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  1.  A lecturer wanting sex or money to pass a student..

  2.  A policeman demanding money for bail.

  3.  A judge demanding money for judgement.

  4.  A public servant demanding money for a contract.

  5.  A voter demanding money for his/her vote.

  6.  A clergy demanding money for “blessings”.

  7.  A leader closing their eyes to corruption and nepotism.

  8.  A parent offering money for ward’s admission into school or paying for exam questions.

  9.  An unemployed has to buy an employment form to fill.

  10.  A society rewarding incompetence.

  11.  A society  closing its mind to murder.

  12.  A society shutting down common sense.

  13.  A society designed to allow the worst to emerge to the top, in many respects.

  14.  A society that worship centres outnumber educational schools and employment and goods providing factories but inhumanity and bad behaviour is the order of the day.


15.  A society where the rich has no foundation,  neither scholarship nor an endowment fund to cater for the needy. 

  1.  A society where only the children of top placed individuals are offered appointment letters in choice establishments

  2.  A society that justifies all things in the name of politics, tribe, religion,ethnicity and individual benefit.

  3.  A society where an individual would use our commonwealth to open his private businesses and he’ll be given all the praises, the accolades, the traditional titles and the national honours.

  4.  A society that blackmails others for difference in thinking.

  5.  A society that with your degree and competence, absence of NYSC certificate disqualifies you but a Secondary School drop-out can reach anywhere.

  6.  A society where 70 yr olds still look for political appointment.

  7.  A Nation that we have all collectively built. One working towards oppressing the other. Where impunity is rife. Where our default thinking is on wailing or hailing, never a consideration of the issue.

  8.  A society with low or no expectations from their leaders. A society in conflict with itself. A society where thought is absent. That all issues are swept under the carpet depending on who holds the broom and where all things can be covered depending on where the umbrella tilts.

  9.  A society where seemingly educated people run away from speaking out in the face of evil so that they will be seen as saints.

  10.  A society where evil doers are glorified by men who pretend to be gentlemen.

  11.  A society  where men have no regards to the legacy they will leave behind.

  12.  A society where money is preferred to wisdom.

  13.  A society where the reformer is vilified and deformed.

  14.  A society where one man is richer than one region but still collects lucre from a State Governor.

Yes, you and I built this place.” SAD BUT TRUE, AND WE ARE THE ONCE TO CHANGE IT


By: Izobofolo’s Blog


MC Oluomo is the one trending online now. Oun l’omo tiwon soro e lowolowo. Owo meji l’oke f’enikan. O ya gbefun.

Give it to MC Oluomo. He succeeded at what he does best, that is, “thuggery”.

Children studying abroad, houses in upscale neighborhoods in Nigeria and America, beautiful women as wives, hobnob with creme-de-la-creme, who is who in the society, a popular socialite and all that.

Visit the hospital where he is obtaining treatment, you will see armed policemen on stand watching over him, politicians of great repute trooping in droves to register their solidarity and presence, he is getting first class treatment and everyone in attendance praying and hoping that MC Oluomo must not die.

Guess what? He is a citizen of United States of America and he is set to be flown to America in matter of few days to get first class treatment. Can you see yourself?

Who says thuggery as a profession doesn’t pay? Had I known, I wouldn’t have wasted all the years struggling to get an ordinary paper called degree that couldn’t get you anywhere in Nigeria unless you know someone in power.

Did I hear you say thuggery is a risky and deadly profession? Did you just say, do I know how many people lost their lives in thuggery? Didn’t you just say that the consequences of thuggery outweigh its benefits?

Come off these craps my friend. Life is a risk itself and in a jungle called life only the strongest survive. Death? Who is scared of death? Whether you like it or not, something is going to kill you if you are destined to be killed that way. Consequences? We will all be responsible for our actions and why is that your concerns? Result is the koko in my country called Nigeria. Who cares how you got it? Just show them you have it.

O Lord, how do I convince my children and unborn generation of children that education is the key to success in Nigeria where thugs are living large and holding sway?

I am a graduate from a reputable Nigerian University, much older than MC Oluomo and there is nothing I have materially that MC Oluomo doesn’t have. He even has more and he is well connected than I am. Forget certificate joor. Who certificates epp?

When I look at Nigeria situation and the future of our youths, the only thing that comes to my mind is; we have lost it as a nation and it is not going to get better.

MC Oluomo, a certified and licensed thug by “Tinubu Institute of Professional Thugs” is a celebrity and you are not. E f’oro le joor, ko ni meaning. Gbefun Oluomo.

God have mercy, I am beginning to talk like a thug now but it is rather too late for me now.

O ya gbefun! Soporowomi ni!! Oganla Tinubu, Jagaban Ilu Eko, ko somo na!!!

People with integrity who do things the right and legitimate ways are fast becoming limited editions (endangered specie).

Nigeria, where people celebrate men and women who have made it through dishonest means.

So so sad. Ogede n baje e lo pon.


By: Andy Akporugo Jr


The World Bank has acknowledged that the biggest problem with leadership in Nigeria has been corruption. But we didn’t need them to tell us. Each of us saw, and perhaps still see proof of this fact on our roads, in our hospitals, in our schools, our homes and our markets or the lack thereof; and if former President Goodluck Jonathan’s sobering up in his ‘‘Transition Hours’’ is to be believed, the US and its best allies in the West were not amused about his wondrous philosophy of stealing not being corruption, enough to move against him in favour of one who at least still vaunted some credentials of integrity. And they, arrow-headed by Barack Obama, defeated him in the 2015 elections for that reason.

The World has changed a few leaders since 2015 but it has neither changed its views nor its Bank’s about corruption. It is still the same world which offered its trust for then President Obasanjo by cloaking him as ‘friend of the civilized world’ but held him in sufficient condescension even contempt, for his romance, such as to yet demand that funds then stolen from the country be only returned upon a guarantee that they will not be re-looted by him and his successors – in terms abundantly scripted to demand their essential supervision of its user. It is a world that still frisks our most respected for items of corruption and whose dogs get an extra pay for smelling out Nigerian bags for their content at international airports. I shall leave out for now, the spectre of participants at international conferences still bringing to our attention rumpled pieces of counterfeit government documents that failed or successfully baited them, while its officers looked away complicitly.

It is to this atmosphere of international suspicion, contempt and condescension that the PDP now offers Abubakar Atiku as the mascot of Nigeria’s departure from corruption and its readiness to win the confidence and trust of the international community; a man so convinced of his own corruption that neither he nor his supporters has ever offered a rebuttal of it beyond laughable claims that he has not been convicted of any criminal offence, when in fact no government officer has ever been so convicted even as governance enjoyed corruption as its byword. When they are not prancing Mr Atiku’s non-conviction, they yet try to get clean on the strange logic that the other party has thieves too, yet even then never say that they are lesser thieves than they who left, perhaps for fear that their reality would rebuke such a claim.

Now, how does the leader of the modern world [and their allies] sit at a table with a man they will not allow into their country on account of his oily fingers, to trust out a modality for the return of loot to the Nigerian treasury under his watch? How can the world trust a Nigeria headed by a Mr Abubakar Atiku with responsibility for the country’s weakest to whom they may be empathetic, such as to provide support for them through him, when they are unable to shake away the feeling that his sustenance has hitherto been purchased at the price of their wellbeing? And on a personal level, why and to what extent, should I have to carry the extra burden of defending the integrity of a President Atiku before putting out my own credentials, for the confidence of international partners and collaborators which the pursuit of my endeavours would recommend.

Certainly, these are real issues which many who canvass ‘‘issue centred campaigns’’ strangely are in a hurry to discount in favour of some aloof considerations of Mr Atiku’s supposed projections for governance. They like to talk of his plans for education, housing, healthcare, transport, the economy etc etc. And perhaps they would have a point for later; but only after his cravings have been properly identified. After all, money has no value outside the craving of its holder. It is drug money when held by a drug user, book money when held by a scholar and loot when held by a thief. And yes, a thief is as much a thief by conviction as he is by a bad name!

And so for now, sorry, I am not able to move beyond the security of yams in the custody of goats – especially a gang such as we see milling now, that has as spokesman one who complains that they have been held away from the yams for so long, their appetite has even now extended to cassava!


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Senator Dino Melaye should end the siege to his house

By: Femi Falana (SAN)

Senator Dino Melaye should end the siege to his house

The fundamental right of every citizen to personal liberty is guranteed by section 35 of the Constitution of Nigeria and aricle 6 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights. The right may however be violated by the State if there is reasonable suspicion that any citizen has committed a criminial offence. The Nigeria Police Force recently announced its plan to arrest Senator Dino on the allegation that he has committed the offences of criminal conspiracy and attempted culpable homicide. The Senator did not respond to the invitation of the Police on the grounds that the permission of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki was not sought and obtained!

Convinced that the Senator has decided not to submit himself for investigation, a team of police personnel have surrounded his residence with a view to effecting his arrest. The siege to the house by the Police has needlessly lasted for 6 days. It has been reported that the supply of electricity and water to the house has been disconnected by the Police. Such action cannot be justified in law. There is no doubt that the Nigeria Police Force has itself to blame for the sensationalization of the planned arrest of the Senator. The Police ought to have effected the arrest of the Senator under the relevant provisions of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 which empower the Police and other law enforcement  to break into any house to arrest if there is evidence that any criminal suspect against whom a warrant of arrest has been issued by any court has absconded or is concealing himself or herself so that the warrant cannot be executed. By sending over 60 armed police personnel to arrest an citizen the Nigeria is exposing the Federal Government to ridicule.

However, contrary to the misleading statement credited to the leadership of the Senate on the procedure  for the arrest of legislators, the Nigeria Police Force is not required to seek the consent or obtain the permission of the President of the Senate or the Speaker of the House of Representatives before arresting a member of the national assembly who is alleged to have committed a criminal offence in any part of the country. Since legislators are not entitled to immunity under section 308 of the Constitution they are liable to be arrested. investigated and prosecuted if they are linked with the commission of any criminal offence. However. the arrest, investigation and prosecution must be conducted in strict compliance with the relevant provisions of the penal statutes and the Constitution.

However, by politely requesting Senator Melaye to submit himself for arrest the Nigeria Police Force has accorded him the special treatment that is normally reserved for Very Important Personalities in Nigeria by security agencies. It is an indisputable fact that but for his privileged position in the country  the Police would have forcefully arrested the Senator without laying any siege to his house. To end the needless drama and the  unwarranted inconvenience to which his family members and neighbours have been subjected for the past six days Senator Melaye should submit himself for arrest without any further delay.  More, so that the Supreme Court has made it abundatntly clear in the case of Dr. Oladele Fajemirokun v Commercial Bank (Nig) Limited (2009)  21 WRN 1 that no court has the power to restrain the Police from arresting any citizen who is alleged to have committed a criminal offence.

Femi Falana (SAN)

PRESS RELEASE: Stop Dancing On The Graves of Offa Robbery Victims, Minister Warns Saraki

By: Segun Adeyemi

PRESS RELEASE: Stop Dancing On The Graves of Offa Robbery Victims, Minister Warns Saraki

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has warned the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, to stop dancing on the graves of the innocent souls who died in the April 5, 2018 armed robbery attack in Offa.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Monday by his media aide, Mr. Segun Adeyemi, the Minister repeated his earlier warning against playing politics with the unfortunate incident, after Dr. Saraki said in a radio interview that he donated 10 million Naira when he visited Offa to commiserate with the people in the aftermath of the robbery, even when (he said) the amount that was stolen from the robbed banks’ vaults was 7 million Naira.

The Minister said the overly aggressive and crude response by Dr. Saraki to that warning has shown that he is not ready to heed the admonition, hence the need to re-state it, and to condemn any attempt to denominate human lives in Naira and Kobo.

Alhaji Mohammed said that in the wake of his warning, the apparently embarrassing radio interview was hurriedly edited to remove all references to the Offa robbery and then re-aired across Kwara state.

”Instead of stopping at that, which in itself constitutes an acceptance of wrong-doing, Dr. Saraki went ahead to hurl insults at me, even when I have been largely restrained in issuing my earlier warning. Had I not been restrained, I would have gone ahead to divulge what actually transpired.

”For example, the claim by Dr. Saraki that he donated 10 million Naira to care for the victims of the Offa robbery is patently false. He did not! The 10 million he referred to was donated when the Offa market got burnt, and it was made in Ilorin, not Offa. When Dr Saraki

visited Offa to commiserate with the community in the aftermath of the robbery, he did not donate a dime! I challenge him to prove me wrong.

”But with politics in the air, the truth becomes the first casualty. Realizing that he goofed, Dr. Bukola apparently caused the radio interview in question to be edited to remove the donation reference, and then re-aired. Is it not an irony that the people who engaged

in this egregious act of dishonesty are the same ones calling others names?” the Minister queried.

He said he will continue to steer the debate on the political developments in Kwara State to issues rather than exchange of personal insults, which he has always been averse to.

”The people of Kwara, who are bone-tired of the long years of ‘bolekaja’ governance in the state, are all saying in one voice, ‘O to ge’ (enough is enough), and will soon have the opportunity to express their frustration with their votes,” the Minister said.

Segun Adeyemi

SA To Hon Minister of Information and Culture


31 Dec 2018