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Six Critical Life Lessons you must not miss in life:

  1. Forgive Your past mistakes as often as possible:

Forgive yourself for wasting money. Forgive yourself for dating the wrong person. Forgive yourself for wasting time.

Do this as often as you feel guilty for your present circumstances.

  1. Heal From Family Wounds:

Your absent father, Your absent mother, Your abusive relative and your dysfunctional family background caused you a deep pain which needs to heal. There’s a deep pain inside you which controls how you give and receive Love. Heal from that pain. The only way to heal is to CONFRONT your family about your pain. Stop acting like everything is fine when you are hurting deeply. Call the eldest person in your family and have a conversation about your pain. You will never enjoy good mental health until you pay attention to your family pains – it’s the root of everything.

  1. Destroy Your Expectations:
    Expect NOTHING and you will never be disappointed. Don’t hold any expectations from yourself, your child, your spouse, your family, your mentor, your protégé, your pastor, your congregants, your god, your boss or your car. Just FLOW with Life – embrace life as it unfolds. There will be surprises, embrace them. But if you hold no expectations, you will never be broken.

4) Helping A Snake Will Not Make It Kind To You:

Be SLOW to help people who show signs of a snake. Personally, I test PATIENCE to know who is worth my time. Patience is a fruit of the spirit. My time is my life. Whoever you give time to, you give your life to. Be intelligent lest you waste your life helping a serpent. Try to withhold the help for a while and observe their attitude towards you. Will they still remain lovey-dovey or will they disappear? That will tell you who they are and what they will do to you the day they get everything you have to offer. Be very wise when helping people – most people have lost their lives and strength because they were trying to be “good people” to bad people.

5) Avoid Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Theorists:

A conspiracy theory is an unfounded explanation to a thing by cunning individuals who seek to control the minds of the simple minded. Behind every conspiracy theory, there’s a mind controller who tries to explain what they do not understand in a bid to take control of those who place their faith on their theory. If you REMAIN FACTUAL AND CRITICIZE EVERY THEORY, you will remain in perfect mental health. Even when a conspiracy theory MAKES SENSE to you, find its loopholes and question it. That’s how to exercise the muscles of your Intelligence. Don’t close your mind. Keep an open mind at all times.

  1. Your Value is in the strength of your boundaries:

This should actually be the first point but I chose to make it the last point because the human brain is more likely to retain the last point it reads than the first point. You see, your boundaries enforce your principles…. And your principles makes you a principality. You can hate a man/woman of principles, but you can’t disrespect them. They have boundaries which restricts you to disrespect them. Be that kind of a person – build your boundaries, otherwise people will continue to disrespect you.

These are the six critical life lessons you must not miss in life.

Now re-read from point 1 again to internalize these.


Ref: Dr. Charles Awuzie

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