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Understanding Consciousness Through Covid-19 Pandemic – Charles Awuzie

Apostle Charles Awuzie teaches about understanding consciousness through Covid-19 Pandemic. On his facebook page he teaches his followers to be awakened to the realities of life to have a deep understanding about God and how to fulfill their destinies as opposed to been low conscious and ignorant about life realities.

In his admonitions he said “I have said it before and I will say it again – There’s a possibility that some of us had Covid-19 sometime last year and we treated it as mere flu. China didn’t report about Coronavirus to WHO. Recently, WHO revealed that they learnt about the virus on the internet – not from China. So imagine how long China may have kept the virus a secret. Hence, I believe that the virus had been in circulation long before we were AWAKENED to it. Note the word “AWAKENED”. Yes, we AWAKE to things. We awake to truths. We awake to realities. We awake to life.

To be awaken means to become CONSCIOUS.

Several people died of Covid-19 last year but because we weren’t CONSCIOUS of the virus, they weren’t recorded as Covid-19 victims.

The same applies to religion – millions of people have died because of religion but because we weren’t conscious of the dangers of religion, the dead people were called MARTYRS when they should actually be called VICTIMS of religion.

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Ignorance is not lack of education, Ignorance is low CONSCIOUSNESS. You can have a PhD in Mathematics but remain an ignorant person in life. That’s why you see medical doctors going to receive healing from Alph Lukau and Data Scientists going to receive prophecies about their future from Bushiri when they can use Big Data to predict the future.

Remember that graduates of physics supported Chris Oyakhilome in his dumb 5G conspiracy theory and educated Black brothers from Nigeria hailed someone who said God made a mistake in creating BLACK people.

Intelligence is not measured by degrees. Intelligence is measured by your level of CONSCIOUSNESS. What realities are you AWARE of? Do you know that religion is abusive? Are you awakened to the fact that someone who makes you feel like a MISTAKE has become your slave master? Are you CONSCIOUS of your IDENTITY? Do you understand the deeper significance of protecting your identity? Do you know why religion and manipulative leaders first attacks your identity by calling you a sinner or an imbecile in order to CONTROL you? What do you know? What’s your level of consciousness?

Like I said earlier – we didn’t know about the damage Covid-19 was causing, until we became CONSCIOUS of the reality of the virus.

You also may not understand the damage your mentality, religion, doctrines of hell, abuse by someone you respect etc are causing until you awaken to it.

Honey, AWAKEN. I KNOW YOU HAVE OPENED YOUR EYES BUT PLEASE OPEN YOUR MIND. To wake up means to open your eyes but to AWAKEN means to open your mind.

When you read an Awakening material like this, the wise soul will CALM DOWN even if it mentioned someone you respect. Remember it didn’t mention you. Defending your slave Master is a higher confirmation that you have lost consciousness of your identity and have assumed their own identity. This is why I frequently mention names just to prick your consciousness into realizing that you are different from your leaders. You are YOU so calm down.

Now read this post over again and your entire life will never be the same.

Awaken. Be conscious. Know, don’t just believe. Seek deep truths about all things. That’s how to live an intelligence-Driven life.