By: Charles Awuzie


Donald Trump is Paula White’s spiritual son. How?

An American friend of mine who is also a pastor and businessman told me that at one point in Trump’s life, he didn’t want nothing to do with Jesus. But one day, business brought him and Paula White together. At the end of their first meeting, Trump’s staff noted that “for the first time, Trump showed so much respect to a woman”. #Trump was notorious for disrespecting women. It was his tradition to sexualise any woman he meets – especially the married ones. That was him until that day he met with Paula White. Trump was said to have mentioned to his personal assistant then that “Paula is firm and doesn’t want shortcuts.” “I am inspired by her character.” He added.

For your information, Paula White is a successful real estate investor. The first thing that brought her and Trump together was business, not ministry and by October 2007, she purchased a Trump Towers condo in New York City valued at $3.5 million,” This was reported widely in America.

Paula’s business relationship with Trump continued to have tremendous impact on the billionaire’s life even when she rarely talks about Jesus with him. Then one day, Trump asked her to help him be like her. That was the beginning of their mother-son relationship.

There’s only one point that I want to make this morning – BEYOND PULPIT MINISTRY IS MARKET PLACE MINISTRY. The apostolic mandate is not first to the pulpit, but to the market place. Jesus didn’t say “to the ends of the church” HE said “to the ends of the WORLD”. Where’s the world? Marketplace. Am I communicating?

The church missed it when we overrated pulpit ministry. Everyone in the church wants the pulpit. Give an assistant pastor the microphone to do opening prayer and he will turn it to a sermon. Not because he has something urgent from the spirit to share but because he wants to use the pulpit to show off. Choir members who are not favoured with slots to show off in a service fight with their choir leader for favoring their favourites. Senior pastors use the pulpit to reward faithfulness and friendship. We invite our friends to preach for us because they invited us to preach for them. So we trade pulpits. Chai.

To this generation, ministry starts from the pulpit and ends in a flashy lifestyle. That’s the bane of our time.

The story of Donald Trump and Paula White echoes one truth “Ministry Is Beyond The Pulpit And Microphone”. One convert you make in the market place can influence and impact an entire nation and generation. Ask Paula White. The Donald Trumps of this world are not in the church, they are in the market place.

In 2009, at camp of faith, Okigwe, Nigeria, while waiting on God, I had an encounter with Jesus. He said to me “I am sending you as my apostle to the market place. I sent so many before you but they missed their calling and opened churches. They’re stuck in their churches while the market place is over riped for harvest. I am sending you to that same market to harvest souls and wealth for My Kingdom.”

Ever since then, to the glory of God, I have seen atheists, muslims and hindus convert to the Kingdom, not because I preached to them from behind a pulpit but because I ministered to them in the market place. I run Gemsbok Group alongside Charles Awuzie Ministries International in my bid to fulfil my assignment in the market place.

Church, the real ministry is beyond the pulpit.