By: Theophilus Izobofolo

SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN NIGERIA MUSIC & MOVIE INDUSTRIES, TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS AND CHURCHES – These are some of the substances some Nigerian youths take before they come on stage, even some Christian Musicians and some pastors are into it…

When you see them shout, jump and scream, you will say wow this one is highly talented but you won’t know that their inspirations and strength to perform comes from these hard drugs. It can’t be from God because light and darkness has nothing in common.

  • Codeine
  • Tramadol
  • 10 days old urine
  • Dry pawpaw leaves
  • Hypo in lacasera
  • Tom Tom in lacasera
  • Burnt bitumen
  • Dry plantain leaves
  • Burnt tyres
  • Spirogyra
  • Rephnol
  • Methylated spirit in codeine
  • Cannabis, ganja, Igbo, Weed
  • Gum
  • Lizard poo

They cause Cancer, kidney failure and other deadly diseases. You want to be like davido? You like the way some pastors use to jump on stage and shout, my brother not all jumping and shouting you see come from a natural strength. Some came through the power of hard drugs…


Remember that the federal ministry of health warns that smokers are liable to die young. Don’t forget that… Quit it now or die soon.

Please the strive for success is not dependant on your artificial and temporal strength, every negative meanse of short cuts produce temporal fulfillments and unbridled comforts.

As parents, if you see you daughter or son behaving strangely and suddenly hyperactive, know they are under the influence of drugs.

Undergraduates and students in school have been reported of practising drugs and substance abuse. If this practise continues, oir society, schools, churches, homes, workplace and even governance will be taking over by this satanic end time harrow.

We are calling on all parents, religious leaders, school teachers, corporate heads, community leaders and the government should ensure to fight this in Nigeria…it is now a public affair, soon it will become endemic.

These are signs of the end time, let’s medically educate the masses and prayerfully fight is spiritually.

Methylated Spirit And Coke, Is The ‘New Wave’ Among Nigerian Youths

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