Andy Akporugo Jr

On Wednesday the 30th of August 2017, I shall invite here, the thoughts of a few esteemed voices for restructure for hopefully what would be a non-partisan very intellectual attempt at distilling the terms of a most workable restructure of our federation and the means of bringing it to fruition, taking into consideration the limitations of our current legislative processes. I shall invite specially,

  • Dr. Solomon Ukhuegbe
  • Professor Edoba Omoregie
  • Chijioke Okoli SAN
  • Hrm Babatunde Ogala
  • Dr. Anthony Opo Okonkwo
  • Abdul Oroh
  • Dr. Job Odion
  • Tony Ipriye Uranta
  • Dili Ezughah
  • Onu John Onwe
  • Ralph Egbu
  • Chidi Peter Agbaneje
  • Emeka Odikpo
  • Ken Tadaferua
  • Paul C Nwabuikwu
  • Dr. Ugo Egbujo
  • Oni-Olusola Gbenga
  • Emmanuel Majebi
  • Umar Babangida Aliyu
  • Ismaila Olokun

I shall pray for contributions only in basic outlines. All other friends will be invited but I shall be at the gates to ensure that those whose best expression of the English language is in insults or discourtesy are kept as far away as possible.

Let’s make sense of this whole matter of restructuring




Abigayle Mutua

Have you ever wondered how some people endured hardships and even found contentment in the life of struggles? I have had times where I thought I had it bad until I heard someone else’s story and I realized my life hasn’t been that bad.

All of us have something that we gravitate towards. From the minute we make an entrance to the word, It pulls us. It determines what kinda courses we will do, where we will settle, the kind of spouse we will choose, and it is all written and coded in your DNA. I call that something Destiny.

For Destiny to pull it has to have a you to pull. Don’t look for destiny far off, it is already in you. You were designed ready to rule in your destiny.

When we watch people fully engaged in their purpose, it’s confirmation that God has given each of us a destiny.

How else could one person be so fascinated by the accuracy of numbers while another is totally obsessed with the accuracy of words?
What allows you to have great interest in something that bores other people to tears? Why are you able to pick up anything and fix it—from a clock to an automobile—while other people
should be arrested for even picking up a hammer?

Why are you able to devote countless hours to reading a book while other people will never know the story line if it’s not on video? The
gift or desire that God has wired you to express is unique to you. Others can’t understand how you do what you do, but neither can you understand how they act in their gifts.

Why do you get angry when you see certain things not done properly? It’s your instinct. You are irritated by the facts that you know it could be done better. We are all wired differently and our wiring is done so precisely to fit the purpose to which we are called for.


Andy Akporugo Jr

Just thinking: The structure of our federalism today is the creation of the Constitution and a restructure can only be achieved by amending the Constitution by acts of the National Assembly and State Assemblies. The Constitution says amendment can only commence from the National Assembly. The most the President has is a power to assent to the amendments at the end, his refusal of which would not frustrate it.

Why then do those who clamour for restructuring direct their campaigns at the Presidency rather than the Legislature? What’s to gain by this misdirected huge media circus on restructuring? Is there something else they hope to achieve for themselves individually by the cacophony of their voices? Truly our mumu never do?

Just thinking ooo!


Aids is said to be contracted through blood contact, unsterilized equipment and unprotected sex, but a 10-year old boy who ate pineapple contracted aids from the vendor.

The said 10-year old boy lives in Barbados North America, he had eaten pineapple about 15 days back, and fell sick, from the day he had eaten. Later when he had his health check done, doctors diagnosed that he had AIDS!!!

His parents couldn’t believe it.

Then the entire family underwent a medical checkup. None of them suffered from AIDS. So the doctors checked again with the boy if he had eaten out. The boy said ‘Yes’. He did that evening. He ate pineapple.

Immediately a group from the hospital went to the pineapple vendor to check. They found the pineapple seller had a cut on his finger while cutting the pineapple; his blood had spread into the fruit.

When they had his blood checked, the guy was suffering from AIDS which he himself was NOT aware. Unfortunately the boy is now infected and suffering from it.

Please take care while you eat on the road side (particularly Water Melon, Pineapple and Pawpaw (cut to size and packed in Nylon)

Please do take care.





Apostle John Davis

Hear me, The kingdom of God is not in the spoken grammar but in the demonstration of power! People are dying every day of sickness, affliction and demonic plagues in this end time and most ministers are busy calling the fake names of people who may or don’t exist?

Do you know how many souls the devil is killing every day through the above mentioned mediums, just because we have only a few handful and power demonstrators but more grammarians and fake spiritual feathers in the body of Christ, at a time when they are needed most? What a shame!


1. Stop names calling if you are not offering spiritual solutions to the bearers!
2. Stop names calling if you are not ready to pay the price for supernatural powers!
3. Don’t you know that this men, whether “fake” or real have paid a serious price before they could manifest in the dimensions which they are? Of what use or help is your grammar or “revelation” to the sick man who is on a dying bed or what help is your grammar and revelation to the mad man whose been tormented by demons on the street?
4. Cry to God to give you the end time power so you can be a solution to the dying?
5. Hear me, Eagles will always gather where there is carcass not minding what killed the carcass!
6. If you say they are fake then show them the real divine powers…when light comes, darkness vanish.
7. It is true that where there is no vision the people perish? So for the people not to perish there must be visions and for there to be visions, there has to be” the vision man” (the visioniar) or ” the seer?
8. What do you think would happen to the children of Gilead if there is no balm in Gilead? (Jer.46:11;8:22)
9. Fellow bond servants of God, people are tiered of grammar, they are in dire need of solutions! In the Book of Ruth 1:1-2, ELIMELECH and NOAMI left BETHLEHEMJUDAH (“house of bread”in the city of Judah, praise ) for a strange country in search of bread because the bakers of bread have ignored, abandoned and left the bakeries…for trivialities!
10. Listen to me, the end time ministry is the ministry of power, prophecy and the apostolic. Hence, any gospel without power is nothing but a dead gospel!
Oh God, use me and show forth your power to this generation! Amen.