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By Theophulus Izobofolo


these are the 19 difference between old-time church service and modern time church service:

  1. When the choristers of the old time finish singing, the congregation burst into tears because they sang down the glory, but in the modern, after the Delilahs and Jezebels finish singing, the congregation respond with a clap offering returning Ichabod to Ichabod.
  2. In the old, during message, the congregation cry and tell God that they are sorry, but today, as message is going on people drop money, blow whistle and shout “ride on pastor”.
  3. The old went to Church and the message gave them faith but the modern went to church and the message gave them fake (olive oil, handkerchief, apron, sticker, holy water and calendars of their G. O.)
  4. The ancient carried their bible in booklet because they were not ashamed of Jesus but some today carry ipad to church because they feel shy to be identified with Jesus and to such, Jesus will be ashamed of you on the last day.
  5. The old go to church with their hair covered with their head ties but the modern cover their hair with Brazillian weavon.
  6. During prayers, the ancient close their eyes and give God their whole attention but the modern open their eyes, looking around like armedrobbers and even answers calls during prayers.
  7. The old dance godly dance to thanksgiving and offering but the modern is not even afraid to dance doro, awilo and azonto even before the altar.
  8. The ancients go to church with their body covered and are focused on inner beauty but the modern wears mini skirt, show everything, and everything on her is artificial and ends up looking like “mermaid”. They are prone to falling at the slightest prayer because all she is putting on has a demon attached to it.
  9. In the old, sinners go home weeping but today sinners go home rejoicing.
  10. The ancients answer altar calls with tears rolling down their faces.They determine to live a new life by God’s grace. The modern do the same chewing gum and after still go back to their sinful lifestyle.
  11. In the ancient times pastors and preachers spoke and taught the whole truth on marriage, morality, repentance, righteousness, restitution, holiness within and and without, white throne judgement, hell fire and heaven. Today, modern pastors and preachers don’t teach the whole truth because they themselves are guilty and also don’t want to offend the congregation.
  12. In ancient times conversion of souls was counted to the glory of God for how many were saved and their lives changed. Today, modern pastors and preachers count attendance to measure tithe and offering on Sundays and other weekly services and special programmes.
  13. In ancient times God’s holy presence could be felt in their places of worship. Today, most places of worship are so beautifully built and decorated but the feeling seems more like club houses and opera halls.
  14. In the ancient times, all men and women were equal in God’s presence. Nobody had a special seat. But modern day churches have seats specially kept for politicians, billionaires and big offering givers. They even pause in the middle of the sermon, ask everybody to rise up and welcome a politician who had just arrived. They will say, *give honour to whom it is due*.
  15. In the old times, ministers were called by God and they were first converted and having genuine testimony of a changed and transformed life. But today, modern churches employ pastors and put them on salary. They employ musicians who sing in the clubs on Friday and Saturday nights and on Sunday they come to sing the religious melody in the churches. No wonder they will spend two hours or more praising and worshiping and dancing, but spend so litlle time on the actual preaching and teaching of God’s word. During the dancing session, the people will be wide awake and excited. But in the less than thirty minutes message they will start dozing. God’s presence obviously is not there.
  16. In the old times when pastors and teachers preach and teach, the Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of the people and confirmed the words with signs following. But today, most of the pastors and preachers are motivational speakers who only motivate and inspire the mind of the people to earthly wealth, success and feel good life style.
  17. In the old times places of worship were places of prayer and the word. Saints came and were edified. Sinners came and were converted. The sick and hurting came and received physical and emotional healing. Today, modern places of worship have become places for fund raising, business workshops and seminars. Buying and selling is the order of the day. Some will even advertise special anointing (olive oil) blessed by the pastor and customised with the Pastor’s name. Some will also buy specially blessed and bottled water by the Pastors. Others will sell different colours of rubber wrist bangles that have been blessed by these merchandise pastors. They will encourage you to buy the Pastor’s latest book but will not encourage the people to read and study the BIBLE.
  18. In the old times, soul winning was the heart of the Church following the mandate of the great commission. But today, the heart beat of church founders is to make more money. It is now business. Hence they are ready to do anything to make more and more money. They are involved in diabolic practises and in alliance with native doctors who give them false powers to deceive their followers and keep them deceived.
  19. In the old times, church workers were interviewed for consistency of Christian lifestyle and had testimonies/good report of observers before they were brought in to serve. But modern churches today bring in new – comers to join the workforce because they don’t want to loose them. They tell them come as you are. They join the Choir, building committee, ushering, youth leaders and even children workers. No wonder *strange fires* have been kindled in the so called churches. Some of these newcomers remain in the church and grow to become leaders. *They were never born – again*.

Folks! After reading through, where do you belong? The old times or the modern church?

O Lord, revive your work. Send the fire of revival again🔥🔥. May revival precede the rapture.

God bless you. Shalom!

Reference: Clament Ntukogu

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