By: Theophilus Izobofolo


Africans have great value for celebrations. Death is celebrated even more than birth unless the death of an infant or a young person.

The death of a father, mother, grand and great grand parents is a celebration of life, which brings together all members of the family. Including extended family members, friends and associates, colleagues, neighbours, and towns people. It’s a fun fair that hold great tourism value.

The length of the funeral varies from place to place ranging from three to seven days or more. Food, drinks, clothing, decorations, musicians and dance groups, canopies, chairs, security, transportation, casket, and requirements for traditional rites constitutes the sum of the budget for funeral.

The traditional funeral rites which is the burial itself has witnessed evolutionary transformation. Chickens were acceptable for the burial of women, goats for men and cows for tittle holders (chiefs and kings) depending on the financial status of the affected family. In modern times only cows are acceptable for funeral rites which cost between One Hundred and fifty thousand and three hundred thousand naira (N150,000.00 – N300,000.00). Today, poor families use between two to three cows while the rich may use between five and as many as ten or twenty.

Financing the funeral is a huge burden. Some families have had to sell family assets such as land, plantation or borrow from money lenders at exorbitant interest rates. In recent times, family members have resorted to sharing the total budget as levies. In some cases, unemployed youths and women are also task to pay the compulsory burial levy.

Every family member strives to pay the levy so as to participate actively and fulfill the wish of their parents.

The unemployed members of the family usually will face some conditions that reminds them of their financial status. There are cases where they have to borrow money to pay the transport fare back to the town or city. After the funfair, everyone returns to his or her place.

While family celebrations and parties are good in themselves, the issue that should be of serious concern to every African is the financial implications imposed on poor people in the family and society.

Can’t a family task themselves in like manner to start a family business and provide employment for their members? Imagine if the N5,000,000 or N7,000,000 spent for funeral was invested in some viable members of the family or on a viable venture that can empower members, or relations.

Imagine how many assets has been lost for funeral of parents.

Educated Christian elders who retire to their communities have a great role to play here. The culture of exorbitant funerals must be discouraged. Funeral should not bury assets of the family along with the dead. The imposition of levies upon the viable members of the family is good where the proceeds forms a family pool to empower her members or create a family business.



By: Evangelist Theophilus


SEX – The topic frequently in the mind of most young adults and even old people no matter how spiritual, yet, the least talked about.

It is an act people engage in frequently but feel uncomfortable to talk about.

The information most people have on it are obtained from the ‘gutters’ because traditional institutions and other standard channels of communication and education will not talk about it. When they do, it is in hush tones.

I remember a friend hosted me on radio for a few weeks as we explored sexual dysfunctions among adults. By the third week, the program director had ordered the program shut down. May be I was too blunt, calling a spade a spade.

Many people know the danger of sex, both physical and spiritual but no one seems to be comfortable to talk about it’s good sides and the factors that influence them.

In many quarters and to many people, sex is just a necessary evil. I have met married couples who often felt guilty after having sex with themselves and I kid you not. A newly married guy once told me, he has been asking for forgiveness of sin after having sex with his wife and he couldn’t place why.

Some of you speak in tongues immediately after having sex with your wives, you know yourselves. It may not be because you are spiritual. You are probably battling with subconscious mixed feelings involving guilt over appropriateness of sex, even within matrimony. There are many who have become poorly sexually adjusted by reason of the things they have been taught while growing up about the evil in sex. This followed them to their matrimony.

A story was told of a king who newly became a Christian, in the mediaeval times who commanded his wife to be burnt at the stake the following morning after having sex with her. Her offence? He claimed  She enjoyed “the pleasure of sin” by moaning during sex. This is how “her ringing tone” sent her to an early grave. But it was not really her fault, she died due to the ignorance of an overzealous  king who was mistaught and misguided that sex is inherently evil.

Friends,  much has been said about how the devil uses sex to destroy people to the point that Sex now looks like the creation of Satan.

Truth be told, sex is good, when used appropriately. Sex is a gift from God and not from the devil. The devil only seeks to pervert it. Many petty problems that happen in marriages for which you disturb your pastors can be deleted by just one mind-blowing sex between couples.  Yes!  You heard me right.

Today, a lot of people suffer from various sexual dysfunctions but they can’t talk about them for fear of being viewed as “spoilt” or sinful.

I once attended to a man who had been running from home simply to avoid the chance of sexual encounters with his wife.  He worked shifts in a Hotel so he decided to do all the shifts,  just to stay away from home.

This man could not sustain erection for more than 2 mins and he was in a mismatched relationship with a woman who wanted it for thirty minutes and more.  The fear of poor performance drove him from home.

I insisted on seeing the wife and the day she showed up, it was drama. She did all the talking as she pounded away on my table.  “My body is not wood…” He has to do something about this otherwise…. ” she yelled.  It was one threat after another.  Then she grabbed her hand bag and left without completing the session. To a stranger like me, she simply cut the picture of trouble and I could only imagine what the man was going through in her hands.

Now, here’s the point.  There are many women in this position but they don’t know they are a serious part of the problem. Let me tell you something.  In a committed relationship (not hit and run) , the woman retains the power to either sustain a man’s erection or to kill it.

About 50 percent cases of erectile problems in men are purely of psychological origin. The brain is the most important sexual organ, not the genital.  If a man’s mind is at rest in the home and he’s happy with you,  he will have erection with you. This is basic truth.

I once attended to a woman who previously had been dragging her husband to pastors for prayers and made him a prayer point among her prayer partners for inability to perform in bed.  I requested to see her husband as usual and after much hesitation,  he showed up. It turned out the man had no erectile problem unless the wife was involved.  He said if he had full erection and his wife as much as touched him with a finger, he would lose it. In his own words there had been some conflicts and It was a delicate peace they had had at home. The wife had been winning all the arguments in the house without knowing she was also losing the man. What they needed was conflict resolution, not prayer vigil or medication.  Dear woman,  your mouth can do wonders, both physically and psychologically. If you know, You know…

Worse still some women will be behaving as if they are lame in bed. They can’t use their hands and they won’t use their mouths. They Just lay down like universal recipients. What kind of tradition is that?  What has that got to do with holiness?

I know by now somebody is thinking this man is spoiled o,  or may be his account has been hacked.  If you read up till this point and you haven’t stopped, na you spoil pass! So let’s continue…just kidding!

Women are not left out as victims in this sexual problem. As a matter of fact,  more than 50 percent of women don’t know what orgasm is, in all their existence.  They hear people talk about  it but they don’t believe it really exists and they are scared of asking their husbands to help explore possible ways to achieve this.  Many of them don’t even get aroused with their husbands but they can’t talk about it.  Many husbands have turned themselves to terrorists in their homes.

Dear husbands, I need your help. How do you manage to speak in tongues and still throw punches at your wives? There are testimonies of godly men who never raised a finger against their wives of many decades in spite of provocations. Please follow the examples of these men and stop damaging your wife physically and emotionally. That “Mike Tyson” in you must die finally.  May God’s grace be sufficient for you.

It is so unkind to abuse your woman and get home only to pull her panties like a mechanic trying to start a generator. What is your intention? It doesn’t work like that.

Let there be mutual respect in the home.  Resolve conflicts as they come. This has tremendous effect on what happens beneath the sheets. Like I said before, the human brain (the seat of the mind) is the most important sexual organ, not the genitals.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have any question or objections, kindly ask your pastors and pastors’ wives or go see a therapist, not me. I’m a learner ooh.

It is a new day!  


Full List Of All 371 Tribes In Nigeria And States Where They Originated

Full List Of All 371 Tribes In Nigeria And States Where They Originated

1 Abayon Cross River

2 Abua (Odual) Rivers

3 Achipa (Achipawa) Kebbi

4 Adim Cross River

5 Adun Cross River

6 Affade Yobe

7 Afizere Plateau

8 Afo Plateau

9 Agbo Cross River

10 Akaju-Ndem (Akajuk) Cross River

11 Akweya-Yachi Benue

12 Alago (Arago) nasarawa

13 Amo Plateau

14 Anaguta Plateau

15 Anang Akwa lbom

16 Andoni Akwa lbom, Rivers

17 Angas Bauchi, Jigawa, Plateau

18 Ankwei Plateau

19 Anyima Cross River

20 Attakar (ataka) Kaduna

21 Auyoka (Auyokawa) Jigawa

22 Awori Lagos, Ogun

23 Ayu Kaduna

24 Babur Adamawa, Bomo, Taraba, Yobe

25 Bachama Adamawa

26 Bachere Cross River

27 Bada Plateau

28 Bade Yobe

29 Bahumono Cross River

30 Bakulung Taraba

31 Bali Taraba

32 Bambora (Bambarawa) Bauchi

33 Bambuko Taraba

34 Banda (Bandawa) Taraba

35 Banka (Bankalawa) Bauchi

36 Banso (Panso) Adamawa

37 Bara (Barawa) Bauchi

38 Barke Bauchi

39 Baruba (Barba) Niger

40 Bashiri (Bashirawa) Plateau

41 Bassa Kaduna, Kogi, Niger, Plateau

42 Batta Adamawa

43 Baushi Niger

44 Baya Adamawa

45 Bekwarra Cross River

46 Bele (Buli, Belewa) Bauchi

47 Betso (Bete) Taraba

48 Bette Cross River

49 Bilei Adamawa

50 Bille Adamawa

51 Bina (Binawa) Kaduna

52 Bini Edo

53 Birom Plateau

54 Bobua Taraba

55 Boki (Nki) Cross River

56 Bkkos Plateau

57 Boko (Bussawa, Bargawa) Niger

58 Bole (Bolewa) Bauchi, Yobe

59 Botlere Adamawa

60 Boma (Bomawa, Burmano) Bauchi

61 Bomboro Bauchi

62 Buduma Borno, Niger

63 Buji Plateau

64 Buli Bauchi

65 Bunu Kogi

66 Bura Adamawa

67 Burak Bauchi

68 Burma (Burmawa) Plateau

69 Buru Yobe

70 Buta (Butawa) Bauchi

71 Bwall Plateau

72 Bwatiye Adamawa

73 Bwazza Adamawa

74 Challa Plateau

75 Chama (Chamawa Fitilai) Bauchi

76 Chamba Taraba

77 Chamo Bauchi

78 Chibok (Chibbak) Yobe

79 Chinine Borno

80 Chip Plateau

81 Chokobo Plateau

82 Chukkol Taraba

83 Daba Adamawa

84 Dadiya Bauchi

85 Daka Adamawa

86 Dakarkari Niger, Kebbi

87 Danda (Dandawa) Kebbi

88 Dangsa Taraba

89 Daza (Dere, Derewa) Bauchi

90 Degema Rivers

91 Deno (Denawa) Bauchi

92 Dghwede Bomo

93 Diba Taraba

94 Doemak (Dumuk) Plateau

95 Ouguri Bauchi

96 Duka (Dukawa) Kebbi

97 Duma (Dumawa) Bauchi

98 Ebana (Ebani) Rivers

99 Ebirra (lgbirra) Edo, Kogi, FCT, Nasarawa, Borno, Ondo

100 Ebu Edo, Kogi

101 Efik Cross River

102 Egbema Rivers

103 Egede (lgedde) Benue

104 Eggon Plateau

105 Egun (Gu) Lagos,Ogun

106 Ejagham Cross River

107 Ekajuk Cross River

108 Eket Akwa Ibom

109 Ekoi Cross River

110 Engenni (Ngene) Rivers

111 Epie Rivers

112 Esan (Ishan) Edo

113 Etche Rivers

114 Etolu (Etilo) Benue

115 Etsako Edo

116 Etung Cross River

117 Etuno Edo

118 Falli Adamawa

119 Fulani (Pulbe) Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa , Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi , Niger, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, etc.

120 Fyam (Fyem) Plateau

121 Fyer(Fer) Plateau

122 Ga’anda Adamawa

123 Gade Niger

124 Galambi Bauchi

125 Gamergu-Mulgwa Bomo

126 Qanawuri Plateau

127 Gavako Borno

128 Gbedde Kogi

129 Gengle Taraba

130 Geji Bauchi

131 Gera (Gere, Gerawa) Bauchi

132 Geruma (Gerumawa) Plateau

133 Geruma (Gerumawa) Bauchi

134 Gingwak Bauchi

135 Gira Adamawa

136 Gizigz Adamawa

137 Goernai Plateau

138 Gokana (Kana) Rivers

139 Gombi Adamawa

140 Gornun (Gmun) Taraba

141 Gonia Taraba

142 Gubi (Gubawa) Bauchi

143 Gude Adamawa

144 Gudu Adamawa

145 Gure Kaduna

146 Gurmana Niger

147 Gururntum Bauchi

148 Gusu Plateau

149 Gwa (Gurawa) Adamawa

150 Gwamba Adamawa

151 Gwandara Kaduna, Niger, Plateau

152 Gwari (Gbari) Kaduna, Niger, Plateau

153 Gwom Taraba

154 Gwoza (Waha) Bomo

155 Gyem Bauchi

156 Hausa: Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa, Kaduna,Kano, Kastina, Kebbi, Niger, Taraba, Sokoto, etc

157 Higi (Hig) Borno, Adamawa

158 Holma Adamawa

159 Hona Adamawa

160 Ibeno Akwa lbom

161 Ibibio Akwa lbom

162 Ichen Adamawa

163 Idoma Benue, Taraba

164 Igalla Kogi

165 lgbo: Abia, Anambra, Benue, Delta, Ebonyi,Enugu, Imo, Rivers

166 ljumu Kogi

167 Ikorn Cross River

168 Irigwe Plateau

169 Isoko Delta

170 lsekiri (Itsekiri) Delta

171 lyala (lyalla) Cross River

172 lzon (Ijo) Bayelsa, Delta, Ondo, Rivers

173 Jaba Kaduna

174 Jahuna (Jahunawa) Taraba

175 Jaku Bauchi

176 Jara (Jaar Jarawa Jarawa-Dutse) Bauchi

177 Jere (Jare, Jera, Jera, Jerawa) Bauchi, Plateau

178 Jero Taraba

179 Jibu Adamawa.

180 Jidda-Abu Plateau

181 Jimbin (Jimbinawa) Bauchi

182 Jirai Adamawa

183 Jonjo (Jenjo) Taraba

184 Jukun Bauchi, Benue,Taraba, Plateau

185 Kaba(Kabawa) Taraba

186 Kadara Taraba

187 Kafanchan Kaduna

188 Kagoro (Oegorok) Kaduna

189 Kaje (Bajju) Kaduna

190 Kajuru (Kajurawa) Kaduna

191 Kaka Adamawa

192 Kamaku (Karnukawa) Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger

193 Kambari Kebbi, Niger

194 Kambu Adamawa

195 Kamo Bauchi

196 Kanakuru (Dera) Adamawa, Borno

197 Kanembu Bomo

198 Kanikon Kaduna

199 Kantana Plateau

200 Kanufi Kaduna, Adamawa, Bomo, Kano,Niger, Jigawa, Plateau, Taraba, Yobe

201 Karekare (Karaikarai) Bauchi, Yobe

202 Karimjo Taraba

203 Kariya Bauchi

204 Katab (Kataf) – Tyap, Kaduna

205 Kenern (Koenoem) Plateau

206 Kenton Taraba

207 Kiballo (Kiwollo) Kaduna

208 Kilba Adamawa

209 Kirfi (Kirfawa) Bauchi

210 Koma Taraba

211 Kona Taraba

212 Koro (Kwaro) Kaduna, Niger

213 Kubi (Kubawa) Bauchi

214 Kudachano (Kudawa) Bauchi

215 Kugama Taraba

216 Kulere (Kaler) Plateau

217 Kunini Taraba

218 Kurama Jigawa, Kaduna, Niger, Plateau

219 Kurdul Adamawa

220 Kushi Bauchi

221 Kuteb Taraba

222 Kutin Taraba

223 Kwalla Plateau

224 Kwami (Kwom) Bauchi

225 Kwanchi Taraba

226 Kwanka (Kwankwa) Bauchi, Plateau

227 Kwaro Plateau

228 Kwato Plateau

229 Kyenga (Kengawa) Sokoto

230 Laaru (Larawa) Niger

231 Lakka Adamawa

232 Lala Adamawa

233 Lama Taraba

234 Lamja Taraba

235 Lau Taraba

236 Ubbo Adamawa

237 Limono Bauchi, Plateau

238 Lopa (Lupa, Lopawa) Niger

239 Longuda (Lunguda) Adamawa, Bauchi

240 Mabo Plateau

241 Mada Kaduna, Plateau

242 Mama Plateau

243 Mambilla Adamawa

244 Manchok Kaduna

245 Mandara (Wandala) Bomo

246 Manga (Mangawa) Yobe

247 Margi (Marghi) Adamawa, Bomo

248 Matakarn Adamawa

249 Mbembe Cross River, Enugu

250 Mbol Adamawa

251 Mbube Cross River

252 Mbula Adamawa

253 Mbum Taraba

254 Memyang (Meryan) Plateau

255 Miango Plateau

256 Miligili (Migili) Plateau

257 Miya (Miyawa) Bauchi

258 Mobber Bomo

259 Montol Plateau

260 Moruwa (Moro’a, Morwa) Kaduna

261 Muchaila Adamawa

262 Mumuye Taraba

263 Mundang Adamawa

264 Munga (Mupang) Plateau

265 Mushere Plateau

266 Mwahavul (Mwaghavul) Plateau

267 Ndoro Taraba

268 Ngamo Bauchi, Yobe

269 Ngizim Yobe

270 Ngweshe (Ndhang.Ngoshe-Ndhang) Adamawa, Borno

271 Ningi (Ningawa) Bauchi

272 Ninzam (Ninzo) Kaduna, Plateau

273 Njayi Adamawa

274 Nkim Cross River

275 Nkum Cross River

276 Nokere (Nakere) Plateau

277 Nunku Kaduna, Plateau

278 Nupe Niger

279 Nyandang Taraba

280 Ododop Cross River

281 Ogori Kwara

282 Okobo (Okkobor) Akwa lbom

283 Okpamheri Edo

284 Olulumo Cross River

285 Oron Akwa lbom

286 Owan Edo

287 Owe Kwara

288 Oworo Kwara

289 Pa’a (Pa’awa Afawa) Bauchi

290 Pai Plateau

291 Panyam Taraba

292 Pero Bauchi

293 Pire Adamawa

294 Pkanzom Taraba

295 Poll TarabaPolchi Habe Bauchi

297 Pongo (Pongu) Niger

298 Potopo Taraba

299 Pyapun (Piapung) Plateau

300 Qua Cross River

301 Rebina (Rebinawa) Bauchi

302 Reshe Kebbi, Niger

303 Rindire (Rendre) Plateau

304 Rishuwa Kaduna

305 Ron Piateau

306 Rubu Niger

307 Rukuba Plateau

308 Rumada Kaduna

309 Rumaya Kaduna

310 Sakbe Taraba

311 Sanga Bauchi

312 Sate Taraba

313 Saya (Sayawa Za’ar) Bauchi

314 Segidi (Sigidawa) Bauchi

315 Shanga (Shangawa) Sokoto

316 Shangawa (Shangau) Plateau

317 Shan-Shan Plateau

318 Shira (Shirawa) Kano

319 Shomo Taraba

320 Shuwa Adamawa, Borno

321 Sikdi Plateau

322 Siri (Sirawa) Bauchi

323 Srubu (Surubu) Kaduna

324 Sukur Adamawa

325 Sura Plateau

326 Tangale Bauchi

327 Tarok Plateau, Taraba

328 Teme Adamawa

329 Tera (Terawa) Bauchi, Bomo

330 Teshena (Teshenawa) Kano

331 Tigon Adamawa

332 Tikar Taraba

333 Tiv Benue, Plateau, Taraba and Nasarawa

334 Tula Bauchi

335 Tur Adamawa

336 Ufia Benue

337 Ukelle Cross River

338 Ukwani (Kwale) Delta

339 Uncinda Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto

340 Uneme (Ineme) Edo

341 Ura (Ula) Niger

342 Urhobo Delta

343 Utonkong Benue

344 Uyanga Cross River

345 Vemgo Adamawa

346 Verre Adamawa

347 Vommi Taraba

348 Wagga Adamawa

349 Waja Bauchi

350 Waka Taraba

351 Warja (Warja) Jigawa

352 Warji Bauchi

353 Wula Adamawa

354 Wurbo Adamawa

355 Wurkun Taraba

356 Yache Cross River

357 Yagba Kwara

358 Yakurr (Yako) Cross River

359 Yalla Benue

360 Yandang Taraba

361 Yergan (Yergum) Plateau

362 Yoruba Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Kogi

363 Yott Taraba

364 Yumu Niger

365 Yungur Adamawa

366 Yuom Plateau

367 Zabara Niger

368 Zaranda Bauchi

369 Zarma (Zarmawa) Kebbi

370 Zayam (Zeam) Bauchi

371 Zul (Zulawa) Bauchi


Win Court Case For War or Accept Result For Peace – Says Sutan of Sokoto

Win Court Case For War or Accept Result For Peace – Says Sutan of Sokoto

“If you go to court you will win but there will be war and Nigerians will be massacred. Please accept the results as the will of God”- Sultan of Sokoto to Atiku Abubakar.

The words above have been attributed to the Sutan of Sokoto and understandably they have caused quite a stir. He has not refuted them and consequently I assume that they are his words. If he really said them, my response is as follows.

I have immense respect for the Sultan of Sokoto and those he represents but I am constrained by the Living God to ask the following questions.

Who is afraid of war? Are we not at war already? Why didn’t the author of these words tell Buhari not to go to court after he lost in 2003, 2007 and 2011?

The election was rigged and under Buhari, over the last three years and nine months, innocent and defenceless people have been slaughtered all over the north whilst the south has been castrated, cheated, enslaved and robbed of its future and destiny. All this yet you are saying that we should just accept it in order to avoid being massacred and in order to avoid war?

When our brothers and sisters in the Lord are being slaughtered and murdered in cold blood what more do we have to lose? Are we not already at war? Have we not been robbed of our rights, freedom, dignity and heritage already? Have we not been reduced to nothing and rendered powerless? What more do we have to lose?

Our votes don’t count! Our protestations don’t count! Our lamentations don’t count! Our tears don’t count! Our sorrow doesn’t count! Our pain doesn’t count! Our suffering doesn’t count! Our humiliation doesn’t count!

Nothing counts or speaks for us anymore!

You have stripped us bare and taken everything from us. Yet you expect us to just sit there and take it and threaten us with war when we wish to insist on our lawful and constitutional rights?

This is not about Atiku. It is about those he represents and those that have put their trust in him and given him a mandate! He is their only hope. And woe betide him if he betrays that mandate or their trust! If MKO Abiola could stand for what was right up until the end and insist on his mandate, even though it cost him everything, so must Atiku Abubakar.

If some believe that the only way they can preserve the peace is by threatening the rest of us with war, lauding it over us and turning us into quislings, appendages and cowardly sub-humans then damn their peace and let them keep it.

Nobody wants war except those sadists that take pleasure in massacaring others at the drop of a hat in the name of faith or tribe. Nobody wants war except those that seek to strip and deny others of their rights and dignity and turn them into slaves.

Wars are fought in order to protect those rights and to ensure justice, fairplay, equity and freedom. They are fought in order to resist evil. If that is what we have to do in order to restore, redeem and defend the lives, pride, dignity and liberty of our people then so be it.

We shall not look for war or provoke it because it is a terrible thing that no sane person would desire or pray for. However if it is thrust upon us by the delusional, bloodthirsty and misguided elements in our midst and that hold sway in our nation we shall not kneel down passively and beg them or run away from it.

This country belongs to us all. We shall never accept subjugation, slavery and servitude as being our portion. We would rather die first. And neither can we be intimidated by any empty boasts or threats of massacre and war.

Men and sex – God’s Creation 

Men and sex – God’s Creation

Women find it hard to understand men and sex. Please women understand these following hidden facts;

In most cases when men want to help you, they want sex. When they say they love you, they want sex. When they mistakenly sleep over in your house, they want sex. When they want to borrow you money, they want sex. When they want to give you a job, they want sex. When they want to pass you, they want sex.

First of all, you need to understand that God created men with this high libido, it is not their fault. Although, some have relatively low libido, but science said we are polygamist. It is only self control and discipline that makes some men hide their desires or forgo the option of getting what nature calls for.

We didn’t ask for this, we didn’t create ourselves. Do you know that 95% of healthy men wake up with an erection every morning? A mother fucking boner! Did we bargain for it? No!

Do you know that the manhood responds guickly to stimuli from thought conception. You can be reading your bible and you may get aroused depending on the parts you are reading and the happenings of your environment.

A man can be sleeping, once the female gender stimulate arousa, his manhood responds to nature even when the man is asleep, it is not a sin, it is natural.

However,  have you asked yourself why men are never on any periods, cramps or bad moods? It is because God did not create them that way.

Let me wow you more! A man is naturally always ready for sex! Rub a man on his head, he his already thinking you may want sex. Wink at him, he’s already seeing you naked in your cloths. Wave at a him walking with his wife, he may lose focus.

Folks! You can not overcome unholy sex urge in Jesus name or Holy Ghost fire, that’s why most churches don’t allow ladies with short dresses to sit in front, because they may arouse the pastors. Again, Its not by anointing or “Sheri ma ma ma.”

Men, if you want self control, then be used to deliberately denying yourself sex anytime nature calls for it during unholy arousa. Yes, we did not create the high libido ourselves, but God has given us brains to give him rest…just apply self control and FLEE when excessalary.

The only man that over came sex according to the good books was Jesus Christ himself and Joseph. Joseph won is temptation by not just runing away, but he fled. He would have stayed and bind the temptation of the seduction. For Jesus, he was God and when selecting his disciples, he was very careful not to have included a woman among his disciples, or else, it would have been the woman that could have betrayed him, not Judas.

Folks! Many great men have fallen because of sex. Do you think they wanted to? No, it was because they could not control their desires.

Again, do you know that even soldiers in war front still develop urge for sex? this is to show you how bad the urge can be. So many soldiers were killed during the Biafran war because a woman lured them Inside the bush for sex.

David in the bible sent a woman’s husband to the war front for him to die so he can have sex with the wife. Do i need to tell you about Samson, Solomon, king James and other bible characters? It can only take the grace of God, self control and some level of maturity to control unholy sex urge.

Women, the way our body react to sex is not the same for you. So, play your part to keep your man. If you are unmarried, please wait for your time or apply self control (use protection). How many great women have you heard messed up because of dick? Maybe few, I guess. So, next time a man ‘misbehaves’ because of sex, don’t see him as a beast or an animal. We are just responding to nature.

Do not say to us; “i have lost the respect i have for you, i thought you were responsible, so this is what you wanted…sex…what a shame!

Let me shock you, even your 75 years hold father can lost his money and integrity to a 17 year old girl, if badly aroused.

I pray you read this post with realistic understanding and apply wisdom when dealing with men.

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