By: Elempe Dele


We Must Plan at Dawn to Unseat Buhari. I have watched intently and carefully how PDP and other political parties talk about PVC (voter’s card) except APC, as the tool to change this cynic government come 2019. And I am petrified how we think only that is genius enough to engineer an electoral defeat. PVC and popular vote cannot be our only and final answer if we wish to remove Buhari from power, we must think outside that thin box.

What about if he is defeated and refuse to leave? What about if he changes the electoral process at the dying minute like Babaginda did with his ‘permanent transition program’ before he was disgraced from office?

Let’s look deeply at the feeders to this conceptual theory that Buhari might not leave in 2019 even if he is defeated:

(1) President Buhari has sorounded himself with his tribesmen when it comes to the security agents in the country, and any uprising if he meets with defeat in 2019 would be crushed to rubbles. (A lot of people would be killed and he would step on their graves to his innuaguration)

(2) The INEC chairman is from his tribe as well, results might be concorted to favour him in the advent he does not get as much to win the election.

(3) He has in his dungeon mass illiterates and the ignorant, among which are the Fulani herdsmen. People of other tribes would find it terribly impossible to vote against him in the north and they would be slaughtered wantonly if they attempt to make him loose. He would create, as he has been doing, an atmosphere of fear and intimidation and coersion.

(4) There is evidence of power-related psychosis affecting the president, Buhari. This kind of psychosis have been diagnosed in a lot of leaders; from Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin Dada, Mubutu Sese Seko to Late Sani Abacha of sad memories. This psychosis led these leaders to mass killings in order to perpetuate themselves in power. Buhari’s self-righteousness is a a clear symptom of this psychological health issues connected with power absolutism.

(5) He is using the print media and some social media e-rats bastards on token from him to change each narrative, each reality…through psychological manipulation, they are making ordinarily people look as if what they see and know is not true, they seek to sow seeds of discord among the people, making even sane people question their perceptions and sanity, they use constrictive narrative to confuse the people by lying, through propaganda ccontinues denial of truth and misdirection. So we are not just all against him, as it were, we are against our brothers like Femi Adesina, Oshiomole, Rochas… and others that have been psychologically captured into becoming war-like monsters to fight their own. They direct people’s thoughts from the pains they feel from death by the Fulani killers to Looters List and condition people’s existence to look as if only the corrupt or supporters of the corrupt are against Buhari, even in his wickedness and his poor leadership style. People are hoodwinked between the righteous party APC and their own morals… and perhaps they eventually left for dead when the herdmen come to their village next.

In the instance that this theoritcal concept becomes true, which is likely, because its only a person or a party that have some things unusual up their sleeves that would wonder towards contesting elections amid these monumental failures instead of resign. It obvious Buhari and his party no longer care about what the electorates feel, even the constant threat from the nPDP to pull out of that unholy union with APC has met with rebuff and carelessness handling – go and die!!!. Even the likes of Saraki, Tinubu, Dino and co that were partly instrumental to his success have been objectified to some things of scorn and humiliation. What about electorates, the trekkers, the donors, the widows? They have been badly trampled upon, I mean those who are yet alive from the deathly fulani occupational campaigns. We cannot expect a man who wish to win election through popular votes to be so insensitive to the extent of allowing those who voted for him and those who he wish to vote for him to be so badly treated. We can agree the economy should be this bad because he does not know anything about policies since his attraction is hinged on voodoo buhariconomics, a brand of economics not known or understood to any living soul.

PDP and the other parties should now be thinking of a way out, an alternative way out of this quagmire if he choose to perpetuate himself in power after his defeat in 2019 and choose not to leave. Should there be instituted strike actions by workers? How would he respond? Should there be civil unrest and disturbances by the people and civil organizations? Would it affect him or he would order mass killings of protesters? What effect would then violent crisis and other actionable ordeals amount to?

This thematic issue is very important to address as we draw very close to when we shall be going to the polls to express our anger against this gangster government that is entrenched in total failure. Except we find solutions to this default, we shall have to bare another 4 harrowing years under the senewy hands of this scarehuman called president Buhari.

Elempe Dele

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