Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem, Wouldst Thou Shut Up?

By: Charles AwuzieAwuzie – 

Oh Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem, Wouldst Thou Shut Up?

Anytime a person challenges the status quo, people will start questioning his motives. It’s historic.

Nehemiah burnt with passion to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem, his only motive was to rebuild a city that was in ruins. He fasted, wept and prayed to God which nobody witnessed. It was between him and God. Then he found the grace to pursue his passion.

Along the line, Sanballat and Tobiah teamed up with a stranger named Geshem from the Arabian world and attacked Nehemiah with the accusations of Rebellion and Plotting a coup de tat. In fact, they claimed that the allegations were already making headlines as it has already been “repprted”. (Nehemiah 6:6)

But Nehemiah had no such plans. He was only doing what they refused to do. Nehemiah was only willing to tread the path that they were scared to tread. So they hated his vision and plotted to destroy him. Alas, God was ahead of them. Nehemiah had advance knowledge of what transpired and he said to them “there are no such reports, your minds invented this” Nehemiah 6:8

In fact the Bible went further to expose the goal of Sanballat’s crew which was to weaken the hands of Nehemiah lest he finished the work he started. Verse 9.

I have read comments which claims that those of us who are fighting against mammon in other to reveal the true Christ have a hidden agenda. If you are one of those saying such, wouldst thou shut up oh Sanballat?

Like a pastor rightly said “Yes we have an agenda which is only to ENTHRONE JESUS…” and dethrone mammon. Any other agenda was invented by your own minds.

We have been accused of envy…. well, let me remind you, some of us are young, (Not so young not to know what is wrong) and we have seen righteous financial blessings and breakthroughs… We have nothing to envy in anybody of our age… Nothing. There’s nothing they have that God hasn’t also blessed us with. And guess what? We dare not envy those who are old enough to be our biological fathers or mothers. Wouldn’t that be crazy? 😂  When we get to their age, we will still count the blessings of the Lord in multiple folds. So this thing we are doing is not out of envy. Most of us, are young/middle aged and succeeding in the marketplace and ministry. Do your research well.

And for your claims of rebellion, we leave that to God who sees the hearts of men.

I will stop here to invite you to join us as we rebuild the foundations of our faith in a trying time like this. You and I know this truth. You know how mammon has been exalted above the finished work of Christ. You know how God’s people have been manipulated with false doctrines. If some among us offends you, don’t fight from outside. Join us and then correct us in love. Yes in love because that’s your language.

I persuade you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, please don’t fight LIGHT, it could blind you. There’s nothing you can do against the truth except for the truth.



By: Charles Uwazie

Very Disturbing Image…I wish this image was a lie but unfortunately, it is a reality – this generation is lost in the worship of mammon.

If you doubt this image, go to any (8 in 10) Pentecostal church around you, don’t listen to the sermon, just listen to the Testimonies and if you are filled with the spirit of truth, you will notice the subtle worship of mammon.

You will hear testimonies like “I was going through a difficult time and I sowed seeds (money) to the Senior Pastor and in less than 48 hours, I received a testimony. The power of the seed I sowed spoke for me. Thank you Jesus” Here’s a question – who was glorified in that testimony? Mammon – the filthy god of filthy wealth. The testifier has exalted the money they gave as the reason why they were favored. This idea is a contradiction to the truth of the finished work of Christ.

Mammon is more glorified during testimony sessions than any other session in our services. Just listen to the testimonies and see who or what is mentioned the most – my tithe spoke for me, my seed spoke for me, my daddy or mummy spoke to me, etc. There’s no mention of Jesus except when they want to summarize their testimonies. Money has become their god. From such, turn away.

In true churches where money is not worshipped, the brethren testify about how they penetrated villages, kingdoms and Islamic territories with the gospel of Grace. In true churches, the testimony is centered on Christ without mention of the name of the senior pastor nor seeds sown. In true churches, testimonies are used to encourage others and not to intimidate others.

But in these mammonCentric churches, it’s all about money and control.

God help your children to be focused on Jesus, not G.O and money.



By: Evangelist Theophilus Izobofolo

Folks! Disobedience to the Spiritual Laws of time (the bible), is the result of fake and idolatory religious activities, and unbelief in the church today. At the expense of our ignorance of whom Jesus is, we attach emotional and social feelings to the teachings of the Bible and expect quick miracles for a result, without abiding to the disciplines and principles that comes with the message of grace, truth and love.

Until we understand the principles and disciplines the life style of Jesus teaches, we can’t fufil destiny on earth and decide heaven abode. Every promise God made with us can only be fulfilled when we obey our side of the bargain.

No spiritual virtue works in isolation!

Every worked miracle or ‘faith-ed’ miracle was only made possible with a conscious and deliberate effort of discipline.

Salvation is the most simplest and easiest lifestyle, if only you are ready to sincerely learn the fundamental principles of the bible and allow it reflect in your actions and speaches.

Sacrifice time for principled and disciplined practices…it is the only way to win.

Folks? Our presentations suggest our state of mind. The way we look, speak and act, depict how we think. If we are empty, we will produce emptiness.

To be a man of war, faith, praise, discipline, principle, wisdom and other good vitures; first learn to know the truth about Jesus and then, use the truth to exhibit complete strength to fufill the five life mandate God gave to us: be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and have dominion over your life. Genesis 1:28

Get motivated


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By: Charles Awuzie

If we have to continuously teach the church how to give, then we haven’t taught them enough of what they were given.

When a christian learns of the great sacrifice of Calvary, they will CHEERFULLY give everything they have to the propagation of the same Truth which set them free.

It is not fair to take anybody’s money when we haven’t told them the truth of the gospel.

Why we emphasize Prophetic Seeds is because we don’t understand the simplicity of GIVING. Sowing and GIVING are different.

How to be a cheerful giver

We don’t sow, we give.

If those of the OLD testament Sowed, good for them…..we are a new breed..Christ is our seed….He was sown into the earth that through Him we might harvest ALL things.

So now, we do not repeat sowing of seeds – we simply give and we do so CHEERFULLY.

Nobody sows cheerfully…Nobody….the Old testament even said “those who sow in tears…” meaning that those who sowed did so in tears….That’s why our prophets of today who still operate in the Old covenant will ask you to give something that will cause you pain….That’s not the gospel….

Raise cheerful givers

We give cheerfully…God loves a cheerful giver…that’s a side of God the Old testament doesn’t know – the God who LOVES (pleased and happy with) a cheerful giver (not a sorrowful giver).

Dear friends, let’s try and look at the new covenant model of giving instead of fighting to protect a false legacy built on false doctrines due to our days of ignorance.

Now that the light has come, shall we continue to walk in darkness just because our ancestors in the ministry did so?

Let our conscience judge the truth…



By: Apostle Charles Uwazie

The rumor everywhere is that Charles Awuzie is opening a ‘church’ in Cape Town. Yes… You heard it well.

Necessity is laid on me to establish an apostolic Christocentric Church in Cape Town, South Africa; to nurture the beloved of the Lord unto maturity through the teaching of the finished work of Christ.

We are starting this Sunday with 3 believers only. If you are a member of a church where the true gospel is preached, PLEASE DON’T COME.

We are not here to recycle members. We are here to nurture, mature and release radical Christocentric Apostles.

It will not be your typical church… We will NOT take tithes. We will not demand offerings. Our needs will be met by freewill donations of saints.

In the church, I will be called Brother Charles. Nobody will be addressed by any special titles except the Elders. There shall be no special seat for any pastor. Nobody will wait in an office until it is time for them to minister/show off. Nobody will be treated in a super special way above anybody. Everyone shall be equal in love and unity. It will be a family.

Our desire is to mirror the 1st Apostolic Church which were held in homes. Our church shall also be held in homes. We will spread across South Africa -holding fellowships in homes in every city.

If you are in any city and want your home to host this new movement, don’t fail to inbox me.

We will gather to pray, study and rejoice before the Lord for the gift of eternal salvation. Every sermon will have question and answer session.

Please pray for us as we undertake this assignment.