By: Dr chinomso Jude Nwala

THE WOMB – I visited a church yesterday, as i came inside the church and sat down, i discovered that all the ushers in that church were all young ladies and they were all looking good, beautiful, charming, Well dressed, composed and they had cheerful faces. it was as if they selected only the beautiful ladies to do the ushering work. These girls did very well and that made everywhere more organised.

Then in my heart i was saying wow, these girls really look good and beautiful, wow what a beauty, what a ministry material then suddenly God spoke to me very loud and clear, he said to me ” my son its not all about the beauty but the womb”.

I was like God i don’t understand what you mean by “THE WOMB” he said it is not the beauty that matters but the womb, can her womb carry your destiny? Can she carry and bear what you have inside of you?.

He said… My son, some women are meant to carry only 1 child, some 2, some 3, some 5, some 10 while some won’t even bear or carry any one at all. So marry because her womb can carry you. Not just carrying the baby alone but also carry you and what you are born to do.

You are a mobile altar carrying so many destinies inside of you so if the woman you want to marry doesn’t have enough space in her womb to carry it then she is not good for you. If she can carry you as far as you can then she is good to go, if she can carry you both in good times and rough times then she is qualified for you.

What you carry is a global mandate, destinies and generations awaiting manifestation, if her womb can’t carry it then she is not good for you. I can’t forget this…

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