GENTILITY IS NOT LEGALITY FOR BRUTALITY

Folks! Don’t take peoples simplicity for stupidity; that some persons are gentle, peaceful, easy going and calm, don’t mean they are fools – silence speaks better and loader than voice. We must take time to study peoples temperamental qualities to grow and mature in relationship. Remember! you can’t change anyone but only influence them. Change the way you approach and deal with people – life is relational.







Folks! Lack of proper risk management can bring down or destroy a success work-in-progress. Every decision is a risk, but in different frequencies and levels. It can increase or reduce you, so don’t take risk when you don’t have the capacity, scale down your aspirations and make your moves in steps. Decision making should be done with SWOT analysis, evaluation, and exploring all possible options.





By: Theophilus Izobofolo

Change is not an event, it’s a process or a trend; In processing your success in life use these secret key points to manage cases of misrepresentations.

  1. No matter what you say and how you say it, SOME people will never get it. That’s not your fault! Keep saying it.
  2. No matter how pure your motives are, somebody will still accuse you of ill intentions. Stay pure anyway.
  3. No matter how humble you are, somebody will still consider you proud. Stay humble, anyway.
  4. No matter how generous you are, somebody will still call you “selfish”. Remain generous, anyway.
  5. Sometimes some of your greatest pains will come from those you gave the most pleasure. Be wise or bear it anyway.
  6. Some of your greatest disappointments will come from those you gave your best appointments or commitments. Pray to meet the right people, keep doing the good work.
  7. Sometimes some of the worst things you’d hear about yourself may come from those you speak the best of. keep doing the right thing.
  8. As a sailor not everyone in your ship is paddling in the direction of your dreamed destination. Discernment is key.
  9. Loving people sometimes means feeling used by them. But keep loving them for your own sake.
  10. Sometimes, doing the right thing ends up making you look like a fool. Yes, it is before man not before God. A good heart is better than a fast legs.
  11. Tough as it seems, any evil done against you can become a seed for your promotion… It depends on your response. be positive.
  12. I would rather appear foolish now and see the wisdom of the Almighty God unfold, than appear wise now and turn out a fool later. Be patient and don’t be quick to judge.
  13. Promotion doesn’t come by fighting for your rights but by being faithful in doing what is right. Every right action validates you for personal growth…ignore eye service.
  14. Those who will enjoy true promotion by the Almighty must be willing to forgive freely, forgive quickly and forgive wholly. Recompense to no man evil for evil, but provide things honest in the sight of all men.
  15. Those who will relish true promotion must be willing to serve many for free and selflessly. Consider others higher than yourself.
  16. Without God’s sign off, your biggest step can turn out to be your biggest mistake. Don’t act without His will.
  17. Pain has a higher potential to toughen you up than pleasure does. Bitter things cures, sweet things kills.
  18. Problems are easier to solve than to convince people to believe in you. Just be your self and the right people will follow you.
  19. Many people will celebrate you only as long as your advancement doesn’t exceed their expectations of you. Your victory trigger positive offence. Most people celebrate you to usurp the secret of your victory to limit your advancement.
  20. Some people get close enough to you just to find something bad about you to broadcast to the world. Don’t border; you need them to gain publicity.
  21. Some people are quiet when you’re succeeding but quick to point out your failures. Stay calm, people will always talk, learn your lessons and do the right thing.
  22. Hating those who hate you makes them your leaders, since you’re following their footsteps, you are a follower. What you don’t know is greater than you.
  23. Rather than react to a negative situation. Respond to your revelation.
  24. Believe the best even when you’re going through the worst.
  25. They hurt you? Don’t hold it against them. Hold them up in prayer, they may change one day; every thing is subject to change.
  26. Forgiving people is not just a good idea. It’s God’s idea. Actually, more than an idea. It’s a divine instruction.
  27. How you respond to a situation can be more important than the situation. Approach can cause reproach, watch your actions.
  28. Your ability to overlook an offence determines the degree of dominion you’d exercise over many other things.
  29. Wisdom will help you solve problems. A large heart will help you accommodate people. You need both.
  30. When all is said and done, let the fear and the love of the Almighty GOD in your heart pour through your daily work!
  31. The wise is he who takes lessons from the above secret truth and with them benefit others!
  32. Some people may think this piece is targeted at them. No. Everyone alive will need one of the points at some point or the other.




By: Pastor Theophilus Izobofolo

Bible text: Matthew 24 -12 NKJV

And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold”

Just as the satanic saying goes; “if your pastor does not prophesy or see visions for you, he is fake.” that’s the mindset the devil used to pollute ignorant and uninformed church members in this last days. No wonder a so called christian can attend 20 different churches to seek for either:

  1. Prophecy and mountain remover church
  2. Vision and revelation church
  3. Die by fire church
  4. Operation flog your enemy to death church
  5. Deliverance Church
  6. Miracle, signs and wonders church etc.

Jeremiah 3:15 says: And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. 

The question is; why don’t we seek for men of God with knowledge and understanding? It is because most of us don’t have patient for wisdom or hear from God directly.  Folks! Let us stop confusing ourselves, very soon most of us who practice this act will end up in native doctor’s shrine, all in the name of seeking for miracles, deliverance and prophecies.

Because of the fetish desires of men, most men of God have compromised their faith and calling to suite the selfish and carnal desires of men…not according to God.  The church which suppose to be a solution centre, have become deception centre where fake prophecies and visions are used to defraud members who are likened to the five foolish virgins in the church…signs of the end time.

The problem of the end time church is spiritual laziness and impatience. Most men of God are after money and are lazy to pray, and their members are not ready to pray too; they are impatient and not willing to pay the price of spiritual sanctity and holiness that connects us to God; No wonder “pray for me syndrome” is eating deep into churches. The few genuine men of God with the light and understanding are either over worked by members and/or oppressed politically and spiritually by man and satanic kingdom.

Folks! No prophecy is higher and greater than the word of God, it is a sure source of prophesy that will never be broken, changed, victimised or subdued. Any genuine Christian with the prophesy of the word can never be a church prostitute. If you can’t prophesy by revelation of the Holy Spirit, then connect with the Holy spirit to prophesy by the revelation of the word.

Kindly ask yourself this question; how many times do you read the bible? No or poor answer. If the so called men of God don’t have a concrete knowledge of the bible, how can you the member read the bible when your prophet only seek human and demonic powers to prophesy prosperity and miracles to you…signs of the end TIME.

A lot of ignorant church members have made covenant with the devil because of miracle and prophesy (seeking to know their past, present and future). Most of them have ignorantly sacrificed unborn children to the altar of occultism, for the quest of prophecy, vision and fetish revelation

Folks! Hear this; if you don’t know the source of your prophet, pastor or apostle’s prophecy, you may end up with perverted Destiny. If You don’t care about the source, you will end up a source when sacrificed.

A lot of marriages have been broken due to fake prophecies, a lot of businesses have been shut down as a result of consulting witch doctors with a church sign post. Have you ever thought of what happened to all the custodians of deities, witch, native doctors, traditional seers etc. For you information; not all got born again, more than 75% of them rebranded and repackaged in church forms.

Folks! Who you follow determines who you are and what you will be. If you don’t pray and read the bible personally to understand the promises of God concerning you, very soon you may end up a witch doctor too…signs of the end time.

2 Timothy 2:15 says: study to show they self approve unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly diving the word of truth.  

My beloved, There is no prophecy higher than the revelation of the Bible and there is no miracle greater than the salvation of the soul. Hence, if you have not experienced the power of the word (Bible) that brings salvation, Just repeat this declaration wholeheartedly and in faith; “Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I believe you died for me and was buried, and raised to glory on the 3rd day – from now henceforth I repent of my sins and change from my old ways – by your blood, am saved, justified and born again – From today I acknowledge you as my Lord and personal Saviour.

If you made this declaration; congratulations! you are free. We employ you to identify with a Bible believing church close to you and start a new relationship with God.

We pray that as you begin to study the word, the Lord will baptize you with the 7 fold Spirit of God, in Jesus name, Amen. (Isaiah 11:2-3)

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Written by: Pastor Theophilus Izobofolo & Evangelist Aigbe Favour Afekelu

Bible text: John 14v21-27

Living in obedience means; to do what someone or the rules say’s. Obedience therefore is an act or instance of practising or following the commandment of someone or any Institution.

Folks! The question now is; how many of us are obeying the word of God, especially in bad and difficult times of life?

It is very essential to note that the moment we gave our lives to God (repent and obeyed His word), we were no longer alone and could no more operate with our normal human understanding; every man born of a woman (from the fruit of Adam) is normal and ignorant of the spirit, but we “Christ-like” who were and are led by the Holy Spirit, lived and are behaving abnormally in the eyes of men of the flesh, because they are carnally minded.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to take the lead on all issues of our lives; by completely obeying the word of God (Spiritual laws of time: the Bible), we enjoy earthly and heavenly abundance.


Folks! When the Holy Spirit tells us what to do, do we obey ALL THE TIME? Hear this; it Is only when we accept the leadings of the Holy Spirit without resistance, human exceptions, scientific and technological theories, before boldly saying we are living in obedience with the word of God, and at the end we can second Paul’s declaration; “I have fight the good fight, I have finish the race and I have kept the faith.”

In verse 21 of our bible text, it says; “but whoever fails to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit by Obeying Him truly does not love God.” Folks! I urge us to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit, when we obey Him we can never make mistakes in life. Being a right Bishop, pastor, evangelist, Apostle, Prophet, chorister, usher, prayer leader, tither, Sunday school teacher etc., does not mean you totally obey God’s word, but doing His will and totally obeying His commandments against all odds.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 says; 13 – “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and obey His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. 14 – For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or it be evil.”

Folks! The only way to enjoy earthly and heavenly benefit is through Jesus. If you want to connect to this new life in Jesus? just repeat this text wholeheartedly: “Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I believe you died for me, you were buried, and on the 3rd day you were raised to glory. From now henceforth, I forsake my old ways; through your blood, I am saved, justified and born again.” if you declared this, Congratulations! We employ you to connect with a Bible believing church and start a good relationship with God.

Folks! We pray that the Holy Spirit will help us live a life of total obedience to God’s world, in Jesus Name, Amen. God bless you. Maranatha.