairs. Most of us want everything to happen immediately, but God loves to marinade. He wants tender hearts in His living sacrifices. The problem with living sacrifices is that they want to jump off the altar. They sit there awhile and begin to sniff; after a little longer they realize it sometimes hurts to be conformed to the image of Jesus. This is the point at which some decide that the price is too high to serve Christ in prayer.

You can never intercede for anyone or any nation if you don’t follow the CLEAN HEART PRINCIPLE.

Get off the pride horse,  get off the offense house.  Get off the insecurity docket.  Move away from the accuser of brethren group.  Then when everything hindering effective prayer in you and about you has been killed at the altar then you’re fit for purpose.

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