By: Charles Awuzie –


No believer has a strong hold on the Sex Industry. It is an industry left for devils. As if sex came from hell. If there was a single Kingdom Based Business in the sex industry, they would have raised a voice and killed the idea of this invention even before it was conceived. This sex dolls took the church by surprise, hence we are helpless about it. Some of us are not even worried yet but soon, we all will become worried but then, it might be too late.

I will share something that will shock and scare you…Zamar knows about this and another friend I won’t mention.

I have worked closely with one of the first human beings to clone life. In fact, I nearly brought him to Africa but was a bit restrained for religious reasons. This scientist successfully cloned a Human-Dog Hybrid Embryo. Meaning that the scientist created a creƤture that looked like half a human and half a dog šŸ¶. Yes. Unimaginable. The human animal embryo was perhaps still in the laboratory when our paths crossed. I was supposed to develop a web platform for him. But I wouldn’t let our relationship end in just web development. I penetrated him by offering to do the website FREE of charge. He was happy. Now I have a certain influence over him and I must turn his heart from this dangerous path. I

sacrificed money to win him. If he succeeds in creating a half human half dog creƤture, he would have created a Beast. I know through studies that the next phase of the end time will be characterized by the creation of living beasts. I must do everything in my power to suspend this program of hell. I started having a very long chat with the scientist. We would chat about business – he is a multi-millionaire in dollars. He promised me 50% of the entire income from his project (we’re talking millions of dollars here) saying I am the most qualified to represent his project in Africa since I have a degree in Biochemistry, certificate in Biotechnology and an infoTech expert. I was smiling because I know that I was sent by heaven to destroy that project before it destroys the world. I wasn’t sent to him to enrich myself. (Always be intentional about your Kingdom assignment in every connection).

I started by encouraging him to use his scientific knowledge and skills to rather do amazing things that will better the world and he will also make genuine money from doing so. I opened the Bible with him and reasoned with him. He was an atheist so I was careful not to sound religious but logical and spiritual. (Most atheists connect with spiritual reasoning but simply abhors religious beliefs.)

He began to give attention to what I was saying. He was over 70 years old, so he is in the age bracket of my biological father but I wouldn’t let his age, wealth or knowledge intimidate me. (You can not reform whom or what you idolize). I knew something he didn’t know – the end time program of Sheol and the role of the believer in the end time. I knew hell had hijacked him to fulfill an agenda and I intentionally came as an agent of the kingdom of God to render that agenda impotent.

In less than 4 weeks, he told me he was letting go of the project…. Wow… I celebrated with Zamar…. We wept… We spoke in tongues….. We have saved the world from a horrible beast in a test tube… ZaMar Chayil Awuzie knows more than me when it comes to the end time agenda of hell so she took time to school me on what God used me to destroy. I was humbled and wept deeply.

The scientist is currently running a successful fertility clinic around the world. He is now using his scientific prowess to help couples reproduce. Jesus hijacked his mind. You may not understand this level of ministry because you have not been properly taught to be RESPONSIBLE soldiers of Christ who are always alert to discover and dismantle satanic agenda.

We launched an attack against mammon and religion intentionally because we understand through revelational knowledge that the beast with several heads that will torment the body of Christ in the end time is mammon and religion. They are demons in high places. They are not just doctrines…they are spiritual beings with powers and voice. If you think we are fighting mere doctrines, Ā you lack understanding. We are dealing with the very beast that could silence the voice of the true church by exalting a pseudo church in the end time.

Back to the sex dolls, things like this will continue to take us by surprise because we have become selfish and irresponsible Christians who only want God for the blessings He gives but lacks proper understanding of our roles and duties as soldiers and ambassadors of Christ. We lack a proper understanding of the word “Kingdom”. There’s no kingdom without influence. If we are truly a Kingdom, where’s our influence? What are we influencing? We only influence fellow believers to give us money. Shame on our irresponsibility and thoughtlessness.

The end time church must influence industries, governments and religion through the corrosive power of accurate knowledge of Truth – epignosis. If we fail to do this, we fail to represent God in the affairs of men.

Time will fail me to mention how many suspected terrorists and fraudsters GEMSBOK Group’s Cybersecurity team have frustrated. Some of you here can bear me witness that we have cases now in Nigeria’s EFCC to help clamp down on love scammers. We initiated the cases and the EFCC took it up. The people involved are on my facebook page here. We are helping a Saudi Arabian sister recover her dollars from fraudsters. We are also helping a Nigerian sister recover hers. It’s our contribution to restoring the dignity of Africa.

Ā century Christian is spiritually irresponsible. It is painful but true. We only talk about sex dolls taking over the world but we do nothing to stop it. Women, I weep for you the most. This sex dolls are direct attacks on you. You are the womb of destiny hence the target of hell in this end time. Rise and pray. Do something. We, your men, are been lured to replace you with an idol…cry for your male children because if things are like this in summer, how will it be in winter?

When we see news like these…. We ought to be sober and THINK.