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Economic Importance Of Grass Cutter Animals –

Grass Cutter serve as one of the source of meet food but the farmers few and the demand for the animal meet is high. We will discuss about the five major economic importance of grass cutter animals and how new farmers can take advantage of its farming.

  1. Source of Food: Grasscutter meat is delicious and is regarded as a delicacy in diet. Everything except the hair are eaten.The nutritive value of grasscutter is relatively high.

The crude protein content of the meat is about 22.7% compared to 20.7% for rabbit meat,19.25% for chicken meat and 18.2 for beef.

  1. Source of Income and Employment: One can depend on grasscutter for his livelihood.Grasscutter farming can create job opportunities for urban and rural dwellers. The business value chain like producing, processing, transporting, storing, financing and servicing grasscutter products should give employment to many people.

  2. Pet: People usually derived pleasure and satisfaction from raising grasscutters. Though not common in these part of world.

  3. Medicine: The hairs, after burning, are used as a lotion to treat wounds.

  4. Grasscutter is important and one of the fastest source of income in farming considering the market cost of a gracccutter and the prolific nature of reproduction as 1 Grasscutter can reproduce a minimum of 8 young one’s within a year.

In summary, i would advice you try grasscutter farming today and you will be glad you did, but note that you will need to get trained before you try it out.

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