By: Dr. Charles Awuzie

Am I a Better Dad Than Your God?- Things my son has done since he was born yet I love him….
Urinated directly into my face – yet I love him.
Grabbed and broke expensive cell phones – yet I love him.
Smashed the screen of my laptop (destroying my major source of income) – yet I love him.
Has never given me a tenth of everything I have given him – yet I love him.
Has never even said an ordinary “Thank You” for everything I have done for him – yet I love him.

Does all the things I don’t want him to do – yet I love him.
My love for him is not based on what he does or didn’t do,  my love for him is based on WHO he is to me.  He is my child and it is my PLEASURE to love him. I am PLEASED IN him and it doesn’t matter if I am displeased with him breaking my laptop.

Yet I am only an imperfect mortal man…How much more God’s love for you.
Some preachers have misrepresented our Heavenly Father and made Him look like a bad Dad.

Break the laptop (laws ) of God and He kills you or strikes your health. Don’t give Him a tenth of what He gave you and He will release devourers to devour everything you have. If this describes your god, please tell me if I am not better a better dad than your god?

JESUS asked “if you being wicked, yet know how to give good things to your children, how much more our Heavenly Father…?

Any sermon that makes God look like a bad Dad is Anti-Christ.

The biggest pastor in Africa said last Sunday that if you don’t pay your tithes, God will curse you. OMG 😱…. Yet this pastor has a son who might not have given him a cent yet He loves his son. This pastor wants us to believe that he is a better dad than God.

See, God is a True Father. Stop seeing Him as a bully, He isn’t an insensitive bully, He is a caring and Loving Father.

Stop trying to please God. He is already PLEASED IN you. God said about Jesus “He is my Son in whom I am Well pleased…” Now that you are inside Jesus, that statement covers you “You are God’s child in whom He is well pleased”. It’s not because you did the right things, no. It’s because He is your Father. It’s a relationship thing. It’s a grace thing. It’s a love affair.

The end time Church will not see God as God, they will see God as a True Father.

If you are reading this post, begin to see God as a good Father.

Stop believing your pastors who paint God as a bully. Leave that church. Any church that doesn’t teach that God is a good Father is a bad church.

Any church that teaches that God only gives those who give to Him is a bad church.

Any church which teaches that if you don’t pay tithes, you attract God’s curse is a bad church.

How can you be a member of a church that demonizes your Heavenly Father? Imagine you sitting in a gathering where the character of your earthly father or mother is being assassinated…. How will you feel? Get out of such churches.

If you can’t find a better church,(you may not) start a home church. Where two or three are gathered in His name, is church.

Christianity is a Relationship between a Good Father and His saved children. It’s not a religion.

God is better than what these pastors are painting Him to be. He forgives FREELY. He gives FREELY. Anything God does is for Free. He bears the cost. Just like everything I do for my son is for free, I bear the cost. God cannot allow a mortal man like me to be a better dad than HIMSELF.

Pastors and prophets, stop painting God as an irresponsible father who does trade by barter with us.