Femi Fani-Kayode React to Northern Presidential candidates Sentiments 

Femi Fani-Kayode React to Northern Presidential candidates Sentiments 

An old friend of mine, who is now a Governor in the North-West, once told me that “the Christians of the north are nothing”.

Another old friend of mine, who was once a leading and respected figure 8n law-enforcement and who is from the North-East once told me that, “when we say the Presidency must come to the north we are talking about the Hausa-Fulani north and no-one else”.

Another old friend of mine, who was in the Senate and who is from one of the North-Central states once told me that, “I do not think any southerner ought to attack or criticise Buhari or his policies”.

With sentiments like this is there any hope for Nigeria? Though they mask it well, deep down all three of these men are as arrogant, self-serving and racist as Buhari himself.

Worse still all three have presidential ambitions and they all give the world the impression that they are civilised, well-exposed, cosmopolitan, well-travelled and moderate.

Sadly nothing could be further from the truth. They are nothing but glorified peasants and little better than the terrorist primitive herdsmen.

Double-speak, deception, treachery and deceit runs in their blood and I am constrained to say, with friends like that who needs enemies!

Racism and ethnic subjugation in any form ought to be condemned. It is either all Nigerians are equal, regardless of tribe or faith, or there will not be a Nigeria for much longer.

No Nigerian was “born to rule” and none were “born to be ruled.”  This point appears to be lost to these three little blind mice.


By: Femi Fani-Kayode


What happened to my friend and brother Senator Ike Ekweremadu in Nuremberg, Germany at the hands of IPOB is an eye-opener and a clear signal to every political leader in southern Nigeria! The people of the south are getting angry and you either stand up and defend them or stand aside!

It takes courage to stand for those that have been unjustly killed in Nigeria. It takes courage to say “no” and to stand up against injustice in a jungle. It takes courage to identify and empathise with the enslaved, the oppressed, the poor, the vulnerable and the weak in a killing field and functional zoo.

Yet we must all do it or stop laying claim to being called leaders. When your people and kinsmen are being turned into worthless slaves with little hope for the future and when they are being slaughtered like flies simply because they are southerners and Middle Belters or because of their faith and you say and do next to nothing then somewhere along the line a price has to be paid.

What happened in Nuremberg yesterday marks the beginning of an awakening. Every southern politician, including yours truly, will be called to account to the people of the south about what he or she did to stop the genocide and ethnic cleansing of southerners in Buhari’s Nigeria.

If anyone believes that it is only IPOB or the people of the South-East that feel so bitter then they really do not know what is going on. The sons and daughters of the Niger Delta, the South-South and the South-West are equally aggrieved. The anger is palpable and it is spreading throughout the south.

As each day passes those of us, like Ike Ekweremadu, that have called for patience and restraint are being seen as traitors and sell-outs by our own people who demand a far more candid, courageous, proactive, dynamic, honest, protective and inspirational form of leadership.

Only God knows for how much longer those of us that are moderates and that believe in non-violent and passive resistance can hold the line. Our people are boiling and they are about to kindle a fire that may consumme us all if something is not done to appease them and give them hope.

I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to shed his cloak of partiality, to put Nigeria before his Fulani tribe, to stop the genocide, mass murder and ethnic cleansing, to remove the Fulani herdsmen from the south and the Middle Belt, to proscribe Miyetti Allah and the Fulani mlitants, to declare them as terrorists and enemies of the Nigerian state and to protect the lives of EVERY Nigerian from this great evil that has tormented our people and torn us apart.

The fact that Ekweremadu wore a shirt which was covered with the Nigerian Coat of Arms and that it was torn to shreds by those that attacked him is  instructive. It may also prove to be prophetic.

I say this because the assertion that Nigeris must and will remain one regardless of the humiliation, persecution, marginalisation, subjugation, barbarity, wickedness and torment that the south has been subjected to over the last 59 years and particularly over the last four years by those that believe that they were born to rule is, at best, misplaced and naive and, at worse, shallow and asinine.

How can Nigeria possibly remain one when every single one of the 17 security and intelligence agencies in the country and every arm of the Nigerian military except for the Navy is headed by a northern Muslim?

How can Nigeria remain one when the three arms of Government, namely the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary is headed by a northern Muslim?

How can Nigeria remain one when there is only one southerner in the top four positions in the country, namely the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and he is also Muslim?

Worse still his Deputy and every single one of the four principal officers in the House of Represenatives are northern Muslims.

How can Nigeria remain one when the substantive Minister of Petroleum and Gas over the last four years and every single key General Manager and Director at the nations state-owned petroleum corporation, the NNPC, are all northern Muslims?

How can Nigeria remain one when, for the better part of the last few years and up until one month ago, every single branch of the three tiers of the Federal Courts, namely the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Federal High Court, were headed by northern Muslims?

For the record, one month ago a Christian from the Middle Belt took over at the Federal High Court and that helped to balance the equation but the point remains valid.

How can Nigeria remain one when the first and fourth most deadly terrorist organisations in the world, namely Boko Haram and the Fulani militants, are wreaking havoc and committing the most heinous and barbaric atrocities all over Nigeria with the help and support of ISIS?

Worse still the Fulani militants have made a sport of targetting and killing southeners and Middle Belters and occupying their land with the tacit support of the Government who have refused to call them terrorists or to arrest, prosecute and bring them to justice?

How can Nigeria remain one when it is clear that a Fulanisation and Islamisation policy is being implemented by the Buhari administration before our very eyes?

How can Nigeria remain one when groups that have not killed anyone and that do not carry arms like IPOB and the IMN have been proscribed and declared as terrorist organisations whilst their leaders are subjected to inhuman treatment and hounded?

How can Nigeria remain one when the Coalition of Northern Groups, with the backing and support of the Northern Elders Forum, openly and publicly threaten the lives of southerners that live in the north and give them ultimatums to leave and consistently threatenen to target southerners if RUGA is not implemented in the south?

How can Nigeria remain one when Miyetti Allah appears to be above the law and when the Fulani herdsmen are allowed to carry arms and appear to be untouchable?

How can Nigeria remain one when the most senior Presidential spokesman says we must either give up our land to the murderous Fulani terrorist herdsmen or give up our lives?

How can Nigeria remain one when our quisling Vice President says that we must pray for the Fulani herdsmen that kill us on a daily basis, that take our land and that rape and abduct our wives  and children?

How can Nigeria remain one when the Vice President also says that the number of killings are “exagerrated”?

How can Nigeria remain one when Christian leaders and clerics are being singled out and targetted for slaughter all over the country?

How can Nigeria remain one when more Churches have been burnt and more priests and Christian clerics have been killed in the last four years than at any other time in our history?

How can Nigeria remain one when more Nigerians have been killed in the last four years than at any other time other than during the civil war?

How can Nigeria remain one when over 3,500 MASS murders and MASS killings have taken place in Nigeria this year alone?

How can Nigeria remain one when our people are more divided on religious, ethnic and regional lines than at any other time in our history?

How can Nigeria remain one when southerners and Middle Belters are treated like scum and are regarded as nothing but slaves and, at best, second class citizens in their own country?

How can Nigeria remain one when Mr. Omoyele Sowore is abducted from his home in the middle of the night like a common criminal, dumped in a DSS cell, treated like a terrorist, detained for a minimum of 45 days and will be charged for treason or treasonable felony simply because he wanted to organise a peaceful demonstration against the reckless, inept, incompetent and dangerous policies of the Buhari Government?

How can Nigeria remain one when a courageous young lady by the name of Miss Leah Sharibu was not released and allowed to come home with the other Dapchi girls simply because she refused to renounce her Christian faith?

How can Nigeria remain one when southerners and northerners regard one another with increasing suspicion and contempt and with growing disdain?

How can Nigeria remain one when Fulani nationalism and supremacy is engendered and encouraged by the Buhari administration whilst the ethnic nationalism of the Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Tiv and other indigenous tribes from the South and the Middle Belt are frowned upon,  outlawed and treated as a crime?

Given all this, it is not surprising that when those that attacked Ekweremadu saw him wearing a shirt with the Nigerian coat of arms emblazzoned all over it at an Igbo yam festival in distant Germany they simply lost control of themselves, allowed their fury to take over  and tore it to shreds. I do not seek to justify or condone their behaviour and neither do I support it: I only seek to explain it.

They are in pain and that pain has turned into a palpable and dangerous rage.

Those of us that lay claim to being southern leaders would do well to recognise that fact, accept it and resolve to rise up to the challenges that our people are facing.

The bitter truth is that the Nigerian Coat of Arms and the Nigerian flag itself, to a sizeable number of people from the South, has now become a symbol of tyranny, terror, subjugation and oppression.

As unpleasant and distasteful as this may be and as difficult it is to accept, that is the bitter and plain truth and the ugly events at Nuremberg have proved it.

The biggest miscalculation that the President could possibly make is to believe that this matter can be contained or that it will go away with time. The more the killings, the greater the build-up of anger and the greater the chance that things will soon explode.

We must do all we can to stop this and to restore love, peace, equity, justice, trust and mutual respect to our people and our land. That is the only way to ensure that what happened to Senator Ike Ekweremadu does not happen to other southern leaders some time in the not too distant future.

We must all be ready to stick our necks out for our people and defend them as aggressively and vigorously as is necessary or, if we fail to do so, we must be ready to pass on the baton and step aside for those that will.

Leadership requires risk and sacrifice. We, as southern leaders, must be ready to take a courageous stand and resolve to do both. We must do whatever it takes and whatever is necessary to protect the lives and property of our people, to defend their honor and dignity and to safeguard their future.

This is a duty and obligation that we must pledge to uphold and a covenant that we must make before the Living God. I wish my friend and brother Senator Ike Ekweremadu a speedy recovery from the unfortunate events in Nuremberg, Germany.

(Femi Fani-Kayode, 17th August, 2019)


Republished by Theophilus Izobofolo



They documented some of our history in your bible but you don’t know.


Let’s begin according to Genesis 29 vs 30: JACOB had twelve (12) sons namely:

#1. Ruben
#2. Simeon
#3. Levi
#4. Judah
#5. Dan
#6. Naphtali
#7. Gad
#8. Asher
#9. Issachar
#10. Zebulun
#11. Joseph
#12. Benjamin.

The 7th son was GAD. And according to Genesis 46 vs16.

GAD had seven (7) sons namely:


Sometime in Middle East, famine struck and Jacob moved with his family and about 70 other relations to Egypt. But before then Joseph (which was 11th son of Jacob) had already been sold to Egypt by his brothers, where he was made Governor General under a King Pharaoh.

As time goes on when the Pharaoh that knows Joseph died, they started suffering persecutions from the hand of Egyptians but ERI the 5th son of GAD foresaw the danger, persecution, and wickedness coming and he decided to leave in time with his two younger brothers, ARODI & ARELI with one of his half brothers.

They travelled through Ethiopia, Sudan and down towards West Africa through river nile and landed at a place known as AGULERI today through Omambala river in Anambra state, around 1305 BC.

(I) ERI established and lived close to the Omambala river. He was wealthy and wise like his great grand father (Abiama) Abraham.

That is why Anambra state has the highest number of rich people in Africa.

ERI; had five (5) sons:

(1) Agulu
(2) Atta
(3) Oba
(4) Hebrew/Ibo
(5) Menri.

(1) AGULU; as the first son stayed back and established in the place known as Agulu-ERI (Agulu son of ERI) in Anambra state.

(2) ATTA; moved to upward North and established a place known as “IGALA Kingdom” and that is why their overall KING is known as “Atta of IGALA” in Kogi state

(3) OBA; left and founded a place known as Oba Kingdom in Anambra state.

(4) HEBREW; which have been changed to mean Hibo or Ibo. He was very powerful spiritual man and that is why people from this area are always very spiritual.

He left and founded Igbo-Etiti, Igbo-Adagbe, Igbo-Eze (within Nsukka and parts of Anambra).

(5) MENRI left and founded a place known as “Agukwu-NRI”.


(II). ARODI moved to a place known as “ARO- CHUKWU”. Very industrious and good at arts and crafts.

(e.g: Aba Ngwa people of Aba).

ARODI gave birth to:

(1) Nembe
(2) Ngwa
(3) Abakaliki
(4) Ogoni
(5) Afikpo
(6) Aro-Ikot Ekpene (Akwa Ibom )
(7) Aro- Echie (Rivers state)
(8) Arondizuogu.

During slave trade Aro spread all over the world. America, Cuba, Brazil and “ARO-festival” is always been celebrated in CUBA.

(III). ARELI was a man with a lot of Wisdom. The native tongue of his descendants is today known as “Central-Igbo”. And people from this Area have the highest number of graduates and professors in Igbo land.

ARELI gave birth to:

(1) Owerri
(2) Umuahia
(3) Diobu (River state)
(4) Okigwe
(5) Orlu
(6) Nkwerre
(7) Elele (Mba Ise)
(9) Mba Ano, etc…

ERI half brothers moved and founded IJAW nationality and some parts of Edo State and many other parts of Niger Delta.


Now to verify some of the things I have said above.

(1) If you get to Aguleri there is a particular house known as OBI-GAD (house of GAD).

Remember GAD was the 7th son of Jacob (Gen 29:30) and GAD had five (5) sons of which the last three (3) who were;

ERI, ARODI and ARELI and some of their half brothers left Egypt to (West Africa).

The OBI-GAD was the resting or relaxing place for ERI and his brothers and they named it OBI-GAD in order to honour their father (GAD, the 7th son of Israel).

This OBI-GAD was the first house built in Igboland. This is the reason why every Igbo man always build a place called OBI/OBU in his house in honour of his father and mainly for relaxation and in the olden days, there is always a family shrine or little oracle, and why they worship Oracle then was because they left EGYPT before GOD gave 10 commandments to Moses for the Israelites, of which one of the 10 commandments is against idol worship. (even though modern day Igbos now build OBI as outside BAR without any Shrine, while some Christians don’t build OBI anymore because of their beliefs). It can also be Called ERI TEMPLE.

The OBI-GAD also serve as a Consulting place for some royal fathers from other community that have Direct root to ERI.


(2) At the Burial place of ERI, there is a TRINITY TREE standing on the grave site. These are three Trees but are strongly United and connected by Single Tap Root.

(3) “ADA” means first Daughter in Israel (Gen 4 vs 19- 20) and it means the same thing in Igbo language.

(4) Before an Igbo man makes a contribution in a public gathering, he will shout “Igbo kwenu” and the people will respond “Yah” and “Yah” is short form of “Yahweh”.

Yahweh is the name of Jewish GOD.

(5) STAR OF DAVID AND some bronze medals Encrypted with Hebrew Codes were found in many part of the Igbo land.

(6) Israelis (Jews) manufactures 80% the world weapons and 70% of USA weapons. Just like Igbos manufactured 80% of all the weapons used during Biafran. Which no other African nation has done.

Igbos were only defeated during the war due to Hunger policy. By now, we would have manufacturing war weapons for Africans, and no country will have to go outside Africa to purchase weapons to fight Insurgency, if not for the bad policy of Nigeria.

Igbos are the most highly technologically inclined people inthe whole of Africa. You will also notice that Igbos always handle the post of

science and technology and industry in most Nigeria ministerial post.

The first West African billionaire is from;

Nnewi: Chief Sir Louis Ojukwu.

The black Indigenous Vehicle Manufacturers eg:



(A) SLOK MOBILE (Orji Uzo kalu)..
(B) ZINOX COMPUTERS (Leo Stan Ekeh).
(D) Father of internet and founder of the fastest computer in the world (PHILIP EMEAGWALI) etc.

(7) We carry home our dead ones just like the Israelites (Gen 49 vs 29-50). (Just like the Israelites, we were led or ruled by Elders and Priest).

There was no King in Israel until Samuel appointed Saul as the King of Israel and that was why Israelites were led by Prophet Moses and so many other Prophets.


Isreali Ambassador (Noah Katz) Confirmed that Igbos are Jews. (Check Daily Sun Newspapers 28th March 2004).

Therefore, Igbo are the Engine Block and Japan of Africa, no wonder an Author with international reputation, “Emefiena Ezennia” said that “In Biafra Africa Died”. We are good people, we love our neighbours, we accommodate anybody. We can live everywhere and develop anywhere. It is in our blood to develop. We need Igbos to develop Nigeria, Africa and even the world as a whole, we are God’s people, a chosen generation! Nigeria should stop the marginalization of the Igbos and the Biafrans or let them have their freedom.

For the Igbos we should know who we are, dream and think bigger, for you are the son of the most high God, the God of Abraham (Abiama) believe in yourself and work harder as it is in your blood, every Igbo parents should endeavour to teach their children Igbo language and culture all the time….

Mba nile nwere ihe ha jiri di EBUBE….


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By: Oba Onasanya Adeleke



I come across several adverts like you can see in the attached picture on a regular basis. Several articles circulate urging people to make and ingest highly concentrated concoctions like this. The deceit lies in the ability of the generators of such post to convince unsuspecting public that these herbal mixtures are medicinal and as long as they have medicinal properties then automatically they are good for the body always. THAT IS A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL.They propose a whole lots of diseases the so called medicine flush out from the system. This is not true. I am sorry to burst your bubble by saying that it is not everything that is medicinal that is safe for the body. They do more danger to the body than the proposed protection. These components all have Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory properties. Their combo effects on the intestine, stomach and the entire body is like pouring acid daily into the body. There are lots of such herbal combos in our society and many have become addicted to them. It is high time I lent my opinion on issues like this.


Just a little advice for you all. Be soft on this. It can cause severe stomach/intestinal ulcer and end up perforating the intestine in high concentrations. They also cause upper gastrointestinal bleeding which can lead to death. Secondly the combination of all these have intense thinning effect on the blood which can predispose to haemorrhagic stroke. Thirdly, for those on some medications, for example vasoprin, ibuprofen e.t.c, it increases the side effects of some of these drugs. There are some drugs you should never take with each component of this concoction. High concentration & dose causes what is called cardiac arrythmias (irregular heart rhythms), palpitations and even heart attack. I had witnessed arrythmias before 30 mins after taking this concentration. What saved me that night was my medical knowledge. I had to take an antidote. Asides, if you are lucky not to experience all these symptoms, this concoction will not spare the kidneys. They end up poisoning, destroying and shutting down the kidneys. Most diagnosis of kidney failure are self induced by people who take different types of concoctions like this and similar dangerous slimming teas and erection aphrodisiacs. Finally, there are daily body requirements of each of the components which can be calculated per your bodyweight, so it is advisable that you should not go beyond daily requirements. And even if you will stick to the normal daily dose, never take them indefinitely or for a long time. Never take anything that do not have scientifically derived daily requirements. Please it is not every proposed medical theories on social media you should believe and apply. It could be good for few days but it could be more dangerous and life threatening if you follow these steps as proposed and if you take such for a long time. It is very inhuman and wicked of any non-medically certified individual to come to social media and give medical advice that have not been scientifically proved. And even after, they have been scientifically proved, you are not allowed to talk about the efficacy of such drugs or herbs without letting the public know all the adverse and life threatening effects they can experience with ingestion of such herbs and drugs. If you buy any drug in the pharmacy, you will notice leaflets inside the drug pack. What do you think the leaflets are for? They are to tell you the mode of actions of that drug with particular emphasis on the side effects of the drugs/herbs and specifically stating categories of people that should never take the drug (this is what contraindications on the leaflets mean). Sometimes you even see words like warning, not to be taken on empty tummy, not to be chewed, swallow whole, warning to pregnant women e.t.c). Any drug you buy without a corresponding well documented leaflet is most likely fake or illegal. Some of us even go as far as forcing children to take lots of similar poisons. And if something terrible happens, they start blaming the gods and casting back to the sender. They are casting themselves because they are the real senders. There are lots of vegetables and fruits out there that provide anti-oxidant roles in our bodies. Such legumes, fruits and vegetables also help boost immune system. They are safer and better than these POISONOUS COMBOS in our society. The percentage of medical illiterates in Africa is alarming. Please never be part of them. Get wisdom. Get true knowledge.

Should Christians Accept the Sallah Celebration Foods for the Sake of Love or Reject it? 

By: Evangelist Deji Popoola

Should Christians Accept the Sallah Celebration Foods for the Sake of Love or Reject it? 

People have been asking a series of questions like, is it okay for Christian to eat the Sallah celebration  Meat/food whenever our Muslim neighbor bring it to us just for the sake of Love? Some people see it as nothing wrong while some see it as wrong it. But I think is good for us to search the scripture and see what the bible is saying about it.

I have a lot of Muslims as a friend I can visit, and we can eat and drink together, there is nothing wrong in that. I can go to my Muslim friend house on January first to celebrate New year together, and there is nothing wrong, God has called everyone to live together in Love and peace. Moreover, Christianity is built on the foundation of Love. I can go to a Muslim house to eat and drink and there is nothing wrong in that. During the Birthday celebration, Marriage, promotion, retired, thanksgiving or Child dedication of Muslim friends or family, there is nothing wrong in joining them and celebrating with them because the bible said, rejoice with those that rejoice. When you show them, love, they will pay back with love, and even when you want to share the gospel with them, it will be easy. don’t be over righteous by avoiding them just because they don’t believe in what you believe, that is not Christianity. We can live together and share things together, and there is nothing wrong with it.

But when it comes to Celebration of Religion festival like Sallah, Christian must never participate with them because it is totally wrong and it is against the word of God.  You don’t accept their food offer in the name of “Sallah Celebration”.  You can’t bless it, because anything that stands against the word of God cannot be blessed, neither can you sprinkle the blood of Jesus on it. If the blood of Jesus can’t purify satan, neither will his food be purified either.

It is not the food they offer you the problem, but on the purpose in which the food was offered to you “Celebration of Sallah”, that is where the problem is.

Because you reject just this single offer doesn’t mean you hate them, you have to please God rather than Man. You must reject it but in an arrogant way, and don’t collect it just because you want to give it to a dog. They might see it and not be happy about it, and they will term it to hatred.

Also, I’ve heard many Christians saying they want to accept it so as not to hurt them, that is a lie, you can never hurt them by rejecting their religion celebration food, because If they knew you don’t believe in their religion, if you refuse to join them in it celebration, they will understand as well.

Christians don’t participate in Sallah celebration because it’s a slap on the face of God

We need to understand the word of God very well. God will never condemn you to hell because you eat with your Muslim brother or share things together in Love, After all, Christ too ate with the Pharisees too.

But the purpose of which the food was offered to you can get you in trouble.  Any Christian eating foods offers in the name of Sallah Celebration is a candidate of hell.

Let’s confirm it from the word of God

The word of God said in the book of Isiah66:3 “ He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog’s neck; he that offereth an oblation, as if he offered swine’s blood; he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.”

The Above scripture said it clearly, Offering another animal for sacrifice after the great sacrifice on the cross of Calvary is an abomination unto the Lord. Such sacrifice goes straight to the devil and not God because it’s like telling God to his face that, “My own will be done and not God’s will” because it’s the will of God that every man accept the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary for our redemption

Now, the bible also confirms this scripture in the book of 1Corinthians 10:20-21, “But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy?.”

Once you have started dining and celebrating this with them, then you are dining with the devil. Because the celebration simply means, ( God I reject your Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross ) and any other sacrifice anyone else makes in the name of religion or doctrine, then automatically it is a sacrifice to the devil. I know much other religion around the world also have a specific celebration they make. We as a Christian must never be a partaker of this else you will become the property of the devil. I know some white garment churches also do things like that, in which they call it a provision (“IPESE”) or burning incense before service,  praying with miss Paris perfume etc, all these are a sacrifice to the devil it can never be accepted by God except the word of God is a lie. God has given us only one and final sacrifice which is the Lord Jesus Christ. The reason why God once allowed these sacrifice in the time past among the Jews was to suppress their sin before presenting themselves before him the Lord. Even the high priest too will have to make a sacrifice offering for himself before the congregation because every man is a sinner, and this sacrifice doesn’t take away their sin but cover it. So all men have sinned including the child in the womb (Psalm 51:5) No one was qualified to enter heaven before the death of Christ.

in fact from the book of Genesis to the day Christ was crucified, only 3 people were recorded that goes to heaven, (Moses, Enoch, and Elijah), everyone who dies goes straight to the underworld which is the world of the dead which is also known as Hades. But the only difference here is that it was divided into two places which are Abraham Bosom (Paradise) and Hell. During this time, Paradise was never in heaven, it was in the world of the dead. Remember Jesus told the thief crucified by his side that today you will meet me in paradise, and we all knew the moment Jesus died he never goes to heaven, he went to Hades 3days and night to fight the battle and set the captives free for 3days. That was the reason why He told Mary Magdalene when he resurrected that “don’t touch me because I have not yet gone to my father ” so where was he during these 3 days? He was in Abraham Bosom to preach salvation and to set the captives free.

Abraham Bosom was under the control of satan before the death of Christ, in fact when Moses Died, and he wasn’t allowed to go there, the kingdom of darkness start fighting for his body because the word of God already said, all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. (Jude1:9).

But the moment Jesus resurrected on the 3rd day, All the saints also resurrected with him (Mathew27:52) since the time Jesus resurrected, Paradise has been transported to heaven and no longer in the world of the dead. When they said Jesus went to set the captive free, it doesn’t mean those who are already burning in hell, it means those who are in Abraham bosom which was then under the control of satan by that time because Christ has not yet collected the key of death and Hades by that time. That was the reason why the rich man could communicate with Lazarus.

,and that was the reason why The witch of Endor could use a demonic spell to summon the spirit of Samuel the saint.

But Now, any saint who dies now goes to heaven, no saint go to the world of the dead anymore, no saint can communicate with those in Hell again, No demonic power can be used to summon the spirit of any saint again, that was one of the reasons why satan has been so cruel against human and Christians, just because they now have access to go to heaven he never wanted them to go, Jesus gave this access.

Now The Muslims has denied themselves of this access that will guarantee them heaven, by refusing the sacrifice of Jesus which was to take away their sin and get them register for heaven. But they have decided to choose the sacrifice God has rejected and call abomination. They chose to cover their sin instead of washing it away with the blood of Jesus. So it doesn’t matter what you believe, any sacrifice make is to the devil. And you as a Christian must never dine with the devil.

But that doesn’t mean because you reject just this Sallah celebration food, you can’t dine with them again. Paul said in 1Cor10:25, if any of them that believe not bid you to a feast, and ye be disposed to go; whatsoever is set before you, eat, asking no question for conscience’s sake. There Celebration is Sunday and you go there on Monday, you can eat whatsoever they give to you since the celebration is over, but if they tell you that the food is from the one for the yesterday celebration, the bible says don’t eat it.

You don’t go to visit them in the day of their celebration, because you know they will serve you food, and if you reject it that is tempting God, never gives room to the devil

The Bible said follow peace with all men and holiness in which no man shall see God. Do not eat foods offers to the devil