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THE DANGER OF HAVING A VENGEANCE MIND:  The state of our heart is so important to God, He’s highly concerned and seriously mindful about our state of heart. It’s the state of your heart that will determine how God will move in your life. God may not do some Vital things until you put the state of your heart in order. Every actions and deeds is a product of the heart, your personality is a reflection of the heart because heart is the engine room and the conference centre of a man.

The Bible says – “Do not take revenge, my friend, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it’s written, it’s mine to avenge ; I will repay, “says the Lord. – Rom 12:19.

God is a Rewarder of every works, both good and otherwise. It’s not for you to avenge or fight back, no matter what that Fellow has done against you – learn to forgive, there’s a way you may forgive and God may not forget, that’s at His own prerogative, leave vengeance for God.

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked ;who can know it ? “- Jere 17:9. The heart of a man is naturally wicked but it’s now your personal responsibility to work on your heart to improve the state of your heart, we need to have a mind of God.

However, the brothers of Joseph acted wickedly against him but God was with him, he eventually became the Prime Minister in Egypt where he was sold to, Joseph later had an opportunity to brutally deal with his brethren but he refused to revenge – God has seen the heart of Joseph from the beginning, that he would not revenge or disappoint Him – that’s why he was

single out among his brethren for unusual promotion.

Moreover,  God is delaying the promotion of some people today because of the wicked state of their hearts, some has already listed those to be sacked if they are promoted, many are not receiving divine assistance today because God knows the kinds of havoc they will reck on people if they get there.  God sees our heart, so, stop focusing on the devil but pay attention to the state of your heart to improve it.

When late Nelson Mandela was elected as a President in South Africa, there was panic among the Whites both in the Cities and Government parastatal but he made it so clear in his inaugural speech that he has not come to avenge but to work for the unity, progress and transformation of their Country, and truly, he didn’t politically or sentimentally remove anybody from office.

Consciousness about your heart and attitudes is very important because Whatever we are doing today becomes an history tomorrow and God judges and rewards the products of the heart,

May the Lord help us to pay serious attention to ourselves in Jesus name.  Remain blessed.

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