What If Buhari is Not the Real PMB in ASO ROCK?– Femi Fani Kayode Explodes!

What If Buhari is Not the Real PMB in ASO ROCK?– Femi Fani Kayode Explodes!

Former Minister of Culture, Olufemi Olukayode has taken to Facebook to buttress Nnamdi Kanu’s claim of President Buhari being substituted with a double who now parades himself as the President.

He highlighted some observations to support the claim.

See the observations below. . .

  1. Buhari went for surgery in January.

  2. The story was that he didn’t quite make it and was brain-dead.

  3. Aisha came back crying in April.

  4. Aisha was later barred by Mamman Daura and Abba Kyari from seeing Buhari.

  5. In June/July, Buhari started receiving visitors in London.

  6. Story was that he was always laughing

(me, thinks his double was still learning the ropes and was always laughing to hide what he didn’t know).

  1. Buhari supposedly arrived Nigeria in July.

  2. The Buhari wasn’t holding meetings or seen in public.

  3. The Buhari became more vicious (even beyond his own evil threshold).

  4. Ango Abdulahi had earlier alleged he was a

double Buhari.

  1. FFK had a private interview alleging it was a double (buhari’s look-alike, Jubrin from Sudan) masquerading as president buhari.

  2. AIT was threatened with calamity should the interview be aired.

  3. The interview was docked and AIT paid.

  4. Nnamdi Kanu alleged he was Jubrin, buhari’s look-alike from Sudan and not Buhari.

  5. The Army was sent to attack Nnamdi Kanu

and kill him so that the information will be buried, unfortunately for the Army Nnamdi Kanu disappeared and appeared in Israel.

  1. The attack was most unwise and was too risky to the country, yet it happened (the cabal wants the story dead by whatever means).

  2. The IPOB attack backfired, even Orji Uzo Kanu who was contracted to execute Nnamdi Kanu’s assassination now dumped by APC and barred from traveling out of Nigeria because of the failed contract.

  3. The world powers commenced asking


  1. The London surgeons are being questioned.

  2. America, UK, France are smelling blood and

seek engagements.

  1. Buhari or Jubrin/Cabal are vulnerable and

pull out of most global organizations.

  1. The alleged double (buhari’s look-alike,

Jubrin from Sudan) doesn’t look up the few

times he’s in public.

  1. The alleged double seems 15yrs younger.

  2. The alleged double is somewhat shorter than the twin.

  3. The alleged double has a different earlobe.

  4. The alleged double has a hairline a distance away from the ears.

  5. The alleged double is darker brown.

  6. No one undergoing chemotherapy would have facial hair intact at the time.

  7. The new Buhari sees without glasses.

  8. The new one has a different nose; beaked

like an Arab’s.

  1. Remembered the Rat invested President’s office saga that made him stay away from his office ??…. It was all a cabal lie! The real reason was because the fingerprint of the new Buhari couldn’t open the door of the Real PMB, the Cabal cooked the story in other to buy more time and use the avenue to remove the old security doors and replace with new ones.

You could remember that everything in the president’s office was removed and replaced with new one before the fake Buhari entered.

  1. Zahra complains to the minister that the thing in abuja is not her “father”.

  2. The Army is suddenly very powerful and

extremely dumb!

  1. All Buhari children and his wife are no more in Aso Rock, the wife is under Oath not to say the truth or she will be killed by the Cabal.

  2. UK and USA know the truth but used the opportunity to negotiate for more economic interest with the cabal.

  3. In other to satisfy external interest and embezzle more money by the Cabal, Nigerian economy is now the Headquarters of poverty in the world according to global rating index.

The Cabal is not interested in improving the economy of Nigeria, they are like Yahoo boys or a kidnapper who has kidnapped the entire economy.

Since the fake Buhari entered, have you witnessed a major project going on in Nigeria. You only hear of promises and 1000 lies from Lai Mohammed, you will discover everything here to be true.


Republished by Theophilus Izobofolo



They documented some of our history in your bible but you don’t know.


Let’s begin according to Genesis 29 vs 30: JACOB had twelve (12) sons namely:

#1. Ruben
#2. Simeon
#3. Levi
#4. Judah
#5. Dan
#6. Naphtali
#7. Gad
#8. Asher
#9. Issachar
#10. Zebulun
#11. Joseph
#12. Benjamin.

The 7th son was GAD. And according to Genesis 46 vs16.

GAD had seven (7) sons namely:


Sometime in Middle East, famine struck and Jacob moved with his family and about 70 other relations to Egypt. But before then Joseph (which was 11th son of Jacob) had already been sold to Egypt by his brothers, where he was made Governor General under a King Pharaoh.

As time goes on when the Pharaoh that knows Joseph died, they started suffering persecutions from the hand of Egyptians but ERI the 5th son of GAD foresaw the danger, persecution, and wickedness coming and he decided to leave in time with his two younger brothers, ARODI & ARELI with one of his half brothers.

They travelled through Ethiopia, Sudan and down towards West Africa through river nile and landed at a place known as AGULERI today through Omambala river in Anambra state, around 1305 BC.

(I) ERI established and lived close to the Omambala river. He was wealthy and wise like his great grand father (Abiama) Abraham.

That is why Anambra state has the highest number of rich people in Africa.

ERI; had five (5) sons:

(1) Agulu
(2) Atta
(3) Oba
(4) Hebrew/Ibo
(5) Menri.

(1) AGULU; as the first son stayed back and established in the place known as Agulu-ERI (Agulu son of ERI) in Anambra state.

(2) ATTA; moved to upward North and established a place known as “IGALA Kingdom” and that is why their overall KING is known as “Atta of IGALA” in Kogi state

(3) OBA; left and founded a place known as Oba Kingdom in Anambra state.

(4) HEBREW; which have been changed to mean Hibo or Ibo. He was very powerful spiritual man and that is why people from this area are always very spiritual.

He left and founded Igbo-Etiti, Igbo-Adagbe, Igbo-Eze (within Nsukka and parts of Anambra).

(5) MENRI left and founded a place known as “Agukwu-NRI”.


(II). ARODI moved to a place known as “ARO- CHUKWU”. Very industrious and good at arts and crafts.

(e.g: Aba Ngwa people of Aba).

ARODI gave birth to:

(1) Nembe
(2) Ngwa
(3) Abakaliki
(4) Ogoni
(5) Afikpo
(6) Aro-Ikot Ekpene (Akwa Ibom )
(7) Aro- Echie (Rivers state)
(8) Arondizuogu.

During slave trade Aro spread all over the world. America, Cuba, Brazil and “ARO-festival” is always been celebrated in CUBA.

(III). ARELI was a man with a lot of Wisdom. The native tongue of his descendants is today known as “Central-Igbo”. And people from this Area have the highest number of graduates and professors in Igbo land.

ARELI gave birth to:

(1) Owerri
(2) Umuahia
(3) Diobu (River state)
(4) Okigwe
(5) Orlu
(6) Nkwerre
(7) Elele (Mba Ise)
(9) Mba Ano, etc…

ERI half brothers moved and founded IJAW nationality and some parts of Edo State and many other parts of Niger Delta.


Now to verify some of the things I have said above.

(1) If you get to Aguleri there is a particular house known as OBI-GAD (house of GAD).

Remember GAD was the 7th son of Jacob (Gen 29:30) and GAD had five (5) sons of which the last three (3) who were;

ERI, ARODI and ARELI and some of their half brothers left Egypt to (West Africa).

The OBI-GAD was the resting or relaxing place for ERI and his brothers and they named it OBI-GAD in order to honour their father (GAD, the 7th son of Israel).

This OBI-GAD was the first house built in Igboland. This is the reason why every Igbo man always build a place called OBI/OBU in his house in honour of his father and mainly for relaxation and in the olden days, there is always a family shrine or little oracle, and why they worship Oracle then was because they left EGYPT before GOD gave 10 commandments to Moses for the Israelites, of which one of the 10 commandments is against idol worship. (even though modern day Igbos now build OBI as outside BAR without any Shrine, while some Christians don’t build OBI anymore because of their beliefs). It can also be Called ERI TEMPLE.

The OBI-GAD also serve as a Consulting place for some royal fathers from other community that have Direct root to ERI.


(2) At the Burial place of ERI, there is a TRINITY TREE standing on the grave site. These are three Trees but are strongly United and connected by Single Tap Root.

(3) “ADA” means first Daughter in Israel (Gen 4 vs 19- 20) and it means the same thing in Igbo language.

(4) Before an Igbo man makes a contribution in a public gathering, he will shout “Igbo kwenu” and the people will respond “Yah” and “Yah” is short form of “Yahweh”.

Yahweh is the name of Jewish GOD.

(5) STAR OF DAVID AND some bronze medals Encrypted with Hebrew Codes were found in many part of the Igbo land.

(6) Israelis (Jews) manufactures 80% the world weapons and 70% of USA weapons. Just like Igbos manufactured 80% of all the weapons used during Biafran. Which no other African nation has done.

Igbos were only defeated during the war due to Hunger policy. By now, we would have manufacturing war weapons for Africans, and no country will have to go outside Africa to purchase weapons to fight Insurgency, if not for the bad policy of Nigeria.

Igbos are the most highly technologically inclined people inthe whole of Africa. You will also notice that Igbos always handle the post of

science and technology and industry in most Nigeria ministerial post.

The first West African billionaire is from;

Nnewi: Chief Sir Louis Ojukwu.

The black Indigenous Vehicle Manufacturers eg:



(A) SLOK MOBILE (Orji Uzo kalu)..
(B) ZINOX COMPUTERS (Leo Stan Ekeh).
(D) Father of internet and founder of the fastest computer in the world (PHILIP EMEAGWALI) etc.

(7) We carry home our dead ones just like the Israelites (Gen 49 vs 29-50). (Just like the Israelites, we were led or ruled by Elders and Priest).

There was no King in Israel until Samuel appointed Saul as the King of Israel and that was why Israelites were led by Prophet Moses and so many other Prophets.


Isreali Ambassador (Noah Katz) Confirmed that Igbos are Jews. (Check Daily Sun Newspapers 28th March 2004).

Therefore, Igbo are the Engine Block and Japan of Africa, no wonder an Author with international reputation, “Emefiena Ezennia” said that “In Biafra Africa Died”. We are good people, we love our neighbours, we accommodate anybody. We can live everywhere and develop anywhere. It is in our blood to develop. We need Igbos to develop Nigeria, Africa and even the world as a whole, we are God’s people, a chosen generation! Nigeria should stop the marginalization of the Igbos and the Biafrans or let them have their freedom.

For the Igbos we should know who we are, dream and think bigger, for you are the son of the most high God, the God of Abraham (Abiama) believe in yourself and work harder as it is in your blood, every Igbo parents should endeavour to teach their children Igbo language and culture all the time….

Mba nile nwere ihe ha jiri di EBUBE….


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By: Oba Onasanya Adeleke



I come across several adverts like you can see in the attached picture on a regular basis. Several articles circulate urging people to make and ingest highly concentrated concoctions like this. The deceit lies in the ability of the generators of such post to convince unsuspecting public that these herbal mixtures are medicinal and as long as they have medicinal properties then automatically they are good for the body always. THAT IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL.They propose a whole lots of diseases the so called medicine flush out from the system. This is not true. I am sorry to burst your bubble by saying that it is not everything that is medicinal that is safe for the body. They do more danger to the body than the proposed protection. These components all have Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory properties. Their combo effects on the intestine, stomach and the entire body is like pouring acid daily into the body. There are lots of such herbal combos in our society and many have become addicted to them. It is high time I lent my opinion on issues like this.


Just a little advice for you all. Be soft on this. It can cause severe stomach/intestinal ulcer and end up perforating the intestine in high concentrations. They also cause upper gastrointestinal bleeding which can lead to death. Secondly the combination of all these have intense thinning effect on the blood which can predispose to haemorrhagic stroke. Thirdly, for those on some medications, for example vasoprin, ibuprofen e.t.c, it increases the side effects of some of these drugs. There are some drugs you should never take with each component of this concoction. High concentration & dose causes what is called cardiac arrythmias (irregular heart rhythms), palpitations and even heart attack. I had witnessed arrythmias before 30 mins after taking this concentration. What saved me that night was my medical knowledge. I had to take an antidote. Asides, if you are lucky not to experience all these symptoms, this concoction will not spare the kidneys. They end up poisoning, destroying and shutting down the kidneys. Most diagnosis of kidney failure are self induced by people who take different types of concoctions like this and similar dangerous slimming teas and erection aphrodisiacs. Finally, there are daily body requirements of each of the components which can be calculated per your bodyweight, so it is advisable that you should not go beyond daily requirements. And even if you will stick to the normal daily dose, never take them indefinitely or for a long time. Never take anything that do not have scientifically derived daily requirements. Please it is not every proposed medical theories on social media you should believe and apply. It could be good for few days but it could be more dangerous and life threatening if you follow these steps as proposed and if you take such for a long time. It is very inhuman and wicked of any non-medically certified individual to come to social media and give medical advice that have not been scientifically proved. And even after, they have been scientifically proved, you are not allowed to talk about the efficacy of such drugs or herbs without letting the public know all the adverse and life threatening effects they can experience with ingestion of such herbs and drugs. If you buy any drug in the pharmacy, you will notice leaflets inside the drug pack. What do you think the leaflets are for? They are to tell you the mode of actions of that drug with particular emphasis on the side effects of the drugs/herbs and specifically stating categories of people that should never take the drug (this is what contraindications on the leaflets mean). Sometimes you even see words like warning, not to be taken on empty tummy, not to be chewed, swallow whole, warning to pregnant women e.t.c). Any drug you buy without a corresponding well documented leaflet is most likely fake or illegal. Some of us even go as far as forcing children to take lots of similar poisons. And if something terrible happens, they start blaming the gods and casting back to the sender. They are casting themselves because they are the real senders. There are lots of vegetables and fruits out there that provide anti-oxidant roles in our bodies. Such legumes, fruits and vegetables also help boost immune system. They are safer and better than these POISONOUS COMBOS in our society. The percentage of medical illiterates in Africa is alarming. Please never be part of them. Get wisdom. Get true knowledge.

Facebook With 27 Organizations In The world to Start The Non-profit Libra Association By 2020

By: Mark Zuckerberg

On the 18 of June Mark Zuckerberg updated his Facebook page saying “Facebook With 27 Organizations In The world to Start The Non-profit Libra Association By 2020”

Today, Facebook is coming together with 27 organizations around the world to start the non-profit Libra Association and create a new currency called Libra.

Libra’s mission is to create a simple global financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people around the world. It’s powered by blockchain technology and the plan is to launch it in 2020. You can read more about the association here: https://libra.org

Being able to use mobile money can have an important positive impact on people’s lives because you don’t have to always carry cash, which can be insecure, or pay extra fees for transfers. This is especially important for people who don’t have access to traditional banks or financial services. Right now, there are around a billion people who don’t have a bank account but do have a mobile phone.

We aspire to make it easy for everyone to send and receive money just like you use our apps to instantly share messages and photos. To enable this, Facebook is also launching an independent subsidiary called Calibra that will build services that let you send, spend and save Libra — starting with a digital wallet that will be available in WhatsApp and Messenger and as a standalone app next year.

Inanna Women Empowerment Foundation Launches Hotline To Tackle Sexual Harassment On Campuses

Calibra will be regulated like other payment service providers. Any information you share with Calibra will be kept separate from information you share on Facebook. From the beginning, Calibra will let you send Libra to almost anyone with a smartphone at low to no cost. Over time, we hope to offer more services for people and businesses — like paying bills with the push of a button, buying coffee with the scan of a code, or riding local public transit without needing to carry cash or a metro pass.

In addition to our efforts, many other companies will build their own services using Libra — from payment companies like Mastercard, PayPal, PayU, Stripe and Visa, to popular services like Booking, eBay, Farfetch, Lyft, Spotify and Uber, to non-profits doing important work around financial inclusion like Kiva, Mercy Corps and Women’s World Banking, to companies in the crypto space like Anchorage, Coinbase, Xapo, and Bison Trails. A number of leading Venture firms are also joining to help drive innovation on the Libra network. We’re hoping to have over 100 cofounding members of the Libra Association by the time the network launches next year.

All of this is built on blockchain technology. It’s decentralized — meaning it’s run by many different organizations instead of just one, making the system fairer overall. It’s available to anyone with an internet connection and has low fees and costs. And it’s secured by cryptography which helps keep your money safe.

This is an important part of our vision for a privacy-focused social platform — where you can interact in all the ways you’d want privately, from messaging to secure payments.

Privacy and safety will be built into every step. For example, Calibra will have a dedicated team of experts in risk management focused on preventing people from using Calibra for fraudulent purposes. We’ll provide fraud protection so if you lose your Libra coins, we’ll offer refunds. We also believe it’s important for people to have choices, so you’ll have the option to use many other third-party wallets on the Libra network.

There’s still a lot more to learn and do before Libra will be ready to officially launch. We know it’s a major undertaking and responsibility — and we’re committed to getting this right. We’ve been working with policymakers and experts in areas like financial inclusion, economics, security, privacy and blockchain, and we’ll continue listening to their feedback as we figure out the best way to move forward. We’re thankful for their partnership, and for all the businesses, organizations, and academic institutions that are part of the Libra Association.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey and I’m looking forward to sharing more soon.


By: Theophilus Izobofolo


Africans have great value for celebrations. Death is celebrated even more than birth unless the death of an infant or a young person.

The death of a father, mother, grand and great grand parents is a celebration of life, which brings together all members of the family. Including extended family members, friends and associates, colleagues, neighbours, and towns people. It’s a fun fair that hold great tourism value.

The length of the funeral varies from place to place ranging from three to seven days or more. Food, drinks, clothing, decorations, musicians and dance groups, canopies, chairs, security, transportation, casket, and requirements for traditional rites constitutes the sum of the budget for funeral.

The traditional funeral rites which is the burial itself has witnessed evolutionary transformation. Chickens were acceptable for the burial of women, goats for men and cows for tittle holders (chiefs and kings) depending on the financial status of the affected family. In modern times only cows are acceptable for funeral rites which cost between One Hundred and fifty thousand and three hundred thousand naira (N150,000.00 – N300,000.00). Today, poor families use between two to three cows while the rich may use between five and as many as ten or twenty.

Financing the funeral is a huge burden. Some families have had to sell family assets such as land, plantation or borrow from money lenders at exorbitant interest rates. In recent times, family members have resorted to sharing the total budget as levies. In some cases, unemployed youths and women are also task to pay the compulsory burial levy.

Every family member strives to pay the levy so as to participate actively and fulfill the wish of their parents.

The unemployed members of the family usually will face some conditions that reminds them of their financial status. There are cases where they have to borrow money to pay the transport fare back to the town or city. After the funfair, everyone returns to his or her place.

While family celebrations and parties are good in themselves, the issue that should be of serious concern to every African is the financial implications imposed on poor people in the family and society.

Can’t a family task themselves in like manner to start a family business and provide employment for their members? Imagine if the N5,000,000 or N7,000,000 spent for funeral was invested in some viable members of the family or on a viable venture that can empower members, or relations.

Imagine how many assets has been lost for funeral of parents.

Educated Christian elders who retire to their communities have a great role to play here. The culture of exorbitant funerals must be discouraged. Funeral should not bury assets of the family along with the dead. The imposition of levies upon the viable members of the family is good where the proceeds forms a family pool to empower her members or create a family business.