A populate and known man of God, Apostle Dr. Charles Awuzie on his social media page says “life is not controlled by prayers but you.”

In his claim he said the following; “Life is controlled by Prayers. If you can pray, you will not have any problems in life. The problem you are facing now is because of your prayerlessness…”

The above statement is FALSE. Life is not controlled by prayer.

Prayer 🙏 is only but a SCS – Spiritual Communication System, not a Life Controlling System… Prayer is like the GSM in your hands which connects you with fellow humans but unlike the GSM, pray connects you with the realm of the spirit for fellowship and communion with fellow spirit beings.
It is only a fool who can say that life is controlled by the GSM in their hand… That’s not true.. The GSM is only but a tool in the hands of the holder…. That’s the same thing with prayer – it’s only but a tool in your hands. You are still THE CONTROLLER of your own life…

Prayer will not save you from bad decisions…wisdom will.

Prayer will not make you pass your professional exams.. Studying will.

Prayer will not give you an advantage over your competitors in the marketplace… Intelligence will.

Prayer will not conduct surgery on your aged parents…medical science will.

If life was controlled by prayers, Chris Oyakhilome wouldn’t hire AK-47 carrying bodyguards to protect himself when he can just wave his hands and criminals would be slain under his anointing.

If life was controlled by prayers, Paul Enenche, Ibiyieome, David Oyedepo, the MFM guy etc will not use lawyers and the courts to address cases of libel or theft in their organizations. They would just PRAY and the perpetrators will collapse wherever they are.

If life was controlled by prayers, no prayerful student would fail any examination or get fired at work. You need to study and work hard to attain success in your field.

I am a prayerful person myself… Cmon, I pray more than most of you…. I am a walking tongue talker…. I have mentioned here before that I speak in tongues even in board meetings… But those prayers are only strong network signals 📶 of my spiritual connectivity….. As far as the earth realm is concerned, success in this realm is dependent on YOU AND ME – our decisions, our application of intelligence, our ability to learn and implement new strategies, our integrity and ability to preserve integrity….. Etc. There are natural laws and there are Supernatural laws… Don’t let anyone tell you that the natural bows to the Supernatural…. It’s not true. Both the natural and the Supernatural are God’s ordinances and none is lower in rank… We are both NATURAL BEINGS AND SUPERNATURAL BEINGS…. We are not Supernatural beings alone else we would be spirits without body… We are not also natural beings alone else we would be bodies without spirits… We are plural beings experiencing plural realities…. Awakening to this consciousness will bring equilibrium and harmony to your existence…

I could go on and on…But if you are awakened…If you are no longer in bed with false religion…If you have raised your level of intelligence…If you are not here to ask for Bible references…If you can think outside the box for once…You will find TRUTH in this TRUTH. I control my own life…. You control your own life.

Know this.


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