By: Dr. Charles Awuzie 

5 Ways Religion Reacts To Political/Economic Crisis Of A Nation

1) We are praying (as if it was prayers that built China).

2) Thus says the Lord (most times, mere emotional speculations).

3) Let the church arise (you are the church, you should arise. Stop being irresponsible).

4) Our fathers need to speak up (what about raising your own voice).

5) Our nation is God’s hands (As if Syria is in God’s anus).

Nigeria’s greatest enemy is religion, then followed by Tribalism and ageism.

Religion has destroyed my people’s mind. Chai.

Until Nigeria is de-religionized and introduced to the light, the entire nation will continue to be slaves of political cabals.

If I speak against Buhari, some people will say “God placed him there”. Religion.

If I speak against the governor of my state, some people will say “how can you speak against your own brother, na wao”. Tribalism.

If I speak against the chairman of my local government, everyone will remind me that his son is my age and used to be my close friend. Ageism and sentiments.

Come to South Africa… The story is different…

My family lives in the Parliamentary Village. (Disclaimer: I don’t live here, they do. I only visit them.)

Each weekend I spend here brings tears to my eyes. Every MP (Nigerian equivalent of senator) here swims in the same swimming pool including the people who fight inside parliament. We are all neighbors here. But guess what! Once it comes to national affairs, everyone puts the country first. Relationships,  age or tribe are pushed aside. They put the nation first.

My wife’s mother has been in Parliament since my wife was a teenager yet she doesn’t have a car. Yes! You heard that right. She is the equivalent of a senator – a senior one at that, but uses cabs. In fact, if you see her on the street, you won’t believe that mayors submit to her.

In this country, the poor shops at Shoprite. In Nigeria, the rich shops at ShopRite. When shall out poor people in Nigeria have enough money to afford buying chicken at Shoprite?

Just because Zuma built a home for himself, he was forced to resign. Yet, Goodluck Jonathan, your governor and all our political leaders Built mansions while in office and nobody questioned them.

That I hate Buhari doesn’t mean that I love Jonathan. If I have my way, I will send Jonathan, T. A Orji and their likes to jail if there’s proof of their misuse of public funds. Nigerian youths should stop being weaklings who are more sentimental than they are sensible. My biological father wanted to contest for a certain political position recently and I said to him “dad, I have supported you in all your aspirations but this time, allow younger people to take over. Relax while I take care of you”.

That’s how a responsible young man should speak to the fathers. Tell them to relax. It’s our time to rise up and chart a new course for the future.

Our cry for an Apostolic reformation in the body of Christ at first did hurt fathers – including my own spiritual fathers. But gradually, they are realizing that we don’t mean to disrespect them but to reclaim our generation from the grip of falsehood and religion. Same way Nigerian youths should arise and defy relationships, tribes and age to reclaim the future of Nigeria from ancient cabals.

Buhari is a sincere man. I love his sincerity. But he is too tribalistic and analog to move Nigeria forward in an age of Digital Industrial Revolution. We need a President who can understand that building Tech hubs in all Local Government Area Of Nigeria will create a better future for Nigeria than buying Keke Napep for young people as empowerment schemes.

Politicians with unknown sources of wealth should be investigated and prosecuted. They are thieves until proven innocent. How can a local government chairman’s PA become a millionaire overnight and nobody is blinking an eye? PAs to politicians in Nigeria are millionaires. Crazy! PAs to top politicians here in SA buy Cars on loans. I know one of Zamar’s friends whose mom is a minister but still lived in their very old house around Soweto. That’s why they have good roads in SA but we have the worst roads in Nigeria. That’s why electricity is available 247 in SA but Nigeria celebrates ‘NEPA’ each time they ‘dash’ us light💡 . Because Most of their leaders live humble lifestyles while our leaders live like kings overseeing slaves.

If you are Nigerian and live overseas but support what’s happening in Nigeria, you are insincere and dishonest. This is not about politics anymore. This is now about the future of Nigeria – where do we go from here?

Why is Buhari doing everything to come back to power in 2019 but doing nothing to address the Fulani herdsmen disaster?

What is the worth of the life of a Nigerian?

If you comment out of sentiments on this post, I will block you and goodbye to you for life.

Think outside the box of tribalism, age or political party. Think outside the box of your heroes. Stop hero-worshipping. You are the hero of the next generation. What are you doing?

Let’s move Nigeria forward ➡

Let’s not be like religious Men who declare prayers When they ought to fold their sleeves like Rev. Martin Luther King Jr and lead from the front.