By: Oba Onasanya Adeleke



I come across several adverts like you can see in the attached picture on a regular basis. Several articles circulate urging people to make and ingest highly concentrated concoctions like this. The deceit lies in the ability of the generators of such post to convince unsuspecting public that these herbal mixtures are medicinal and as long as they have medicinal properties then automatically they are good for the body always. THAT IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL.They propose a whole lots of diseases the so called medicine flush out from the system. This is not true. I am sorry to burst your bubble by saying that it is not everything that is medicinal that is safe for the body. They do more danger to the body than the proposed protection. These components all have Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory properties. Their combo effects on the intestine, stomach and the entire body is like pouring acid daily into the body. There are lots of such herbal combos in our society and many have become addicted to them. It is high time I lent my opinion on issues like this.


Just a little advice for you all. Be soft on this. It can cause severe stomach/intestinal ulcer and end up perforating the intestine in high concentrations. They also cause upper gastrointestinal bleeding which can lead to death. Secondly the combination of all these have intense thinning effect on the blood which can predispose to haemorrhagic stroke. Thirdly, for those on some medications, for example vasoprin, ibuprofen e.t.c, it increases the side effects of some of these drugs. There are some drugs you should never take with each component of this concoction. High concentration & dose causes what is called cardiac arrythmias (irregular heart rhythms), palpitations and even heart attack. I had witnessed arrythmias before 30 mins after taking this concentration. What saved me that night was my medical knowledge. I had to take an antidote. Asides, if you are lucky not to experience all these symptoms, this concoction will not spare the kidneys. They end up poisoning, destroying and shutting down the kidneys. Most diagnosis of kidney failure are self induced by people who take different types of concoctions like this and similar dangerous slimming teas and erection aphrodisiacs. Finally, there are daily body requirements of each of the components which can be calculated per your bodyweight, so it is advisable that you should not go beyond daily requirements. And even if you will stick to the normal daily dose, never take them indefinitely or for a long time. Never take anything that do not have scientifically derived daily requirements. Please it is not every proposed medical theories on social media you should believe and apply. It could be good for few days but it could be more dangerous and life threatening if you follow these steps as proposed and if you take such for a long time. It is very inhuman and wicked of any non-medically certified individual to come to social media and give medical advice that have not been scientifically proved. And even after, they have been scientifically proved, you are not allowed to talk about the efficacy of such drugs or herbs without letting the public know all the adverse and life threatening effects they can experience with ingestion of such herbs and drugs. If you buy any drug in the pharmacy, you will notice leaflets inside the drug pack. What do you think the leaflets are for? They are to tell you the mode of actions of that drug with particular emphasis on the side effects of the drugs/herbs and specifically stating categories of people that should never take the drug (this is what contraindications on the leaflets mean). Sometimes you even see words like warning, not to be taken on empty tummy, not to be chewed, swallow whole, warning to pregnant women e.t.c). Any drug you buy without a corresponding well documented leaflet is most likely fake or illegal. Some of us even go as far as forcing children to take lots of similar poisons. And if something terrible happens, they start blaming the gods and casting back to the sender. They are casting themselves because they are the real senders. There are lots of vegetables and fruits out there that provide anti-oxidant roles in our bodies. Such legumes, fruits and vegetables also help boost immune system. They are safer and better than these POISONOUS COMBOS in our society. The percentage of medical illiterates in Africa is alarming. Please never be part of them. Get wisdom. Get true knowledge.