By: Charles Awuzie

Let me BURST it…

Salvation is not personal! Your believing in Jesus Christ can be appropriated for your family.

If you are saved, the Bible says that your children become AUTOMATICALLY holy – based on your own salvation. Gbam!

If you believe in Jesus and His finished works, the Bible says that your believe in Him covers the unbelief of your spouse.

So because of your faith, your family is saved. Your salvation doesn’t benefit you alone, your bloodline benefits too.

I know you won’t believe this…
But You will rather believe that because your grandfather was a witch doctor, his sins were appropriated to you unto your 4th generation…

You rather believe that “ofu mkpisi aka ruta mmanu, o zuo oha” (literally translated: If one finger touches the oil, it spreads to all the other fingers).

You rather believe that by one man, sin entered the world but you won’t believe that by another man, righteousness was also appropriated to all.

You believe that if your family member commits an abomination, it could affect the rest of the family….. But you don’t believe that if one family member commits the act of righteousness which is believing in the finished work of Christ, it could also affect the rest of the family eternally and positively.

You believe in negativity a lot…But have no faith in what is positive.

Religion is Negative – Christ is positive.
You believe religion but disbelieve Christ.
You are an unbelieving believer.

Oh ye thomases, people of no faith, read the following – 1st Corinthians 7:14, Acts 16:31

Don’t comment until to you have prayerfully studied these scriptures.

When God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, He was looking for only Ten men in the entire nation who are righteous so that He can appropriate their righteousness for the rest of the people. Genesis 18:32

In Ezekiel 22:30, God said “I looked for only one man who would stand in the gap before ME…so that I wouldn’t destroy it”.

God doesn’t look for sinners to justify his plan to destroy… He is always looking for ONE righteous person in a family, nation or city who would justify his salvation plan. God doesn’t have a destruction agenda, HE Has a salvation agenda.

That is why I believe that Pastor Angus Buchan was wrong when he said that #CapeTown had no rain because God is angry with the city. Does it mean that God couldn’t find one righteous man in Cape Town? Even in this era of Grace where our righteousness is no longer by our own making?

If you don’t believe in the appropriation of righteousness, you are not a Christian because our Righteousness is not even ours, it was appropriated to us through the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ.

Your salvation is not personal. Someone in your family who doesn’t believe may not go to hell because you believe.

Just believe. Soon, they will manifest the character of Christ in the process of time. Don’t condemn them because of their behavior now. Salvation is beyond morality. Your family members might be struggling morally, but they are saved. Rest.

Maybe you are a believer but your spouse is an unbeliever, God calls him holy because of you. Maybe your child is living a wayward life, don’t worry, God calls them holy. Very soon, the prophecy of holiness upon their lives will begin to manifest. It’s a covenant thing – the one the Father had with His Son. It is not His will that any should perish.

God will do anything to save everyone of us.

Salvation is deep.
It is deeper than you think.
It is deeper than mere morality.

You are not saved so that your family will go to hell.

See, God has plans for you to enjoy heaven surrounded by your beloved family.

You are saved so that through you, your family will enter rest.

Remember, don’t comment until to you have prayerfully studied these scriptures – 1st Corinthians 7:14, Acts 16:31, Ezekiel 22:30.

The love of the Father can not be explained by theology or doctrines.

Those who teach also teach in part.

We don’t teach, we reveal the Father’s love for His children. That revelation is complete – not in part.

Rest in the Father’s love!