By: Abigayle Mutua


I would like to start off by saying that I have always had spiritual fathers since I can remember. There have consistently been older men in my life that have provided deep love and relationship, correction, encouragement, and accountability in every season of my life and ministry. I am currently being spiritually fathered and I greatly honor and value spiritual fathers everywhere.

However, the Spirit of God has recently revealed to me a modern day idol being erected in the body of Christ and it has specifically revealed itself to me as, “The idol of spiritual fathering”. In other words, I believe we are watching a totally twisted, unhealthy, and perverted need for a spiritual father rising in this generation. Young and old by the thousands are attempting to find their worth, value, and significance from being connected to a spiritual father rather than knowing and understanding God THE Father. Their ambition and motives are totally impure and polluted.

One of the truths I have learned over the years is that the primary role of true spiritual fathers is to introduce you to God YOUR Father. True spiritual fathers do not make you dependent upon themselves and are actually more concerned about you learning how to let GOD call you son or daughter rather than them calling you son/daughter and truth be told- in most of these cases, they really don’t know you and you don’t know them! Can the so called “spiritual fathers” just stop already with all the “son and daughter” lingo when the truth is all that means is they pay you a monthly fee so you and them can feel mutually validated by one another? It’s sickening really!

I believe God is about to set a generation free from the idolatry of “spiritual fathering”. You will see true spiritual fathers rise that actually carry a revelation of the Fatherhood of God and they will give it away for FREE. There will be no charge to learn and grow from them as they freely give away what has been given to them.

God recently said to me, “Why are so many of these people more comfortable being called a “son” or “daughter” by someone claiming to be an apostle than actually allowing ME to call them “son” or “daughter”? He went on, “Why do so many of these men allow others to call them “spiritual father” when they know nothing of me as their “father”? They are a bunch of orphans running around creating orphanages and charging orphans to get in!”

The idolatry of spiritual fathering is going to fall before our eyes. We have turned it into a god. It’s perverted, twisted, sick, and needs to be repented of. It’s time to knock off the shenanigans in this generation. Let’s stop calling some leader “dad” and “father” because being connected to them makes us feel important. We should just save our money and get to know God as Father. Let’s stop calling them our “son” and “daughter” when we truthfully don’t even know them. True spiritual fathers never seek to find their worth, value, and significance from as many people as they can find to call them “dad”.

It’s time for massive repentance from the idolatry of spiritual fathering. Reformation is upon us all!

Reference: Jeremiah Johnson and Benjamin Njatha

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