By Dabo Olawale –

We All Could Be Leaders If We Find Our Place – I was watching a video on YouTube recently although a comedy, a guy in this video was complaining bitterly about how we were been told right from Primary School that we are Leaders of Tomorrow and the tomorrow has refused to come.

The teachers didn’t lie, every human being created by God is a leader, we all have leadership traits embedded in us, but the challenge with school is this; “they didn’t tell us the DOMAIN where we’ll express these leadership characteristics.”

Everyone of us have a place designed for us to display our leadership traits, and since school hasn’t helped in discovering this, it becomes the responsibility of every individual.


Few people who have found where they belong and stay there are truly manifesting their leadership traits today, until a man/woman finds they belong in life and stay there, the leadership potential will remain dormant.

You can’t lead from anywhere and everywhere, but you can influence everywhere from a place, Bill Gates is not a medical doctor but he influences that field, Jeff Bezos from the tech world influences every other field.

When you find where you belong, whether it’s business and finance, politics, ministry, music, academics, you must invest towards that area and STAY THERE. Staying means to stay, don’t run around, stay there and learn every nitty-gritty in that field, you can impact every other sector from where you belong.

… We all could be leaders, if we all find where we belong! Don’t imitate, imitation leads to limitations.