Types of cultism in Nigerian Universities – Why are cults so popular among the youths nowadays? What are the main types of cultism in Nigeria and what symbols do they have? Let’s look through the essence of each of them!
What is cultism?

It is possible that lot of people don’t even know that there is a list of cults in Nigeria, which usually thrive at universities and even outside of campus. The main reasons of why some people become members of such movements are the lust for the power, riches, and prestigious status in the society.
Cultists according to the Oxford Dictionary, cultism can be described as a religious or social group whose beliefs are secret, individualistic, and esoteric. Actually, cultism involves carrying out some ritualistic practices. Usually, cultists share some common objectives and ideas. So, they are unknown to the society and also, some cult leaders’ true intentions are unknown even to the members of the particular cult. So, let’s summarize the main characteristics of cultism:
1) it is a spiritual or religious practice;
2) it is a secret practice;
3) it is practiced by a group of individuals;
4) its policies are unknown to the general public;
5) it has an impact on the lives of the individuals;
6) it’s people have a common value.
Cultism in Nigeria:

The first cultism movement in Nigeria was called “Pyrates”. It was founded in 1952 by Nobel Prize winning author Wole Soyinka and his friends. Later they were called “Sea Dogs”. After some time, another kind of community was created. These are what we know today as “secret cults”.
Types of cultism in Nigeria and their symbols.

So, let’s look through the main types of cultism in Nigeria and their symbols. Some Nigerian confraternities do not hide their symbols, while others keep them in secret and only members of that cult know what they are.
(1) Pyrate Confraternity “The National Associations of Sea Dogs”: Pyrate Confraternity
As we have already mentioned, it is controversially the first “secret cult” in the Nigerian University System. Its two main symbols are a skull, two cross-bones and an anchor. The cult’s purposes are: “against expiring convention, tribalism, for humanistic ideas and partnership and knighthood.”But their hay days soon ended when the Buccaneers branched out from them.

(2) Buccaneers Confraternity “The National Associations of Sea Lords”: Buccaneers was
established by the Bolaji Carew, the Buccaneers came to be very mighty and become the major rival to their mother “Pyrate Confraternity” (because they were splintered from them). In 1972, Bolaji Crew and some others were expelled from the Pyrates. A major impetus for the creation of the new confraternities was the fact that members of the new groups simply did not meet the high academic and intellectual standards set by the Seadogs, and thus considered the original organization to be elitist. Carew was the founder of the Buccaneers Confraternity or as it also called the National Associations of Sea Lords. Now you may understand why their symbols and ceremonies are so alike to the Seadogs’.

(3) Black Axe: (Black Axe)
The next confraternity in Nigeria we are going to discuss today is Black Axe. Actually, this cultism community was created by neo-black students. Their major goal was the growth of a strong body to confront those black students who suppress them. The symbol of this movement is the axe. Here are some rules of this group:
– not to betray;
– not to forgive;
– not to condemn, otherwise, you have to pay for it.

(4) Aro-Mates: The next type of cultism is called the “Aro-Mates”. It was established by three students that were once a part of the Pyrate’s Community. This cult is also called the Vikings cult. Their motto and rules are the following: not to retreat even before the death and “blood in the sea”, and to sing piracy songs.
Their symbol also contains an axe, to be more precise, two crossed axes and a boat.
Aro-Mates and their symbols.

(5) Supreme Eiye Confraternity or Air Lords: The next one is called “Air Lords”, or “Supreme Eiye Confraternity”. It was founded by students who aspired for self-development and were dismissive to other types of cultism. Their main opinion became: “there are no enemies, and there are no friends, just a confraternity, and discipline”. The symbol of this movement is the skull and crossbones.

6) Dedy Na debt: This particular cult called “Dedy Na debt”, involves the worship of the demon in an image of a mad person. They believe that their deal puts them above all the other types of cultism. All the members faithfully perform an oath.

(7) Ciao-Sons or mafia based cultism: As for the Ciao-Sons ideology, its roots originated from the virtue of Italian and American mafia. Affiliated to its activity, the members invented the following rules: parties, secrets, and revenge against oppression.

(8) Women’s communities or female cultism: communities, such as “Viqueens”, “Black Bra”, “the Damselalso”, and “Daughters of Jezebel” were also founded by students. By the way, their ideology is grounded on already existing men’s brotherhoods. Usually, they were just girlfriends or colleagues of members of the “secret cults”.
Female cultism includes representatives of the female gender, who come together to reach their sacred goals or for other special objectives. They often meet in forests or other remote locations, make circles, sing songs and read out some spells and invocations.
As for the female cultism in Nigeria, it should be mentioned that a large number of people have affirmed that they are a part of such female gatherings and their participation in their activities.

(9) Kegite club: The next one is “Kegite club”. It is one of the few movements which are still thriving nowadays. In comparison to other, more invasive groups, they don’t follow the principles of the wealth, power, popularity, and revenge. This one is more of a sociocultural movement, which believes that there should be no diversity. Members of this organization are very tolerant. They believe that all ethnic groups are equal, and their major rule is to stay true to themselves. The symbol of this movement is close to nature and it is a green palm.
In general, the cult promotes a number of actions, which propagandize the regeneration of the mind, soul, and body after the tedious day. Also, their ideology has no negative consequences (such as the unreliability, fear, loss of important vital values or deterioration), as many other groups have. They aim for the improvement of individual qualities.

(10) Supreme Vikings Confraternity: De Norsemen Club of Nigeria. The community “Supreme Vikings Confraternity” is also known as “The Adventures” or “the De Norsemen Club of Nigeria”. It was established by a former participant of the Buccaneer confraternity. The symbol of this movement is known as SVC.
Well, as you can see, there are different types of cultism in Nigeria, and all of them have their own objectives and goals. Most of them were originated from universities and they each have their own unique way of self expression. We have shown you a list of the main cultism communities in Nigeria and their symbols. As you may guess there are many others in the country and their number continues to grow annually.



By: Izobofolo’s Blog


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By: Samson Senator-odion


Four underage girls, whose ages range between 10 and 13, were among the 13 suspected cultists arrested by the police in Ogun State early this week. According to reports, other male members of the suspected group were in their early teens, and their leader slightly older. He is 19 years of age.

All the suspects were, at time of their arrests, residents of Mosunmore Village near Kobape in Abeokuta, the state capital.
Stunned by the worrisome development, the Baale of the community was said to have alerted the police, sequel to the alarm raised by one of the suspected girl’s mother.

True to the allegation, detectives attached to Owode-Egba Police Divisional Headquarters, led by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Shehu Alao, swung into action and succeeded in smoking them out of their camp during initiation of another set of girls.

Speaking on the ugly incident, the state Police Commissioner, CP Ahmed Iliyasu, disclosed to Crimepuzzle that on Monday, August 28, 2017, at about 6:30 pm, a woman raised alarm to the Baale of Mosunmore Village near Kobape, here in Abeokuta, to the effect that her daughter went out late a day previous.

“Apparently disturbed by the said outing, the woman pestered her daughter who later confessed that she was initiated into a cult group, a development the woman found difficult to conceal to herself and alerted the community head who, in turn called in my men.

“Consequently, officers of Owode-Egba Division stormed the area and successfully apprehended the 13 youngsters in the process of initiating yet another set of under-aged girls”, CP Iliyasu said.
The girls, all primary six school leavers, confessed to being lured into the group by the boys.

Leader of the group known as “Penalty Guys”, 19-year-old Tunde Adio, narrated to Crimepuzzle how he was initiated by one Tosin, and also a resident of the community in January, 2017, adding that they came about their own group’s name during the last Easter celebration when his third-in-command, 13-year-old Adewale Raphael’s church was organizing a picnic.

According to Adio, “we decided to do customized vests, with the the inscription “Penalty Guys”. This was what attracted the girls and agreed to be initiated”. Adio’s second-in-command, Silas Sunday, 15, was also arrested during the police raid.

Meanwhile, CP Iliyasu has ordered that the suspects be transferred to the Anti-Kidnapping and Cultism Unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) for further investigation and prosecution of the suspects.


By: James o. James

There are so many religion here on earth – known and unknown, with different belief. A lot of them believe in war, ritualism, sacrifices etc.
The biggest problem on earth currently is religion, some people have killed in quest of protecting their religion

Some religion believe that extra marital affairs is normal, some believe that sex outside marriage is not wrong, some believe that their sins can be wash with water thus they wash before they pray.

few months back i saw a religious man who just finished fasting and started smoking the next minute, to him it’s normal to smoke even after fasting because their religion approves it.

some people have killed themselves and others because they were told they will be given seventy clean virgins in heaven should they die as religious bombers…religion is a yoke. Some religion believe in charms, hence they can fight their neighbours back with charms if they so desire…Religion is a yoke

But is christianity a religion? Sounds like one, am sorry to disappoint you that christianity is a lifestyle and that lifestyle is the life of Christ. when unbelievers saw the lifestyle of Christ in His followers, they called them christians.

You are either a christian or a religious person. Anyone who doesn’t live like Christ is a religious person. The life of Jesus forbids pre-marital or extra marital sex but religion accepts it. The life of Jesus forbids ritualism but religion accepts it. The life of Jesus forbids ocultism but religion accepts it.

Sin is spiritual hence can only be washed by the blood of Jesus and not by water. Furthermore, anyone who commit suicide either for religious reasons or whatever reason will never enter the kingdom of God

Therefore, If you don’t have the life of Jesus, you are a religious person and your soul is in spiritual chains and only Christ can set you free now, therefore if you can ask Christ to come into your life the yoke of religion will be broken now


By: Pastor Theophilus Izobofolo

Bible text: Matthew 24 -12 NKJV

And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold”

Just as the satanic saying goes; “if your pastor does not prophesy or see visions for you, he is fake.” that’s the mindset the devil used to pollute ignorant and uninformed church members in this last days. No wonder a so called christian can attend 20 different churches to seek for either:

  1. Prophecy and mountain remover church
  2. Vision and revelation church
  3. Die by fire church
  4. Operation flog your enemy to death church
  5. Deliverance Church
  6. Miracle, signs and wonders church etc.

Jeremiah 3:15 says: And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. 

The question is; why don’t we seek for men of God with knowledge and understanding? It is because most of us don’t have patient for wisdom or hear from God directly.  Folks! Let us stop confusing ourselves, very soon most of us who practice this act will end up in native doctor’s shrine, all in the name of seeking for miracles, deliverance and prophecies.

Because of the fetish desires of men, most men of God have compromised their faith and calling to suite the selfish and carnal desires of men…not according to God.  The church which suppose to be a solution centre, have become deception centre where fake prophecies and visions are used to defraud members who are likened to the five foolish virgins in the church…signs of the end time.

The problem of the end time church is spiritual laziness and impatience. Most men of God are after money and are lazy to pray, and their members are not ready to pray too; they are impatient and not willing to pay the price of spiritual sanctity and holiness that connects us to God; No wonder “pray for me syndrome” is eating deep into churches. The few genuine men of God with the light and understanding are either over worked by members and/or oppressed politically and spiritually by man and satanic kingdom.

Folks! No prophecy is higher and greater than the word of God, it is a sure source of prophesy that will never be broken, changed, victimised or subdued. Any genuine Christian with the prophesy of the word can never be a church prostitute. If you can’t prophesy by revelation of the Holy Spirit, then connect with the Holy spirit to prophesy by the revelation of the word.

Kindly ask yourself this question; how many times do you read the bible? No or poor answer. If the so called men of God don’t have a concrete knowledge of the bible, how can you the member read the bible when your prophet only seek human and demonic powers to prophesy prosperity and miracles to you…signs of the end TIME.

A lot of ignorant church members have made covenant with the devil because of miracle and prophesy (seeking to know their past, present and future). Most of them have ignorantly sacrificed unborn children to the altar of occultism, for the quest of prophecy, vision and fetish revelation

Folks! Hear this; if you don’t know the source of your prophet, pastor or apostle’s prophecy, you may end up with perverted Destiny. If You don’t care about the source, you will end up a source when sacrificed.

A lot of marriages have been broken due to fake prophecies, a lot of businesses have been shut down as a result of consulting witch doctors with a church sign post. Have you ever thought of what happened to all the custodians of deities, witch, native doctors, traditional seers etc. For you information; not all got born again, more than 75% of them rebranded and repackaged in church forms.

Folks! Who you follow determines who you are and what you will be. If you don’t pray and read the bible personally to understand the promises of God concerning you, very soon you may end up a witch doctor too…signs of the end time.

2 Timothy 2:15 says: study to show they self approve unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly diving the word of truth.  

My beloved, There is no prophecy higher than the revelation of the Bible and there is no miracle greater than the salvation of the soul. Hence, if you have not experienced the power of the word (Bible) that brings salvation, Just repeat this declaration wholeheartedly and in faith; “Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I believe you died for me and was buried, and raised to glory on the 3rd day – from now henceforth I repent of my sins and change from my old ways – by your blood, am saved, justified and born again – From today I acknowledge you as my Lord and personal Saviour.

If you made this declaration; congratulations! you are free. We employ you to identify with a Bible believing church close to you and start a new relationship with God.

We pray that as you begin to study the word, the Lord will baptize you with the 7 fold Spirit of God, in Jesus name, Amen. (Isaiah 11:2-3)

For further counseling contact us on Theophilusizobofolo@gmail.com or call us on 07068056521