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Everyone needs direction in some point by someday. Knowledge and experience speaks wisdom to anyone who cannot handle everything.

What The Rich Don’t Know About The Poor

By Taylor Akin-Alade – WHAT THE POOR DON’T KNOW ABOUT THE RICH – The difference between the rich and the poor I have come to understand is in how each person prioritizes his time base on choices they both make…. Continue Reading →

Understanding Consciousness Through Covid-19 Pandemic – Charles Awuzie

By Admin – Understanding Consciousness Through Covid-19 Pandemic – Charles Awuzie Apostle Charles Awuzie teaches about understanding consciousness through Covid-19 Pandemic. On his facebook page he teaches his followers to be awakened to the realities of life to have a deep… Continue Reading →

We All Could Be Leaders If We Find Our Place

By Dabo Olawale – We All Could Be Leaders If We Find Our Place – I was watching a video on YouTube recently although a comedy, a guy in this video was complaining bitterly about how we were been told… Continue Reading →

Solve Problems Timely To Manage Predicaments Wisely

By: Theophilus Izobofolo – If you must be a problem solver, you must first be a master of reality. Ignorance to the realities of life is what most people call problems. So, solve problems timely to manage predicaments wisely by… Continue Reading →

Petty Comfort: The Zone Where Fulfilment Is Forfeited

By: Victory Izobofolo – Petty comfort: the zone where fulfilment is forfeited – Every conquered battle is the beginning of another war. Any achieved step to fulfilment is a work-in-progress to its completion. So, petty comfort is the zone where… Continue Reading →

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