Mental will-power, equal opportunity and provision of necessary tools for survival is women empowerment.

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Holy Women: This Is How To Be An Upgraded Version To Your Husband And Children

  1. Dear Married Lady, holy wives don’t just speak in tongues. They cook super meals, they raise godly kids, wear hot dresses(for their husbands), they have mind blowing sex & still make Heaven.

  2. Dear Married Lady, forget about changing your husband. Just be an upgraded version of you with more value and sweetness.

  3. Dear Married Lady, look at your Husband with the lenses of righteousness in Christ Jesus. He may have some wrong doings but do not focus on the wrong doings but rather focus on the Christ in him. In other words, focus on his positives and not the negatives. Do this in wisdom!

  4. Dear Married Lady, familiarity has the tendency of taking things for granted: our family and especially our husbands

Replace nagging with appreciation!

  1. Dear Married Lady, be the number one FAN of your husband. Support him in all his interest. Ensure you decree greatness in all his endeavours. Don’t allow other ladies to do this for you. Be the first and best at this.

  2. Dear Married Lady, as Christ is Love so are you. As Christ is forgiveness so are you. Do not punish your Husband with tight jeans. Let him give you some massage or buy you something nice. You are not a fool! You care for your marriage.

  3. Dear Married Lady, decide that loving is intentional and intentionally love your partner. Find out what love means to your partner and give it. Don’t assume a common definition of love. What is love to you may not be for him

Portray the love he yearns.

  1. Dear Married Lady, in this age where technology is supposed to break homes, use this same technology to build your home. Text your husband some hot messages as a shadow of the things awaiting him at home.

  2. Dear Married lady, don’t focus on the competition outside the home and get bitter. You are not the only Lady who Loves your husband. Focus on your Husband and

give him the best of treatment always; especially when you think he doesn’t deserve it.

  1. Dear Married Ladies, don’t become a prison for your husband. When it gets to the point where he needs space grant it to Him. There is freedom in true love. Over protective love is false and destructive. Use those periods to better yourself. Get the most sexiest look. Be your sweetest self when he returns home. You are always the winner.

  2. Dear Married Woman, be the curious and Creative type.

Don’t be shy to initiate lovemaking. Wear sexy lingeries does not mean you are spoilt or demon possessed. Join in the creativity, make your marriage fun. Afterwards blow in tongues together!

  1. Dear Married Lady, challenges may come in your marriage. Instead of letting it tatter you, you decide to make the best, look your best, love your best in the face of challenges. Guess what the Christ in you is the best. So you can’t be any less.

  2. Dear Married Lady, the fact that you have four kids does not mean let your body look 20 years older. You can start small. Discipline yourself. Check your weight. Don’t eat junk food. Take brisk walks! Exercise your body and be in Lady,

  3. Dear Married Lady, christianity is not the end of descent hot fashion. Christianity is not tagged with old ladyship. That you wear a Long gown does not mean you are holy. Dress well. Be neat. Look presentable. Let the young ladies check you up for the latest descent trend!

  4. Dear Married Lady, even when you’re tired, be sensitive to your man’s bedly needs. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Don’t lazy yourself in front of him. It’s a bad signal. Be in readiness to satisfy Him at all times. Don’t give him reasons to look elsewhere.

  5. A woman of Grace who can find? She has a heart of gold. Gives her best even in the worst. She Loves like no Love other even at the most undeserving times.

  6. She is love. She is forgiveness. She is support. She is prayer. She is wisdom. She is your dream lover. She mothers the world. She is as Jesus is, so precious. She is loyal and strongly soaked in the word. She Rightly fits everywhere.


MANHOOD – THE QUALITIES OF A REAL MAN – A real man will help his woman become that type of woman he DESIRE and ADMIRE out there.

A real man will not allow the DREAMS and VISION of his WOMAN DIE, just because she is with him. But will strive to make it GROW even BIGGER.

A real MAN is not ashamed to tell his WOMAN that her idea is better than his because he recognizes that the HOLY SPIRIT is not gender bias and could pass a message through the WOMAN.

A real MAN won’t feel INSECURE when  his WOMAN is PROGRESSING.

A real MAN will be happy and proud when his WOMAN earns more than him, or if she is a woman On the front line… He will not be THREATENED by his woman’s ACHIEVEMENT and AFFLUENCE.

A real MAN will ignore the weaknesses of his WOMAN and concentrate more on her STRENGTH. He will not compare her to another but help her become better.


A real MAN provides for his family. He gives his woman MONEY even when he knows that she has enough.

A real MAN pays his WOMAN  back her MONEY when he borrows. He will keep to his words. Please pay your debts. Dept is Dept no matter who you are owning.

A real MAN will help his WOMAN out with some works in the house.  Because,  she is not a domestic machine or a slave. But a human being and a HELPMEET.

A real MAN will say “thanks to his WOMAN after eating the food she prepared and served him. Even if he was the one that provided the money for the food, he will show some appreciation.

A real MAN will not force his WIFE for sex, but will always seek for her consent. She is a human with emotions. After all, what is yours is yours….if today no pay, tomorrow go pay.

A real MAN Will always buy GIFTS for his woman, take her out and give her a QUEENLY TREAT. She mustn’t ask for it all the time… Women like gifts and surprises. Sometimes, their nay is their yea, vice versa when it comes to such matters 😎😎

Real MEN are  proud  of their WOMEN. They RESPECT, LOVE and ADORES THEIR WOMEN.

Do this and even the most STUBBORN WOMAN will WORSHIP you as her LORD.



Dr. Charles Awuzie

HOW TO CUT OFF DRAINING EMOTIONAL TIES IN RELATIONSHIPS – When Are You Going To Cut Those Draining Emotional ties?

The relationship went from wow to sour, and what used to be a fun filled friendship has now become a thorn in your flesh. A part of you tells you to let them go but another deeper side of you still wants to hold on for another moment. Memories of great times you spent together seem to make you forget the other times they let you down. You struggle between letting go and holding on. Your life is at a standstill. Your career is affected. Tears become common. And worse still, you have nobody to talk to because you left everyone just to be with them.
If you are at this point, it is time to cut that negative emotional attachment and set your soul free. This freedom, like other freedoms, might be painful but it is GAINFUL at the end.

An American therapist listed the following as signs that you may be suffering from Toxic Emotional Ties:

1) Being tempted to get back with them even though the relationship was toxic.

2) Having troubles sleeping because of your constant processing of the past.

3) A desire for revenge, or thinking that you are constantly being treated unfairly.

4) Inability to cease obsessing and thinking about that person.

5) Remembering often their words, their judgment, and criticism towards you.

6) Getting emotional over past memories – i.e. we used to eat at this restaurant.

7) Stalking them on social media.

8.) Deep feelings of anger, sadness, and abandonment.

9) Being an emotional wreck and crying a lot.

If you find yourself showing some or all of the signs above, then this article is for you. It is time to literally BURN the past. Yes, consume the past in a literal fire 🔥. Don’t worry, I will help you do it.

Are you ready? 🤔

Pack a matchbox and a notebook 📔 and go to a quite lonely place.
On different pages, write down the names of the people in your past who still have a NEGATIVE hold on your emotions.

Tear out the pages and yell out those names individually. Then loudly say “(mention name) You are no longer in my life and therefore has no right to control my thoughts and emotions. Today I burn 🔥 every memory I had with you. I consider such memories dead and buried.” Then the burn the page 📄 and do same to all the names in your head.

Step on the ashes and spit on them. If you have the contacts of those people, write them and tell them that you just moved on. Tell them that they have lost their grip on your mind. Wish them well and say Goodbye.
Congratulations 🎊

Now you have power over your past and your past no longer have power over you. You are in charge. You have regained control of your mind. This is freedom. You are revived and restored to your original self.

It’s time to go back home. You are going back to a new season. Remember those great projects you always wanted to accomplish, now is the time to start working on them again. Get remarried to your dreams. The first enemy of your future is your past. The burning of your past is the birth of the future.

The only way to win the battle over emotional ties is to literally cut them. Burn the bridge. Emphasis on the word BURN 🔥.

Research shows that humans are more likely to get over something when they see it in ashes than when they think it still exists somewhere. It’s time to wake up to the reality that your past relationships are actually in ashes and doesn’t exist anywhere – not even in your Ex-partner’s mind. It’s time to let go of the people who let go of you.
Burn the memories to ashes. Cut that cord. Regain your heart.
My name is Charles Awuzie and I am your partner in this journey.


Republished by: Theophilus zobofolo

AFRICANS! WHAT ARE WE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN? TO BE CREATORS OR MEDIOCRES. – Africans are we teaching our children to worship God while other countries are teaching their children to be gods?

We teach our children to pray for smart phones and cars, while they teach theirs to invent smart phones and cars. Then our children become adults who go to church to thank God for smart phones and cars purchased from other countries whose children have become adults who invent cars and smart phones. That’s why they don’t need our God because without them our God can’t bless us. It is the cars and smart phones they invent that we give testimony and thank our God for in our churches. Then we go about boasting that it was pastor’s prayers and anointing that gave us these stuff.
We are teaching our kids that “A” is for “Apple” and they are teaching their kids how to turn apples into other products and how to impregnate apples to give birth to beautiful bubbles.

We are still teaching our kids the botanical names of plants while they are teaching their kids how to marry mango and orange to produce ‘man-range.’ They are teaching their kids coding and programming in well equipped schools while we are teaching our kids how to only prophecy and speak in tongues in well equipped churches.


Our children’s school drama is about how to be a pastor or imam while theirs is about how to relocate to a new planet. They boast about conquering Mars, while we boast about hearing dreams and prophecies.

We choose our leaders based on tribe and religion while they choose theirs based on the solutions these leaders bring to the table.

“We are poor yet look rich but they are rich yet look poor. We are doomed if we don’t change our mindset…mediocrity is doing one thing over again and expect different change.”

Please share this post until every Nigerian reads it and changes their mindset. Enough is enough… Madness means thinking the same way you used to think 10 years ago but expecting a different result… If you want real change, then rebel against what you used to know and embrace new knowledge for new results.
As we teach our children how to worship God, let us also teach them how to become gods – creators of solution.

OUR CHILDREN ARE SEXY! Parent competition on making children go astray

Story of a 14 years old who was execution by electric chair in 19th century was recently declared innocent after 70 years by a South Carolina Judge



By: Ebipre Omubo, Tony Owei Angaha
and Numoipre Benson Ayah

Child Abuse! A Result From Mental Defect: case study of a 13 years old girl – The gory picture above is that of a little girl of thirteen years old from Akwa Ibom state that lives with her uncle, one Mr Effiong Sunday at Brass street Etegwe Yenagoa Bayelsa State.

On Tuesday 5th September 2018 the little girl was accused of stealing three thousand naira from her next door neighbor. After questioning and interrogation from her Uncle (Mr Sunday Effiong) the little girl said she didn’t steal any money.

Photo of the molested 13 years old girl

The uncle insisted that she must tell him the truth and he started beating her up mercilessly. Later he removed her cloths and started burning her with a hot pressing Iron that she must tell him the whereabout of the money. According to the little girl, he continued to burn her face and breast with the hot pressing Iron and she accepted she stole the money under duress.

The painful side of the story is that the neighbor eventually found his money where he kept it.

Despite the injuries he inflicted on the little girl, her uncle didn’t bother to take her to the hospital for treatment.

Another photo of the molested 13 years old girl

The following morning being Friday 7 September, neighbors started frowning and spreading the story after seeing the injuries on the girl.

The information got to Mr Numoipre Benson Ayah, Tony Owei Angagha and my humble self and we decided to see what we could do to help the little girl.

We contacted DO FOUNDATION, an NGO that is into CHILD ABUSE and other related matters chaired by Barrister Dise Ogbesi Sheila and her second Excel Bright.

The little girl was taken to the Ekeki police station. Mr Sunday Effiong and his wife were invited for interrogation by the Gender Desk Office.

The little girl is now receiving treatment in the hospital Courtesy of DO FOUNDATION.

While we await justice we say a big thank you to barrister Dise ogbesi Sheila and Excel bright of DO FOUNDATION for their swift intervention, we also say a big thank you to the police, doctors and others that are concerned in the little girl’s plight.

Child Abuse! A Result From Mental Defect: case study of a 13 years old girl.



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