Femi Fani-Kayode React to Northern Presidential candidates Sentiments 

An old friend of mine, who is now a Governor in the North-West, once told me that “the Christians of the north are nothing”.

Another old friend of mine, who was once a leading and respected figure 8n law-enforcement and who is from the North-East once told me that, “when we say the Presidency must come to the north we are talking about the Hausa-Fulani north and no-one else”.

Another old friend of mine, who was in the Senate and who is from one of the North-Central states once told me that, “I do not think any southerner ought to attack or criticise Buhari or his policies”.

With sentiments like this is there any hope for Nigeria? Though they mask it well, deep down all three of these men are as arrogant, self-serving and racist as Buhari himself.

Worse still all three have presidential ambitions and they all give the world the impression that they are civilised, well-exposed, cosmopolitan, well-travelled and moderate.

Sadly nothing could be further from the truth. They are nothing but glorified peasants and little better than the terrorist primitive herdsmen.

Double-speak, deception, treachery and deceit runs in their blood and I am constrained to say, with friends like that who needs enemies!

Racism and ethnic subjugation in any form ought to be condemned. It is either all Nigerians are equal, regardless of tribe or faith, or there will not be a Nigeria for much longer.

No Nigerian was “born to rule” and none were “born to be ruled.”  This point appears to be lost to these three little blind mice.