By: Izobofolo’s Blog

When Jesus said “whatever you loose on earth is loosed in heaven”, He wasn’t talking about binding and loosing demons, poverty etc. He was talking about corporate discipline of any Saint who deviates from the truth and refuses to come back to the truth. Read your Bible.

In the verses before it, Jesus laid down the procedures on how to restore a fallen Saint… First we approach them on individual bases… If they refuse to hear us, we take 2 or 3 witnesses to rebuke them…. If they still refuse to retrace their steps, then we tell the entire church… If after the church as a body rebukes them and they yet refused to return to the truth, then at that point ANY DECISION WE TAKE ON EARTH ABOUT THE SAINT WOULD BE HONORED BY HEAVEN.

Do you understand?

So that scripture actually speaks about God honoring the decisions of the Church on earth, not just the prayers of the church.

Now let me apply this knowledge in real issues facing the church in Africa…

  1. What decision is the church as a body making with regards to the false prophets who are performing fake resurrection miracles and fake miracle money? I mean what’s our corporate decision on such prophets?
    None. We have no decision.
    The day the church on earth makes a corporate decision on these guys, their end will come even without prayers because whatever we bind on earth through corporate decisions, is also bound in heaven though divine approval.

  2. What is the corporate decision of the Church on earth about the Chibok Girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria? You see, there’s a huge difference between PRAYING and Making Decisions.
    To pray means to request help but to Decide means to RESOLVE to solve a problem. Please read that slowly…… To pray literally means to REQUEST for help while to Decide means to make a Resolution to solve a problem. Now Jesus promised to honor our Resolutions, not just our prayers.
    The church has become a beggerly formation instead of the execution arm of kingdom resolutions.
    We pray about everything but we are not making any corporate decisions on anything hence the only thing we have achieved in decades is building Big monuments which domesticates the kingdom movement.

Dear Saint, besides organizing prayers, what corporate resolutions is the church in your nation making with regards to your government, economy, security and development?
If you want to know how divided the church is, stop looking at our different theological persuasions, but instead look at our inability to reach a corporate resolution as a body. The church in Congo and South Africa cannot even discipline Alph Lukau neither can the church in Nigeria make a resolution on the excesses of Odumeje. What we allow on earth cannot be allowed in heaven.

We need a resolute church. We need a church that uses her board room for strategic decision making than using the pulpit for manipulative gimmicks.