By: Abigayle Mutua

Dear Minister.

As you’re coming into ministry, I welcome you on board. This is one of the most rewarding and non rewarding Work you’ll ever do. It’s not a job, it’s work.

There are two seasons that you must experience in this work. You’ll experience a dry season and a wet season. The dry seasons are times when character
is formed, while wet seasons are times of growth when gifts are given and developed.

Have you ever had a dry season? A season when God seemed silent? A season when you received no revelation? A season when your prayers appeared to go unanswered?
If you have walked the road of discipleship with Christ for very long at all, I am sure you already know what I mean when I talk about a dry season. If you are a Christian and have never experienced a dry season,you will at some point. Guaranteed!

A dry season is not much fun when you are going through it, but it is essential for strong spiritual growth.

Wet seasons are times of blessing, times of growth and expansion, offruitfulness and promotion. Dry seasons are seasons of pruning andpreparation in anticipation of the next wet season. Dry seasons are the times of the cross, and wet seasons are the times of resurrection life. In order to build a healthy, balanced Christian life we need both.

It is one thing to know that dry seasons will come but quite another to know what to do when they arrive. What do you do when God seems silent? How do you cope when your channel of revelation and words fromthe Lord seems to have dried up? Quite often when this happens you will be tempted to quit,to give up. That is the last thing you should do! A dry season is a time to press in to the Lord harder and farther and with more passion than before. In fact,that is one of God’s primary reasons for letting us go through periods of dryness: to make us thirstier for Him.

Pst. Enabor S. Emmanuel

I see many Christians destroying themselves in the effort to find a husband or a wife. If you are ready to find your life partner please read every thing.

They wear revealing clothes, hang around nightclubs and feel ashamed in church on Sunday. Pain and desperation are driving them to clumsily adopt the ways of the world in finding a life partner. It can only lead to heartache and disappointment. For most of my adult life I have been single. I know that you CAN be happy and single and that it is possible to joyfully WAIT . Marrying a non-Christian is not a godly option. I won’t be discussing that here as I have written a separate article on it. This article covers 14 principles for finding a godly Christian partner in this rather lonely world.

1. Work on making yourself the sort of person that a godly Christian would LIKE to marry. Be kind, reliable, courteous and attractive. Have your life disciplined and godly and in reasonably good order. Be full of love.

2. Have something interesting about you and work on it. You need to stand out from the crowd a little. Get interested in missions, help the poor, do something different that is still you.

3. Be godly yourself. Have a daily quiet time where you read the Bible and pray and start putting Scripture into practice in your life. Go to church regularly to worship God and switch off your “partner searching periscope” when you go there. In fact switch it off as often as you can. There is something very unattractive about people who are obviously looking for a partner. Godly people want a godly partner.

4. Make a success of your career. It will cultivate good qualities in you such as forward thinking, planning, diligence, and hard work and it will increase your self-esteem so that you don’t feel as devastated by being single. It will also increase your confidence and attractiveness. Godly Christians tend to like people who do their best. Jesus had an obvious soft spot for stewards who did their work diligently and well and makes them the heroes of many of his parables.

5. Make a list of the qualities you really want in a partner and bring this list to God in prayer. Make it quite specific. Use it as a “filter” to prevent you going out with people that are completely wrong. When you make the list remember the golden rule “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”. Would you want your future partner to be drawing up a list like yours? Would you have any chance of getting selected if they did? Is your list too unreal? Make sure that an “average person” – the sort you are likely to marry, is able to fulfill it.

6. Take their weaknesses seriously. If a person is a Christian but has a problem with drugs or alcohol or promiscuity then be very careful. If they are constantly in financial trouble or always quitting their jobs you may be marrying misery. Things like eating disorders, very low self-esteem, high levels of hostility, and the need to control people can wreak havoc in a marriage. If they are believers then God is working in their lives and there is hope but some believers are not yet ready for responsibility. Some may be “barely believers” and not really committed to long term change. I am not saying don’t marry them, I am saying think very, very long and hard before you do. Give them time to grow and to prove themselves before you tie the knot.

7.Marry someone you can pray with. Couples that pray together stay together and that’s a proven fact. The Christian marriages that fail (including mine) have one partner that avoids having daily devotionals together. Prayer really builds deep intimacy into a marriage.

8. Learn to recognize predators. There are quite a number of people who hang around churches to pick up a “Christian partner” and who can fake being a Christian with considerable skill. They generally have no intention of being godly and little intention of marriage. They are generally after unprotected sex with someone innocent and free of disease. Sorry to be that blunt in a Christian magazine but you need to know the truth. Predators are often betrayed by their lack of true feeling for Christian things and their lack of insight into Scripture. Greed, not tithing, and minor ethical breaches are other good clues. Listen to God’s promptings and your intuition. The Holy Spirit will scream “No” at you pretty early on. When God says “No” stop right then and there!

9. Move steadily and wisely towards commitment and put aside undue suspicion, hostility and distrust of the opposite gender. As a rough rule of thumb people end up living up to your projections of their behavior. If you distrust people and are sure they will not stay with you but are “just using you” then they will flee! No-one will stay in a relationship with a person who distrusts them. However if you treat your partner well and trust , love, and enjoy them and delight in who they are and expect good things of them then they will enjoy your love so much that they will not think of doing anything else except marrying you! Positive people tend to get positive results and negative people tend to get negative results – so deal with your fears.

10. Don’t be paranoid about members of the opposite sex. In conservative Christian circles there is almost an assumption that you only talk to members of the opposite sex that you are interested in marrying! That is so destructive! Build many ordinary good friendships and confuse your church thoroughly! It takes the pressure off any emerging relationships and also gives you a better understanding of women/men as the case may be.

11. Get good Christian counseling if you have had traumatic experiences that may be hindering your ability to relate to members of the opposite sex. I can recommend Theophostic Counseling and there is an article on it elsewhere in the magazine.

12. If you really like someone and they are a good Christian then go for it! I spent a lot of time thinking “so and so is too good for me” and holding back and thus losing out. Being strong and courageous has many advantages and seems to get God’s blessing.

13. Many good Christian marriages have developed when a friend introduces two people together and they click. While some friends playing Cupid with your life can be a pain if you have a few really good friends that you trust ask them to keep a lookout for you and to pray for the right person to come along.

14. Ask God’s blessing on your efforts and develop the ability to listen to Him. God has a long history of putting some first class romances together. Let Him order your days and they will be pleasant. He really does care!



“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.”—Matthew 24:4


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By: TOM excatholic4christ

Sixteen-months ago, pope Jorge “Francis” Bergoglio (photo right) issued his “Amoris Laetitia” (The Joy of Love) apostolic exhortation, which has been the source of increasing controversy and consternation within the Roman Catholic church. A couple of footnotes (#s 329 & 351) buried deep within the document appeared to allow priests to decide whether communion could be given to Catholics who were divorced and remarried on an individual, case-by-case basis. The view held by the church for centuries was that divorced remarrieds were living in an ongoing state of adultery and were barred from receiving communion. It was obvious that pragmatic Francis was surreptitiously altering centuries-old doctrine in an attempt to make the church more inviting to a membership whose sky-rocketing divorce rate mirrors that of secular society.

Conservative members of the church were appalled by the change to what was always considered to be infallible doctrine, leading four cardinals to petition Francis asking for clarification, but they received no reply. The same cardinals sent a second “dubia” (questions/doubts) letter and still there was no answer forthcoming from Francis.

Conservative cardinals, bishops, priests, and laity are in a quandary. They are convinced the current pope is promoting heresy but decline (at this point) in considering schism because Catholic doctrine claims a pope cannot lead the church into error and that all Catholics must remain loyal to him. So by breaking away from the church in defense of one “infallible” doctrine, they would be disobeying another.

Yesterday, news reports (see below) quoted a July 22nd address from U.S. cardinal, Raymond Burke (photo left), one of the four “dubia” cardinals, in which he stated that through “diabolical” means, “confusion and error…has…entered into the Church” via “shepherds who are no longer truly shepherding the faithful entrusted to them.” Carefully choosing his words, he warned against the “idolatry of the papacy,” implying that allowing communion to divorced remarrieds was merely Francis’ worldly opinion and not infallible dogma binding upon Catholics. He also suggested that the deviant teachings from this pope could be a sign of the end times. While Burke isn’t advocating schism (yet), he’s certainly raising the stakes with this address.

Most Catholics probably aren’t even aware of this ongoing controversy (most don’t even bother to attend church these days), but it’s a vital issue for evangelicals who often hear from Catholic apologists that the Roman Catholic church alone has apostolic authority and that its magisterium is infallible in all matters of faith and morals. But which magisterium? Cardinal Burke’s or pope Francis’? And if Francis is able to successfully implement this change to “infallible” doctrine (liberal bishops claim it’s already a done deal), then what is to become of the infallible doctrine of papal infallibility?

‘Confusion and error’ from Catholic leaders may be sign of end times: Cardinal Burke

Cardinal suggests Francis’ heretical papacy may be a sign of the “end times”


Published by: Lagos A to Z

If you are a politician, this is my advice: Be like Tinubu, “The Jagaban.”

1. Prof Yemi Osinbajo, SAN was Tinubu’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice. He is today, Nigeria’s Vice President.
2. Rauf Aregbesola was Tinubu’s Commissioner for Works. Today he is serving his second tenure as Governor of Osun State.
3. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN was Tinubu’s Chief of Staff and successor in office. He is today Nigeria’s Minister of Power, Works and Housing.
4. Alhaji Lai Mohammed was Tinubu’s first Chief of Staff. He is today, Nigeria’s Minister of Information.
5. Babatunde Fowler was appointed by Tinubu as Chairman of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service. Today, he is the Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service. At the National Assembly, there are countless “Tinubu boys” who have occupied and are still occupying seats till today.

Since 1999, the Tinubu camp has produced almost 98% of the members of the National Assembly from Lagos State. Forget politics, this man is a political enigma.Rewind to 1999, I am sure most of us have forgotten the names of the People who were
elected Governors then. Some of them have gone out of circulation. Some are gasping for breath politically. Indeed, most of them are no longer relevant today.

Who still remembers Mbadinuju of Anambra State, Jolly Nyame of Taraba, Mohammed Lawal of Kwara, Segun Osoba of Ogun, Attahiru Bafarawa of Sokoto, Achike Udenwa of Imo, Victor Attah of Akwa Ibom, Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia? That one has lost two
consecutive senatorial elections. But Tinubu has not only managed to remain extremely relevant, he has continued to control Lagos politics 100%. Not only that, he manages to carry his boys along and today they occupy critical positions in
our national life.

Take it or leave it, Tinubu is today, Nigeria’s most powerful politician. It didn’t just happen by chance. He worked very hard for it. Very very hard. The hallmark of a true leader is not just the
ability to rule well but also the ability to nurture and groom his associates. The JAGABAN!!!

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