BREADTH of MIND (Patience – decision making) Part 9 


By: Gift Tatanda Tarupiwa – 

As i took time to study how things go about in this life, I made an observation that it is very impossible for one to act with patience when required to, without having a good understanding of time.

During mankind’s period of existence, there will always arise situations and circumstances that will be handled better when one is patient in their decision making.

One thing that makes the ability to make good decisions a golden virtue is the effect of every single decision made in the present on one’s future.

Before you can decide on the best thing to do, always pause to check whether that action will still be significant and relevant in the time to come.

Many people live to regret great opportunities and privileges they would’ve come across in their life’s journey due to their shallow mindedness that deprives them of an understanding of time’s role in the evaluation of every decision.

On the quest for always approaching situational instances with considerable patience, you may have to ignore what the present is presenting to you and keep an eye on the big picture that tomorrow holds.

If you would ask every person who emerged to be great, they will tell you how patience was a contributory virtue during their self development process.

Let the widening of the breadth of mind be your devout pursuit… this point you will attain a great understanding of time in relation to decision making thus inheriting a patient attitude towards the handling of life circumstances.



By. Izobofolo’s blog

The youth, the elder and the aged are seasons of life that are irreversible!!! Inevitably programmed as fixed as heaven and hell, you cannot bribe or wish it away!

Laughter, actions and dreams are the few characteristics of youth aged; hesitancy, thoughtfulness, organization, handwork and decision-making are the hallmarks of the middle-aged; and indecision, caution, philosophizing and quietness are the betrayal signs of the old aged.

Old age regrets; “gone are the unrealized dreams, the laughter and impetuosity – they have given ways to indecision because of irredeemable mistakes of the past! The dreams are now shadows of the forgotten past, and the aged looks forward to a gloomy future! Phrases like; hopeless generation, useless and clueless generations are often heard from their dry lips.”

The aged don’t talk but groan as they watch the youth and middle-aged about to make the same stupid mistakes of the past, and realize with shock that nothing can be done to stop them!!

Alas! The vicious circle continues and everyone realizes the fact that life is a circle of life and death and they are inevitable!!

The good news is that Jesus broke the circle and made a way that the circle of life and death becomes a circle of life and life abundant!!! No matter your conditions, look up to God for redirection, comfort and life abundance.

If you care to know more about how Jesus broked the human life circle, ask me on; or or 07068056521

God bless you.