It’s great that MKO has been recognised. Really great. Masterstroke of Tinubu and his gang. Buhari would definitely NOT do this. And recognising Kingigbe, horrible as it is, was inevitable for there to be a sense of balance and acceptance in the eyes of conservative northern elite.

That Buhari who represents core northern conservatism that clearly despises the whole #June12 thing would implement a major longing of core progressives, mostly Yorubas, shows our democracy is making progress. Had Buhari allowed democracy in 1983 even with all the imperfections, we would have been far far ahead by now.

Now Yorubas have been assuaged. It is important that Igbos should be assuaged too, going forward as a country. The Igbos were horribly wounded by the Biafra war and these wounds are still fresh just as June 12 is fresh to the Yorubas. But the injustices of the war are incomparably more enormous than June 12. Imagine Ojukwu honoured with GCFR or GCON; imagine a national apology for the horrendous atrocities committed by Nigeria during the war; or something in that ilk that will TRULY give Igbos the sense of justice, national reconciliation and common destiny as the recent development is doing for the Yorubas.

I believe that with sustained democracy this will happen, if MKO and June 12 can finally be given their place. But I fear there is need for more urgency in this regard than the rest of Nigeria would want to admit. Igbos represent the cornerstone of Nigeria’s manifest black superpower destiny; and with this Mr President’s pro-Yoruba stunt reminding us of the “first Hausa/Fulani, then Youruba…….then Igbo, then the others” political reality of Nigeria, it is imperative we urgently alter that narrative of Igbo exclusion if we will ever fulfil our destiny as a country. The world is moving so fast; time is not on our side; the disenchantment among Igbo is at simmering heights, and, oh yes, we so need them!

Back to Mr President’s Statement¬†

  • I feel Gani would have rejected this honour, and I feel his family should do same, even though that’s nearly impossible with the Tinubu gang around

  • I feel the Statement enforces the ridiculous gross ineptitude and characteristic unforgivable incompetence that Mr President and his administration have come to be known for, with the 21st October rather than 1st October Shagari swearing-in date

  • I feel well-meaning Nigerians welcome this. But neither the Yorubas whose votes are targeted nor others will be significantly swayed by this move in #2019, no matter how Tinubu’s strategists tumble and summersault

  • I believe that we have major national heroes from minority tribes who deserve this magnitude (or close to it) of honour. Yes MKO, yes Gani, yes Ojukwu, but how about Saro Wiwa……. and many others. Without fear of contradiction and without prejudice or apologies for being from there, I believe the NigerDelta has experienced the greatest injustices of Nigeria, compared to other regions

  • I believe #May29th has its place; a very significant irreplaceable place in our history, and should be recognised

  • I think it’s quite clear that though great and worth welcoming on the surface, there are constitutional and legal issues with the content of the Statement

  • I believe next Tuesday will be another ¬†public holiday, and working class Nigerians are elated and will so enjoy the day. Shortly after, a new drama of unpredictable proportions will headline national discourse and the little impact of the Statement would go away

  • I believe Nigeria and our democracy is making progress. We’re talking to each other, we’re engaging, there’s conversation. There’s now near consensus on #restructuring; even core northern elite are gradually buying into it. There is now great openness and power in pressure on government, such that Buhari’s conservative cabal can buy Tinubu’s June 12 masterstroke

I believe Nigeria will be great, if we give her a chance, and if we maintain the momentum.

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