By: Theophilus Izobofolo

DECISIONS MADE BY EMOTIONAL INFLUENCE IS AN ACT OF IMMATURITY – “An assertion is not defamatory simply because it is untrue – it must lower the victim in the eyes of right-thinking citizens. Any right-thinking individual has got to be really concerned about the situation.” 

Our emotions have the ability to influence many of our mental processes. After all, do we learn the same way when we are sad as when we are happy? Do we make the same decisions whether we are in a good or bad mood? The answer, of course, is no!

Interestingly enough, being positive can make you smarter. According to Dr. Julius, an expert who studies anger, all of our emotions exert influence on our way of thinking. They influence our ability to recall memories and also our intelligence. Negative emotions lower our ability to recall memories and positive emotions increase it. But why?

Head or heart

What guides you? Your sense of reason or your heart? What carries more weight, your brain or your heart? Depending on the situation, there are decisions that we make exclusively with our hearts and decisions that are only made with our brains.

The best we can do is maintain a balance between the two, to unite our brains and hearts in the most effective way. Why? Because there are many times when our feelings and emotions can see things that our rational side can’t. This is why it’s very important to train ourselves to be academically intelligent as well as emotionally intelligent. We need to find that balance, to know when to let our hearts speak up, but also when to let our brains weigh in so that we can make the best decisions.

Emotions and the brain

Negative emotions decrease our ability to reason. This happens because the brain is more focused on the emotional state of sadness or anger that is being felt instead of concentrating on making decisions or finding creative solutions.

Thinking positively improves creativity and clarity in our ideas. This doesn’t mean that we need to feel happy all the time, but we do need to find that balanced state of inner peace and optimism. When our brains aren’t subject to tension, we are able to see things more clearly.


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