By: Dr. U.Mick


Listen guys, i wish someone had told you this before now, let me quickly show you what it means to be unequally yoked with unbelievers as it concerns relationships, I think you should learn this perspective:

If only you knew how much time you have wasted searching for a God-fearing partner. If only you knew how many potential life partners you have missed because you’re too busy looking for a good Christian Jesus loving God-fearing partner.

Listen guys, God-fearing is not a quality people posess, it is WHO THEY ARE, it is a NATURE people carry, a lot of us do this, we write all kinds of things we are looking for in a life partner; must be God-fearing, must be spiritual, does not smoke/drink, a faithful tither, passion for Kingdom things etc.

Naaa, these things are not necessary because God fearing is not a quality but a nature, you cannot carry the nature of God and still be a drunk, you cannot carry the nature of God and not be a kingdom addict and a God chaser. So what am looking for is a “COMPATIBLE” partner in a group of “God-fearing men”! Not God fearing partner among “incompatible men” That is the big difference.

A lot of us make the mistake of believing that just because a person is saved and single it means we are equally yoked, no we aren’t. Just because a person is born again don’t mean that the yoke is equal, no it isn’t…

You can be equally yoked in quoting scriptures of the Bible, you can be equally yoked in attending church services every Sunday, sitting at the front row, you can be equally yoked in participating actively as leaders in your departments at church, you can be equally yoked in desiring the things of God, just like the scripture puts it, been saved gives us the privilege of being a member of the body of Christ.


Are you equally yoked in character? Are you equally yoked in forgiving a hurt? Are you equally yoked in forgetting past deeds? Are you equally yoked in getting a job to support each other financially? Are you equally yoked in allowing the issues of the family stay in the family? Are you equally yoked in placing each other’s needs first before your own needs?

There is a lot to the understanding of that scripture, especially when it comes to the area of dating and marriage. People try to run away from yoking with unbelievers, only to turn around and enter into an unequal yoke with a believer. *They might be GOOD for you, but that doesn’t make them RIGHT for you.

Two believers will struggle if they have different  perspectives about Marriage. Two believers will struggle if they obey different doctrines or principles of a Godly relationship, and this is where some of us slightly miss the concept of yoking,  we must first be equally yoked in Christ through faith, and then be equally yoked with each other through character/COMPATIBILITY.

So stop looking for a God-fearing partner, go to the Den of God-fearing people and find the one that is SUITABLE for you, that’s the secret. Hope someone catch this Rhema?

Dr. U.Mick