By: Charles Awuzie

“Why Nigerian Muslims Are Not Afraid Of Christianization of Nigeria But Christians Are Scared Of Islamization of the country.”

Why are Nigerian Muslims not afraid of the Christianization of Nigeria just like their Christian counterparts are scared of the islamization of the country? Why? Think for a moment. 

Could it be that the Nigerian Muslim knows that the Nigerian Christian goes to church to look for personal solutions only, and may never go to church if the church service is meant to seek national solutions to national problems?

Imagine if #HalleluyahChallenge was a National Cyber Think Tank program where Nigerian Youths converge from across the world via the internet to proffer collective solutions to our collective problem… Do you think any of the numerous participants will waste their airtime and data on such cyber meeting? Every night?

Imagine if Brother Nathaniel Bassey used his midnight cyber prayer sessions to gather Nigerians from all walks of life to brainstorm, criticize where necessary and debate practical steps towards recovering the Nigerian glory? Do you think that the crowd will still join his program?

Imagine if your pastor stops advertising testimonies of breakthroughs in your church and in flyers, do you think that people will still consider him to be an anointed man of God?

What am I saying? The Nigerian/African Christian is self centered and self seeking… We go to church because we have problems not because we desire fellowship. The pentecostal pastors know this about us hence they use ‘solution’ as a bait to attract us. “Night of miracles”, “Night of Prophecies”, “Financial Breakthrough services” are all baits to attract you to join their denominations. In a sane society, people shouldn’t be seduced with prophecies, people should rather be encouraged to share fellowship and witness the love in the local assembly. But the Nigerian society is not a sane one, it is a desperate one.

This is why Nigerian Muslims were not afraid of the Christianization of Nigeria neither during Pastor Obasanjo’s greedy regime nor under Brother Jonathan’s corrupt Reign just unlike their Christian counterparts who are scared of the islamization of the country during Buhari’s bloody Reign.

Muslims gather for national agenda, Christians gather for selfish agenda. Our agenda are different. Hence we are afraid of them, but they are not afraid of us.

Do you understand?