By: Charles Idewu


Some years back if not last year, the president of the United State tried to make sure that everybody in the whole world had the 666 mark on their forehead which will enable the person to be monitored.

People refused knowing that it is their means of bringing people into their ILLUMINATI world. Seeing that it will not
work out, they thought of another way. Ebola has been in existence since 1976 (so they said) but has never been this serious.

Most people were born before 1976 and many after but everybody seems to be
hearing it for the first time.

My question is this, since they know that the virus is this dangerous why didn’t they produce the drug since then, why didn’t they produce the machine used in checking people for possible cases should it happen to spread by then.


All we know is that Ebola has been in existence since 1976 in Ebola river of Congo but have we scared to asked how the virus got into the river.

Bats, monkeys and other bush animals have been with us for ages why didn’t we hear of the virus until now.

What if the bat drank that same water from the Ebola river that the villagers drank from, if it did not drink the water then how did the virus enter the bat and other bush animals?

The answer is this, knowing fully well that people will not agree to be given any mark on their foreheads in the name of monitoring process, they looked for another way out, they chose a country that is not developed, a country that will need their help, a country that only depends on them for survival, country that can not be able to control it.

These countries are found in Africa, they always see us as fools so they introduced the virus into the river in Congo and named the virus after the river so that it won’t be seen as a foreign disease but African.

Now, on seeing that the world is not reacting to this they paid Patrick Sawyers (an African-America n) to bring it to Nigeria (giant of Africa) all in the name of going for ECOWAS meeting.

They know that whatever enters Nigeria can enter any country in the whole world (legally or illegally) and so immediately it enterd Nigeria they declared it a Global treat.

When the American doctors were infected the president of the United States gave order for them to be brought home to be treated, I repeat TREATED.

This is the same disease they said has no cure but within a period of few days the drug came out and the American doctor was treated and he recovered.

The worst part is that it is only
the president of the United States that has hands on the drugs and gives to only the countries that are ready to obey their instructions.

Immediately WHO announced that Nigeria has succeeded in blocking the spread of Ebola disease, we heard of another case in PH of the deaths of one of the primary contact(also for ECOWAS meeting) to Sawyers who was secretly treated and the doctor that was treating him (not knowing that it was Ebola).

Now, he knew he had Ebola but never wanted the innocent doctor to know because they want to make sure it spreads in Nigeria.

God will always help us. This is not the main target of the ILLUMINATI, their main target is the machine used in checking people in Ports and Hospitals, they want to make sure that we all get the mark of the beast.

Notice how the machines are been used, they are placed on the forehead to check for Blood Pressure. Hahahahaha! Are you seeing what am seeing? ON THE FOREHEAD.

Of cause everybody wants to be examined so as to know and take necessary precautions and as such we are all having the mark voluntarily. They have to some extent achieve their aim.

Now the president of Nigeria with other presidents in the world have ordered for the machines to be used in ports, hospitals, schools, prisons, churches, work places and even markets.

Believe it or not we are all going to be victims but what matters is how strong our faith in God is. Call it HIV/AIDS, Ebola, etc, these are all weapons of destruction.

They want to control the world but the Maker is still in charge .

Of cause, take the necessary precautions, pray and fast, all these will fade away. Almighty God will continue to rule whether devil likes it or not.

Be wise!

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