Firstly, let me give you five basic advice no one will give you for free;

  1. I have a very painful truth to dish out to graduates out there: Your degree or certificate is not the cure to poverty; the cure to poverty is your ability to see and seize opportunities. In this Article, the word P.O.O.R means: Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.

  2. Dear Graduates, if somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes then learn how to do it later!, never should you say you don’t know. School rewards people for their memory. Life rewards people for their creativity and ability to solve problems. School rewards caution; life rewards daring. School hails those who live by the rules. Life exalts those who break the rules and set new ones.

  3. Being on top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life. The world is filled with poor graduates but rich opportunists! Kevin Ngo once said, “If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want”.

  4. Your certificates and degrees are meant to help you garner the experience and expertise needed to fulfill your dreams; they are not your destination! I have watched pitiably many graduates with degrees and certificates languishing in poverty looking for jobs that don’t even exist while people with keen eyes for opportunities reach the pinnacle of success in the most unlikeliest of ways.

  5. Do you have a graduate or degree holder around you that is poor? I bet you have as they are everywhere! I have a very painful truth to dish out to graduates out there: Your degree or certificate is not the cure to poverty; the cure to poverty is your ability to see and seize opportunities.


BASICALLY, there are seven (7) reasons why degree holders are poor, they are;


learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Have you ever heard  creativity term “Think outside the box”? One of the major reasons why most graduates are poor is simply because they can’t see and think beyond their certificates. 

I have seen engineering students work as bankers. I have seen medical doctors with great skills in web and graphic designs. I have seen lawyers that are very dexterous with finances. The list is endless!

The basic truth of life is that the skills that are needed to be much sought after and become more successful in life are not really found within the walls of the classrooms. Your certificate is just a proof that you are teachable, it does not suggest what you are totally capable of doing. You are full of possibilities when you think beyond your degrees and certificates.


I have often advised some of my colleagues, never to leave their gifts dormant while pursuing and hunting for jobs with their certificates. There must be a complementary balance in the pursuit of your passion and in the search for jobs.

Everybody is gifted for something, but the winning edge comes from our ability to work on our gifts and bless the world with it. The very best way to develop yourself is in the direction of your natural talents and interest. In order to live a fulfilled and impactful life, we need to work harder on our gift than our job. We need to discover our gift, develop it, and sell it. Don’t bury your TALENT with your certificates.


It has been found that most of the skills taught in schools are becoming obsolete in the present world. The world has changed a lot, and so are people’s need! It is imperative to know that the present form of university education does not prepare students for the future.

Graduates are becoming endangered species in the face of a changing world. Our archaic methods and approaches of learning are preparing graduates for a world that no longer exist, as we are churning out degree holders every year with certificates that have face value but no intrinsic worth. Most learning institutions are filled up with lecturers and pseudo-educators with lecture notes, methods and approaches that have lost relevance in a changing world.


Certificates and degrees don’t reveal people to themselves; they at most measure our IQ (Intelligent Quotient). I have often tell people that there is no Recovery without Discovery. A poor man is simply someone that has not discovered himself.

The more you discover yourself, the more you realize the treasures that are hidden deep within you. We carry inside ourselves latent treasures that can only be unveiled through self-discovery.


Degrees and certificates can close up your minds to ideas while initiatives open it up. If you are not careful, your degrees and certificates can close up your mind. The purpose of education is to keep your mind perpetually opened towards limitless possibilities!

Fred Smith saw an opportunity for overnight delivery of anything anywhere in the USA, and ultra- fast delivery anywhere in the world, FedEx was born. It will be interesting to know that Fred Smith got a grade “C” in a Yale economics class for an idea that the professor belittled as unworkable.

Fred Smith’s company became the first American business to make over ten billion dollars in annual profit. Beginning with just 186 packages delivered the first night, FedEx now delivers in over two hundred countries using over 6,030 aircraft, 46,000 vehicles and 141,000 employees.


Our certificates and degrees prepare graduates to look for jobs and not open our eyes to life-changing opportunities. You are not poor because you don’t have a job; you are poor because you are not seeing and seizing opportunities.

Being POOR is simply Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly! What keeps people ahead in life is not their education or degrees, it is simply the opportunity that they seized. Jobs may be scarce but not opportunities.

As long as there is a problem to be solved, there will always be opportunities. It is a waste of our education, exposure, and experiences if after we graduate from school, all we think about is searching for a job. An enlightened and educated mind should be able to see and seize opportunities.


We must be willing to make mistakes and take breakthrough risks. Taking risks and learning from mistakes help us in knowing what works and what does not! When Thomas Edison was being questioned by a mischievous journalist on how he felt for having failed for 999 times before getting the idea of the light bulb, his response stunned the whole world when he confidently said, “I have not failed 999 times, I have only learned 999 ways of how not to make a light bulb”.

Many graduates and degree holders are becoming progressively poor because the skills required in the modern world to get rich are not taught in schools and institutions. By 2025, we’ll lose over five million jobs to automation. This means that future jobs will look vastly different by the time many people graduate from the university.

Future jobs will involve KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTION/CREATION and innovation, and people that are only equipped with skills found in the classroom will definitely be a misfit in an ever-changing world. Skills like critical thinking, creativity, people’s skill, STEM skills (e.g Coding), complex problem-solving skills etc. are central to living a more comprehensive and productive life.

8 THEREFORE, in conclusion, My humble and candid advice to graduates and students in institutions is to think wide, deep and outside the box. Take volunteer jobs, and don’t be afraid to navigate fields that are different from your field of learning. Your future career will require you to pull information from many different fields to come up with creative solutions to future problems.

Start by reading as much as you can about anything and everything that interests you. Once you get to college, consider double majoring or minoring in completely different fields. Trust me, it’ll pay off in the long run.

Don’t limit yourself to the classroom. Do something practical. Take a leadership position. Start a business and fail; that’s a better entrepreneurship. Contest an election and lose. It will teach you something political science will not teach you. Attend a seminar. Read books outside the scope of your course.

Think less of becoming an excellent student, but think more of becoming an excellent person. Don’t make the classroom your world, but make the world your classroom. Step forward and try something extra. Invest in something you believe! Real financial security and freedom is not in your job, but in your passion, gifts, talents, and your ability to see and seize opportunit.

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40 Things I’ve Learnt In 40 Years

“40 Things I’ve Learnt In 40 Years”

I became 40 years old a few days ago. Thanks. For some reason, I have been doing a lot of introspection. So I’ve come up with 40 of the things that I’ve learnt in 40 years. I’ve definitely learnt more than 40 things (hopefully) …but these are the ones I’m sharing. I’m shooting randomly, not in any particular order…so here’s the first 8:

#1: Silent Gratitude Is Of No Use To Anyone.

If you are grateful say it! I’ve learnt that people can’t read my mind. There are people I wish I could have been more grateful to but are not alive anymore. So, you appreciate that gesture? Say it! You like your wives hair? Tell her! You feel privileged to be loved by God? Tell Him! It is said that “your gratitude determines your altitude”. It’s impossible to be thankful and be grounded. So open you mouth and say it!

#2: A Good Name Is Still Better Than Silver & Gold.

With many people rushing to get ahead at all cost. Sacrificing their conscience for convenience. Telling themselves that “The end justifies the means”. I have come to realize that a good name is still better than silver and gold. Of a truth, a good name can guarantee silver and gold.

#3: God is God and I Am Not

Imbibing this truth will set you totally FREE. While God will not do what you should do for yourself, there are things only God can do. Allow God to be God. Stop playing God. Stop worrying for God. Say it loud to yourself over and over… “God is God and I am not”.

#4: Some People Are Liars

One of the greatest mistake you can make is believing everyone. Truth about life is that some people will look you in the eye and tell you a blatant lie, regardless of whether they are Christians or not. In fact some of the greatest liars I know are Christians. And this is not an “anti-Christian” campaign. I Love Christians…and I am one 😀 Stop lying in Jesus Name!

#5: Rest Or Be Rested

Life will go on without you. Your job/business will go on without you. Your friends will go on without you. Your family & loved ones will miss you very dearly, but they will go on without you! So do yourself a favour,  take time and rest! Face it, you are not the center of the world. Rest or be rested.

#6 Choose To Be Better and Not Be Bitter

Life throw us curve balls time and again. You will have very good opportunities to be bitter. Choose to be better. Choose to learn from the situation. Choose to grow. Refuse to be bitter. Bitterness is a choice. Move beyond the pettiness of people. Rise above the limitation of men. Choose to be better and not bitter.

#7 God Still Answers Prayer

Yes, God still answers prayers! I know you have questions. So do I. But what I have learnt is that God is still in the business of answering prayers. I can tell you one story of answered prayer after another in my life. The challenge a lot of us have is that we’ve consciously or unconsciously reasoned out how God will answer our prayers. His how may be different, but He still answers prayer.

#8: The True Meaning of Success

We all have our ideas of what success is. But I have learnt this to be true: “True success is when the people that know you the most respects you the most” – John Maxwell. It’s a common thing for people that know you the least to respect you the most. We try to impress people that really don’t matter. I feel most fulfilled when I’m appreciated by the closest people to me. I appreciate it when strangers respect me… but I am a success when my family respects me. If you have all the money in the world and your wife does not respect you, then you’re failing. It’s not too late to set things straight.

That’s 8 down, 32 to go. Part 2 coming soon…

Do you have any thoughts on what has been shared above? Please share your thoughts below…



by: Entrepreneur Conners


It’s the dream of most people to become self employed. That’s why the phrase “be your own boss” or “fire your boss” is becoming more popular by the day. The interesting thing about becoming a self employed entrepreneur is the potential to grow into a business. After all, most successful entrepreneurs and drop out billionaires; started out as self employed entrepreneurs.

Do you want to become a self employed entrepreneur? Do you want to start a business and be your own boss? Then this article is for you. Without wasting your time, below is a step by step guide to becoming a self employed entrepreneur.

How to Be a Self Employed Entrepreneur

(1) Reason

Before you write a business plan, quit your job or start a business; you must figure out why you want to become a self employed entrepreneur. This is because that reasons or motives can be a strong source of motivation for you. Also, it is good to do things for the right reasons.

Now why do you want to become self employed? Do you just want to become your own boss? Or you are tired of your job? Do you want to become self employed for the extra pay? Or you are doing it to gain a greater control of your life? Well, your reason for wanting to become a self employed entrepreneur might not be known to me, but what I want you to know is this: “Do it for the right reasons.” If you become self employed on some flimsy excuse; or you don’t have a strong purpose for going solo, then you may lose your drive and quit before you make headway.

(2) Change how you see things

To become self employed and succeed at what you do; you must change your perception. You must transit from a mentality of dependency on your boss to being independent. You have to take control and be responsible for your actions. You must be accountable and most importantly; you must be prepared to face disappointments, you must be prepared to fail because failure is a pathway to success.

(3) Identify your oil.

In the words of a man I respect a lot (Femi Monehin), your oil is that thing you are good at doing, you love doing and people are willing to pay for. So before you even think of becoming a self employed entrepreneur, you have to identify that thing.

Question……what are you quitting your job on? What’s your leverage? What service can you offer in exchange for money that people are willing to pay for? What are your core skills, talent, hobby or passion? If you want to be a successful self employed entrepreneur, then you must answer these questions.

(4) Study

Before you jump into offering your services for money, you must know who your market is.Who are your customers? How much are they in need of your service? How much are they willing to pay for your services? How do they want your services packaged and delivered? These are things you must research and find out before investing your money and time in starting a business. And with this little study, you can know your niche

(5) Write a simple business plan

Most people go solo without a business plan because they feel it’s too early to get one. Sincerely speaking, I have seen successful entrepreneurs that don’t even know what a business plan looks like. So I don’t want to make it sound like you will never succeed without a business plan. But if you intend to grow big as time goes on, then you will definitely need a business plan even if it’s a simple one page business plan.

(6) Put your plan to work

Of the six steps highlighted in this article, this is the most important. I have seen people with wonderful ideas and plans but they remain where they are from year to year simply because they are afraid to start a business. They are afraid to quit their job to face the uncertainty and challenges of being responsible or accountable. In the entrepreneurial process, the most important task is taking action. You can plan, dream and fantasize but if you don’t take action; all will be in vain. So execute your plans today and I will see you at the top.

Like I will always say……just START

Article materials sourced from: My Top Business Ideas (

6 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Entrepreneur

Don’t Let Your Bad Experience Become Your Limitation


By: Theophilus Izobofolo

Don’t Let Your Bad Experience Become Your Limitation

So, ask yourself today, what is limiting me?

This is the message I listened to today from a preacher. And I feel I should share with you because I gained something from it and I believe you too can.

In making your life count, he talked about four things which I will share here.

(1) Study: For you to be a master in your field, you need to study. Studying should be a thing you do always if you want to make an impact in your life and your environment.

My Opinion

In opening a new business the best thing to do before starting is to study the business in and out. Know the challenges facing such business, know what others are already doing in the business, know your competition, know the potential risk or hazard in such business.

Having all these knowledge about that business will give you an edge in creating a Unique Selling Point.

(2) Do little things well: ”Doing little things well is a path of getting greater things done”.

My Opinion

If you cannot run a small business well, you cannot run a multinational company. Some will say I will be a better boss if I am the CEO of Microsoft…..”LIE” If you cannot be the better boss now in a business of N100,000 you cannot even get to the level of becoming the CEO of a multibillion dollars company….Simple

(3) Be stable: ”Stability is key to succeeding” an unstable person can’t succeed because he or she doesn’t have a base.

My Opinion

Dictionary definition of stability……(The quality of being enduring and free from change or variation).

Going by this definition, it means that for you to succeed in business, you must have a base. You must not allow situations and people to push you around. You must know what you want to do, how you want to do it and when you want to do it. There will be challenges, there will be pressure and there will be failure but you have to be steadfast and endure through it all.

(4) Stop procrastinating: Stop saying I will do it tomorrow.

My Opinion

What else are you waiting for to start your business? STOP Procrastinating……..just START


(1) “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

(2) “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

(3) “As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” – Donald Trump

(4) “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

(5) ”Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

(6) “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain


(1) Pastor Femi Monehin 

(2) Entrepreneurial Conners

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