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The temple that Solomon built for God was said to have a great quantity of gold, silver, bronze, and other precious metals. The temple consisted of several layers, with the Most Holy Place housing the Ark of the Covenant in the center. (The presence of God). It was built in the 10th century BC.

So, how much did Solomon’s temple cost? The amount of gold, silver and bronze, along with other precious metals are recorded in various places in the Bible.

(1 Chronicles 22:14)- 100,000 talents of gold, 1 million talents of silver, quantities of bronze and iron too great to be weighted.

(1 Chronicles 29:3)- 3,000 talents of gold, 7,000 talents of silver from David’s personal treasures.

(1 Chronicles 29:7)- 5,002.5 talents of gold, 10,000 talents of silver, 18,000 talents of bronze, 100,000 talents of iron from the leaders of Israel.

(1 Kings 5:10)- King Hiram of Tyre gave Solomon many cedar trees for the temple.

In total, over 108,002.5 talents of gold, 1,017,000 talents of silver, and quantities of bronze much greater than that. A great quantity of cedar trees were used- so many, in fact, that Solomon had to pay King Hiram with 20 towns in Galilee! (1 Kings 9:11)

108,002.5 talents of gold would beg an incredible amount of gold. One talent was approximately 75 pounds, so 108,002.5 talents would be a mindbogglingly 8,100,187.5 pounds of gold.

1,017,000 talents of silver would be an equally mind-boggling 76,275,000 pounds of silver! Excluding the bronze, and using the average current price of gold, the gold alone of Solomon’s temple would have been an astonishing $194,404,500,000.

The silver would have been $22,199,076,000. Added together, the gold and silver used along in Solomon’s Temple was worth $216,603,576,000. Calculate this in Naria and know what it worth.

This does not include all the precious metals, bronze, iron, ivory, or cedar wood used in the temple. Extrapolating from the number, the total cost of Solomon’s temple including the labor costs (153,000 forced laborers) would have been well over half a billion, Building the temple took over seven years.

Dr. Paul Enenche’s new cathedral is like a children’s department to what king Solomon built for God and people are complaining.

During the time of king Solomon, there were beggars then, there were priests and high priests and prophets then but none was envious of Solomon. None talked against or criticized what Solomon did for God. People far and near come to worship God in the temple Solomon has built and the Bible recorded that the glory of God came down mightily.

Jealousy and envy will kill some people. At the success of others they get angry. When they can’t bet your standard they become your adversaries. The church is rising and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. No amount of criticism can bring a great man down. If King Solomon can use such an amount of money to build a glory Dome for God then what Dr Paul Enenche built is just small.

You guys haven’t seen anything yet. Mine is coming. The more you talk and get angry, the more God builds his church and make name for himself.

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Breaking News: Dr. Paul Enenche Is Set To Dedicate The Largest, Modern And High-Tech Equipped Hospital In Nigeria

“Let’s be a church without blemish.”

By: Theophilus Izobofolo


There is something every believer in Christ needs to know. I hope to communicate this in a simple way:

The God of the home is the God of the workplace. And the God of the workplace is the same God you go to seek in church meetings.

He is equally potent, active, available and interested in those three spheres of life. Believe me, God is not waiting for you at church meetings. He is everywhere, for you.

If only people knew God is present at their places of work, they would stop dodging or abandoning their work to run to church meetings.

If only people knew that God is present in their homes, they would stop starving their families of needed time, finance and attention in order to fulfill similar obligations at church meetings.

See, Family is God’s idea, and it is your first ministry. You don’t have to starve your family in order to sponsor church programs.


Paul wrote in one of his epistles “He that does not provide for his own family is worse than an infidel”.

People need to understand that service to God does not begin and end in church meetings.

When you are at work, it is God you are serving, not your boss. Whether your work pays little or much, endeavor to do it “as unto the Lord”. Whether you have a difficult boss or not, in the final analysis your service is “unto the Lord”.

Whether it is a white collar or blue collar job, it is unto the Lord.

“Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men, knowing that you will receive the reward of an inheritance from the Lord. You serve the Lord Christ”
Colossians 3:23‭-‬24 HCSB

It is ignorance peddled by religion that seeks to restrict God to a place, a method, a meeting, or a time frame. God is omnipresent and He is eternal. He only steps into time to relate to man.

Even His manifest presence, the spectacular and dramatic manifestations of God that men love to see can take place anywhere, church meetings inclusive.

The Church Is The Body Of Christ Not Denominations!

When God made the first man called Adam, He put him in a garden called Eden.

The garden was where he lived with his family. The garden was where he worked (tending and keeping it) and the garden was the same place where God fellowshipped with him.

This is a clear sign that We need to stop separating “the secular” from “the sacred”.

For a believer in Christ, everything about you is sacred and sanctified because God is in it. Someone needs to start coming to terms with this salient truth!

It is the ploy of religion to separate the sacred from the secular. That’s why people behave themselves only when they “go to church” and misbehave when they leave church meetings.

That’s why church activities have become the biggest thing in town yet the corresponding virtues are not seen in our streets and society at large.

Somebody said “Oh! God visited Hannah when she was at a meeting in Shiloh”. No doubt about this but the scriptures are replete with enough evidences that God’s visitation is not restricted to solemn assemblies.

Check your bible! When God visited Sarah, she was in her husbands house when the angels of God showed up. Dear sister, I need to stop jumping around from one program to another. God can visit to meet your need in your husband’s house. Please stop sleeping in church and camps. God is not running from you, neither is He playing “hide and seek” with you.

Need I remind you of Jesus’ instructions on prayer? He said when you pray, get into your closet, close the door behind you and pray to your father who sees in secret and your father who sees in secret will reward you openly. Mt. 6:6.

I need you to stop looking for God in the “spectacular”, God may not be in the noises you hear around. God is present in the mundane and unimpressive places and situations. Ask Elijah. There was an earthquake and there was fire but God wasn’t there.


Again, When God manifested himself to Gideon, he was not In a fellowship meeting. Rather, he was working at a threshing floor.

The dramatic manifestation of God to Moses was not at a revival service. He was in one thick bush, shepherding the flock of his father-in-law, Jethro.

When God met with the Ethiopian Eunuch, it was not during the worship at Jerusalem but while he was on his way back home.

When angel Gabriel appeared to Zachariah to announce that his wife was going to conceive at old age, he wasn’t in a meeting organised for people seeking the “fruits of the womb”. He was at his workplace as a professional priest because it was his turn/shift to burn incense.

May I be frank with you sir? Church meetings are overrated in Africa. The meetings are so numerous and they keep people busy in religious motions. Interestingly, there is no shortage of fancy tags and themes for these meetings.

This generation is poorly schooled and mistaught to believe they can only encounter God’s manifest interventions at church meetings.

“Do not forsake the assembly of one another..” should not translate to neglecting other areas of your life because of church meetings.

Dear friends, we have not been called out of darkness so we can “go to church”. No! We have been called to “be the church”, so let’s be the church.

Note: If this post suggests to you that fellowship with other believers (however you achieve this) is not needed, then you didn’t read the post.

You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.


Ref: NINYO Omidiji

The Church Is The Body Of Christ Not Denominations

by: Abel Uloko


1.Dr. Paul Enenche have built for God, a Dome reputed To be the single largest auditorium in contemporary human history; with a sitting capacity of about 100,000.

  1. He is 50years old. He became a full time pastor 22years ago when he founded the Dunamis Church. He began this humongous project 18years into his pastoral work and completes it under 4 years. WHAT A SPEED!

Lesson: It’s not about how far but how well you’ve come. Your duration does not necessarily determine your success in life but the quality of your donation, Input and impact.

  1. Dr. Paul Enenche hails from Orokam village in Ogbadibo Local Government of Benue State, Nigeria. This means that he comes from a Minority Region of the country, in his State, he’s of a minority tribe and even from his Idoma ethnicity, he isn’t from the Central Idoma(of Otukpo) who’s dialect is generally understood and accepted for other formal and official transaction(s), Idoma News Casting and other broadcasting purposes for example.

Lesson: God decided to go to the least likely community, to choose a vessel that’ll achieve a global feat, God chose to use Paul Enenche, a minority of the minority in the minority. It means God is not a God of Popular Opinion or Society Dictate. He can use anybody, from anywhere at any time to achieve anything.

Before now in Nigeria, the Yoruba ethnicity have been at the forefront in achieving Gobal Feats for the Kingdom of God, from Enoch Adejare Adeboye to David Oyedepo to Paul Adefarasin to Mathew Ashimolowo and so forth, a pocket of God’s choice vessels from other parts of Nigeria have made huge marks especially, folks from Edo State in the likes of Benson Idahosa(of blessed memory) and Chris Oyakhilome.

Largely, the Yoruba’s have achieved so much for God globally and in case you’re thinking that God is perhaps a Yoruba Man, the Glory Dome being in the Northern part of Nigeria and Paul Enenche being from Benue State is proof that God is the God of all flesh and does not love the Yoruba’s more than the Egbira’s.
Just make yourself available and God will use you.

  1. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, He is the God of the whole earth. His Holy Spirit is distributing His glory in every corner of the earth. Today, the world witnesses the making of history in the FCT, Abuja, Nigeria. Tomorrow, it might be in Guatemala.
    The Glory Dome is now a Historical Holy Site for all Christians for worship and pilgrimage purposes. A Revival Centre and a place to come and behold the possibilities of God through mortal flesh and the doings of God through a yielded vessel!

  2. Good things can also emanate from the Minority Benue. Benue State does not only have a high rate of alcoholics and people living with HIV/AIDS, Benue is also producing Giants in all the fields of human experience and endeavor. To all Benue Sons and Daughters especially the Idoma nation, The Glory Dome achievement is albeit for all Christians and for Nigeria and Africa, nevertheless, you share in the pride and the accolades because Paul Enenche is your Kinsman.
    Jesus Christ is the saviour of the world but he is still referred to as Jesus Christ of Nazareth because He is indeed a Nazarene.

  3. The Glory Dome shall be dedicated by next tomorrow, the 24th of November, 2018.
    To preside over the ecclesiastical protocols, Dr. Paul Enenche has decided to resurrect some ancestors of the Church of Christ on earth from their retirement to join hands with those yet in active service; these men are living progenitors: Reinhardt Bonke, Morris Cerrulo, WF Kumuyi, and David Oyedepo, Dr. Paul’s father in the gospel. Others are; Margreth Idahosa and David Abioye. THIS IS QUITE UNPRECEDENTED!

Thank you Jesus for this humongous achievement for the Kingdom through the womb of Africa.

Even in Jesus’ village where we go for yearly pilgrimage, Israel, is yet to have a Church facility of this epic proportion.

Don’t be told, book your flights and be here to witness the making of history.

Congratulations Dr.&Dr. Mrs Paul&Becky Enenche!

Congratulations Dunamis Int’l Church worldwide.

Congratulations to PFN&CAN

Congratulations The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Congratulations ECOWAS.

Congratulations AU!

Congratulations to the Church of Christ, World Wide

By: Charles Awuzie

Breaking News: Dr. Paul Enenche Is Set To Dedicate The Largest, Modern And High-Tech Equipped Hospital In Nigeria.

The facility is a 100,000 medical facility with over 70,000 beds and 20,000 medical professionals employed to work at the hospital. Dr. Paul Enenche was burdened by the lack of a world class medical facility in Nigeria and he collected donations from his followers to build a world class hospital in the heart of Abuja. This is a new Era in Christianity.

Dunamis Medical Dome boasts of an advanced cancer treatment facility, Psychiatry, Burns Department, Pediatric unit, and 26 well equipped departments.
The Medical dome will be opened by American celebrated Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson while Dr. David Oyedepo will lead in opening prayers.

Dunamis Multi Billion Dollar Medical Facility will create tens of thousands of jobs for Nigerians and would be available to all Nigerians despite Tribe, religion or economic status.

While reacting to the development, the President of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari commended the man of God for being different from selfish, egocentric and glory seeking clergymen in the country who would have rather built a 100,000 capacity cathedrals in the midst of extreme poverty. The President of the world’s poorest country thanked Dr. Paul Enenche for taking the footsteps of Jesus – who never built cathedrals but changed the world through compassion and Truth.

When the Reformers contacted Dr. Paul Enenche to interview him, the man of God was very humble and welcoming. He told the crew that He decided to build for God a place to look after the health of God’s children instead of building a 100,000 capacity cathedral ⛪ like his spiritual fathers and brothers which adds nothing to the economy of his nation… He also said that he realized that RAPTURE WILL SOON TAKE PLACE AND ALL THE MANSIONS AND CATHEDRALS WILL BECOME WASTE… but the lives that his newly built Medical Dome would save will transit into eternity and his reward will be great in heaven.

Nigerians now have a pastor who genuinely believes that this world is not our home and thus, would rather spend his wealth in contributing to the economic well being of the nation instead of erecting self-glorifying monuments and still blame the government. This is the Christianity we all prayed for. This is the selfless Christianity we are proud to hand over to the generation of our children. Dr. Paul Enenche has shown that selfless path.

We really thank God for men like Dr. Paul Enenche who are different from the rest.

May God make this kind of Breaking News real someday in Nigeria.

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