The Church Is The Body Of Christ Not Denominations


By: Oscar Nze

The Church Is The Body Of Christ Not Denominations – When I finally quit the denomination (divisions, alternative kingdoms to God’s) in which i was also a pastor, initially, there were suspicions about whether i was going to start “my church” This is because pastors quit denominations for different reasons and they end up NATURALLY starting their own club. Some quit because they were hurt or suppressed or jealousy etc. Out of this hurt they start their own club and try to prove that they are also anointed.

I quit the denominations because my eyes were opened to CHRIST IN ME,  the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the reality of His Body that transcends artificial walls and that cannot be experienced in those walls.  I quit because denominations are opposite kingdom to God’s and a false husband that loves to fornicate with Christ’s bride. I don’t have to start anything because the Church of God is already built.

After quitting i received offers from different quarters either to join another denomination who needed my service or offers from well-meaning people who wanted to support me get a place and to start “my own.” I rejected all these offers because i was no more ignorant about Christ, Church and ministry. Everything has been redefined by God for me.

The Church Is The Body Of Christ Not Denominations

The blessings – when i left i began to experience true service to the Body of Christ. The Body of Christ is ALL AROUND us to be served. I had no pressure, no budget to meet, no name to protect, no brand to build, no building or Secretariat to finance, no fund to raise. I was no more pastor but brother. I was a free man.  I saw new possibilities and unlimited level of service (ministry) to the Body of Christ. I started doing things I couldn’t do before. My Ministry was EVERYWHERE. I would be invited over in the houses of brothers and sisters sharing the Word of God, i would go anywhere i was needed, wherever fellowship was possible. I was sleeping over anywhere serving or talking about God. I was still serving the people of God. In fact i would be  more busy sometimes more than I was in the denominations but my time was mine, my pace and in freedom. Everything was spontaneous and not official and formal or ritualistic but living. It was in the homes, in their shops, in a café, under a tree, on a relaxed stroll etc. There was no need to be different, to look different, to be special, to wear a suit.

There was no need to appear strong. I could open my weaknesses, share my battles and victories etc. I became real friends with God’s people and my home became a place of friendly interactions and people went as they came without having to own them.

Till today I haven’t still started “my church”  and some people are still amazed about it because naturally, pastors leave to only start their own sect because its like a religious crack Cocaine you cannot help it’s addiction, a vicious cycle you cannot escape.

When you quit because God revealed His Son to you, it ends the addiction to “ministry and churchinianity” because it’s about a relationship with Jesus. The Church Is The Body Of Christ Not Denominations.

The Body of Christ is not a wall of bricks neither is it a human organisation headed by men. It is all those who have His Life in them all over the Earth with Christ as their Head.

The Church Is The Body Of Christ Not Denominations

However it will be good to define “the Church,” and define the basis of our fellowship or gathering. That is the ground of the great deception we see today.

The Scripture tell us that the church simply means the saints – those separated from the World unto God through Jesus. So it’s God’s PEOPLE. There is nothing else to be added to them to MAKE them the Church. The church is all those in Christ. It’s WHO WE ARE. Our Union and connection with Christ Jesus the Head is what makes us His Body nothing more.

Gathering Together: the gathering together of the saints is not to have a church or to make us the church. Our definition is not found in gathering but in Christ. Being in Christ makes one a part of the Church. The church is not a physical gathering but a spiritual gathering from the World into Christ. The Church doesn’t gather to be the Church rather it is the Church that gathers.

Gathering together is an important aspect of the Life the Church (the saints) but the BIG question is, what is the ground of the gathering? That is, on what basis does the Church gather? The basis is not a human religious organization, it is not a man whether pastor or anybody, it is not a name given by man apart from the name of Christ, it is not a holy place called church building neither is it a day. The basis of our gathering together is Christ – our common existence in Christ. Hence whenever or wherever believers (the Church) gathers together is accepted by God without respect to any external, temporary or earthly thing. We gather BECAUSE we are in Christ together not because of anything else.

I meet and gather with believers – two or three in His Name for the purpose of mutual edification. Those who have left religious institutions are never the ones who don’t want to gather with fellow believers…the church is the body of christ not denominations.

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