Your dressing identifies your profession. The society lays emphasis on identity. Hence, you hear of identity cards, passports, certificates etc.

In an Hospital environment, patients rely more on the dress codes of doctors,  nurses and other categories of care givers with or without identity cards or name tags.

They entrust their lives and obey every instructions given by these uniformed personnel without hesitation.

We have heard of instances where fake medical practitioners carried out clinical diagnosis and treatment under the cover of ward coats.

This attitude speaks volumes of the power and influence inherent in the way and manner of our dressing.

Police have dressing code. Custom the same, lawyers too, Accountants  likewise.

A prostitute on duty will never ever dress to cover her instruments and tools of trade.

In time past, prostitutes hid their identity enroute their location of illicit business.

However, when some professing Christians commenced dressing like them, under the excuse of securing their husbands’ attention,  Hell was let loose.

Nowadays, it is difficult to identify ‘mad men/women’ by the way they dress due to the increase of sane persons mimicking insane ones, by deliberating appearing in lacerated  and tattered attire/clothing of ‘mad men’  in the guise  of modern fashion Romans 12:1-2).

So also, the attire of harlots/prostitutes is gaining wider acceptance. The religious, for fear of losing members have kept sealed lips and refused  to resist this Satanic influx.

Some Churches’ have adopted   slogans to tolerate this social deviation and immorality.

The popular slogan is “let them come the way they are.”

WHAT PARTICULAR WAY SHOULD A CHRISTIAN DRESS TO SHOW GODLY IDENTITY? A new trend has evolve tagged: “It doesn’t matter, God looks into the inward and not the outward, all in the name of ‘flourishing’ the house of God.

Many prostitutes (God grant them repentance), entered the churches the way they were and succeeded in converting those they met including pastor’s wives from decent dressing to lustful exhibition.

But is there no particular way those who follow JESUS CHRIST as candidates of heaven and as citizens of GOD’S Kingdom should dress?

Who takes the glory anytime we dress to slay and kill, Man or God?

Acts11:26; Proverbs 7:10; 1Tim.2:9-10.