By: Charles Awuzie

There’s NO human being alive today who hasn’t experienced one or all of the following…

Eating in the dream.
Sex in the dream.
Running from danger in the dream.

Prophets, Apostles, Atheists, Muslims, Boko Haramists, Buharists, Trumpists, Tithers, non tithers, delivered and non delivered – all will experience such dreams from time to time while they still have flesh and blood despite race or gender, religion or political affiliation, rich or poor.. Such dreams are not peculiar to you. We all experience them from time to time…Religion not withstanding…

Don’t let what you see in your dreams control your reality.

So you had sex in your dreams and now you feel dirty? Beloved, You are not dirty. Jesus washed you once and for all with His Blood. You are washed and cleansed eternally. The blood of Jesus Christ is not a dish washing liquid. No. The blood of Jesus Christ has an eternal cleansing effect on us. You are cleaner than your mind can ever imagine. The greatest revelation you can ever have is to see how clean you are in Christ. Sex in the dream is just a dream, not your reality. When you wake up from that dream, just smile and say “Thank You Jesus because I know and understand Your Sacrifice for my Salvation. It wasn’t a temporary sacrifice. It was a permanent sacrifice. I am eternally saved. My dreams can’t stain me because your blood is more powerful than my dreams”. Then go ahead and enjoy your day.

Don’t let your dreams control your reality… Will you burn your old house in reality because you dreamt where you won $1Billion? Let me make you laugh with a true life story šŸ˜… I know a girl who saw herself wedding JayZ in her dream, she woke up from the dream and broke up with her boyfriend…she believes firmly that God communicates with her through her dreams and hence she is holding on firmly to what she saw in the dream. She’s in her early 20s and I told her to wake up to reality. In reality, she might never touch JayZ until Jesus comes.

How many of you have made conclusive decisions in real world based on mere dreams? Ā You saw your spouse cheating on you in the dream and now you conclude they are cheating in life. You saw Papa Idahosa pouring oil on your head in the dream and now you believe that you are more anointed than even the Holy Spirit. Whatever happened in the dream should remain in the dream. This is real world. The real world is a direct opposite of the dream world. Wake up from your sleep. Wash your face. Search the scriptures. Does the written word of God validate your dream? If yes, praise the Lord. If no, trash the dream.

Sex in the dream only worries babies. Eating in the dream only scares unbelievers in the finished work of Christ. Running from danger in the dream doesn’t frighten the believer who knows that they are eternally secured in Christ Jesus.

When you dream, just smile and say “Thank You Jesus because I am saved”. No big deal. Don’t call prophets to bind and lose.

There’s NO human being alive today who hasn’t experienced such dreams – it’s generic.

Religion won’t let the bishops admit this truth because religion demonized such dreams. ~ Charles Awuzie



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