The blog consists of 3 objectives;


Following the decay of our educational standards and the difficulties in getting and sustaining white-collar jobs after graduation; it is of great necessity our children and youth be taught self-sufficiency with vocational and business entrepreneurs skills.

This training site is to sensitize and educate the masses on current vocational skills and lucrative business with little or no financial commitments.

It will bridge the gap between the expensive training programme and promote interested entrepreneurs, and building a new generation with potentials of entrepreneurial competency to reduce poverty.

Also, we will bring quotes from great writers and speakers from around the globe to reshape and redirect souls to fulfill their destinies on earth. We assure you that these quotes will trigger higher faith and encourage folks to maximize their dreams.


Our youths and next generation don’t seam to understand agric production, processing and business. This is because most parents advice’s their children to get scholastic education and not how to make money. Teaching how to make money was left to parent inadvertently and more than 75% of the parents have failed. Our government have also failed in encouraging out youth and next generation to embrace the business of agriculture.

Our mandate is to teach, train, coach and practically supervise our youth and the next generation the importance, the how, the when, the where and the success in Agripreneur.


In the world today, especially in Africa, most women are taking as sex tools, child-bearing machines, house slaves and material assets.

Most Africa culture still practically treats women as slaves, restrict them from fundamental human rights, education, leadership opportunities and freedom. This blog advocates for women, educate and intorm them on women’s matters and empowerments, and give them tools for survival.

On this platform women will be given latest information about women’s education, lifestyle, home-care, health, politics, religion and success secrets. Our goal is to offer women the willpower, voice and tools to become self-fulfilled (from STEP-UP to KEEP-UP)

“There are ample random probabilities of an event, to occur differently than the only possible expected way of occurrence.” By: Theophilus Izobofolo