Signs Of A Lingering Soul Tie

By Izobofolo’s Blog


Someone whose voice you hear in your head many years after you had sex with them.

Obsessive daytime or nighttime thoughts about someone.

Dreaming or waking up thinking about your former sex partner at regular basis.

Dreaming having sex with the person.

The inability to forget the sexual experience even now that you are born again. You still remember the details.

Confession of faith does not overrule history. If you are bound you need to pray for God to deliver you.

Haven’t you seen anointed brothers who preach and prophesy powerfully but they cannot control their sexual appetite. They even cry and confess after the act, they fast and go back to the same sin.

It’s good to be a good student of history and prophecy. When you want finish a tree don’t trim it uproot it by its roots.

Do you come from a polygamous family? Break the generational curse, do you come from a broken home do the same.

Ignorance is no defense. Joshua pronounced a curse upon Jericho, but sometimes later a man called Haiel who didn’t know what Joshua had said decided to rebuild the cities of Jericho and he paid the price by loosing two of his sons. He didn’t know history and he paid for it ignorantly. God had to raise Prophet Elisha to santify Jericho.

Joshua 6:26 and I kings 16:34

If you find yourself struggling with the same issues including sexual issues like your forefathers ask God to deliver you, it’s a bondage.

SIGNS OF A LINGERING SOUL TIE –  i pray for you that what finished your forefathers will not finish you in Jesus Name.

Soul ties should be broken because they represent unholy Union preventing the soul from enjoying the freedom that Jesus gave us.

They cause you to feel emotionally empty.

God will restore us. Flee away (don’t run) from sexual immorality. Don’t abuse God’s grace. Repentance means total change. When David sinned during repentance he told God, take away this heart and give me a new one. In other terms I turn away completely from sin.

You might say God will always be there to forgive my question is one, will you always be here? Time is in the hands of God. Hell is real, don’t allow a few minutes of pleasure cost you for eternity.

Bondage is not what binds you its what you are not willing to release to be free.

1.Acknowledge that you sinned

2.confess the sin and repent

3.break the soul tie

e. g, Lord Jesus I am sorry for fornicatting with Mark, I repent my sins

By the power of the blood of Jesus I break every unholy tie that exists between mark and I. I release my soul from his soul.

I reject any effect of our union that continues to bind us together. I forgive Mark in Jesus Name, Mark you are free from me

Any demonic spirits that were transferred to me during intercourse I reject you now, come out of me in Jesus Name. You will not have any effect in my future marriage

I shut any doorway of demonic access opened in my life by the ungodly soul tie or any other sort of sexual sin. Jesus I ask you to seal the doorways by your precious blood.

Lord I now stand single in the spiritual realm, bless me with a partner that I may enjoy marriage. Help me to stay Holy for the sake of my eternity in Jesus Name

Sexual sins are many, lesbianism, bestiality, pornography, homosexuality, phone sex, Sex texting and all ungodly sexual practices, but if you have ever had a sexual activity with God’s servant you need total repentance. That’s the equivalent of getting into God’s supermarket and stealing a litter of oil. It doesn’t matter who was at fault, FLEE SEXUAL SIN, IT’S DEADLY

How can a young man stay pure

Psalm 119:11, your word have I hidden in my heart that I may not sin against you

Killing the flesh by feeding the spiritual man, fasting is key

Avoiding spiritual window shopping when looking for a spouse

1corinthians 6:18-20,Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body or do you not know that your is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you………

Proverbs 6:32, whoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding, he who does so destroys his own SOUL

1corinthians 6:9-10….. Do not be deceived, neither fornicators, nor idolaters nor adulterers nor homosexuals nor sodomies…… Will inherent the Kingdom of God

I want us to conclude the topic on soul ties so that we move on to courtship.

I believe you took time to free yourself in the spirit. Prayer is very key to a believer

Those of you who got children out of wedlock, you need to do restitution (if you are a man), forgive even the unforgivable, break the soul ties and move on in a Godly way

God is holy and he has a standard, don’t allow the world to give you their standard

What God hates, we hate it too. guard your heart zealously for out of it flows the issues of life

After breaking a soul tie go ahead and renounce every vow that you made.

Like I have heard sisters saying “oh I will never find another man like him”

“If it’s not her I would rather be single. “who bewitched you Saints?

Proverbs 21:23,whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his SOUL from trouble

Final stage is destroying the gifts that act as a point of contact in the realm.

You are born again now, why are still keeping innerwares, cards etc etc that you got from Egypt. Becoming a new creature simply means becoming new, show us the fruits of your change

Now rededicate yourself body and soul to the LORD. e. g Lord Jesus receive me again, I belong to you, my whole being belongs to you. I need your grace not to sin in this manner again

Galatians 5:1 stand fast therfore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with a YOKE OF BONDAGE

Titus 2:11,for the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men teaching us to say NO TO ALL AND WORDLY LUSTS….


How The Bible Demonized Women In Their Period

By: Charles Awuzie

How The Bible Demonized Women In Their Period

Let’s read Leviticus 15:19-24 “Whenever a woman has her menstrual period, she will be ceremonially unclean for seven days. Anyone who touches her during that time will be unclean until evening. 20 Anything on which the woman lies or sits during the time of her period will be unclean. 21 If any of you touch her bed, you must wash your clothes and bathe yourself in water, and you will remain unclean until evening. 22 If you touch any object she has sat on, you must wash your clothes and bathe yourself in water, and you will remain unclean until evening. 23 This includes her bed or any other object she has sat on; you will be unclean until evening if you touch it. 24 If a man has sexual intercourse with her and her blood touches him, her menstrual impurity will be transmitted to him. He will remain unclean for seven days, and any bed on which he lies will be unclean”.

Chaiiiiii…This is heartbreaking!

Someone asked me why more women are joining the apostolic reformation and rebelling against religion and I said “that’s because women have woken up to the realization that religion was a gender weapon to weaken the power of the woman…” Let me shock you… Nothing is more powerful than a non religious woman – she goes for what she desires without guilt or shame. The weakest of all humans is also the woman who succumbed to religion.

I heard a certain Nigerian female pastor support tithes and I laughed at her ignorance. The same Jewish old testament that established tithing also established misogyny – strong contempt, prejudice or dislike against women. So if she’s truly a follower of the old testament, she should consider herself unclean when she menstruates. Listen, the law was faulty. The law was wrong. The law doesn’t represent God’s love. So the law which is the foundation of religion is not God’s will for us. Hence Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ. Forget about the laws and focus on the finished work of Christ.

Guys, if you keep all the laws but touch what a menstruating woman touched, you are an offender. That’s what the Bible says. Oh yes.

What’s my point? Women should embrace grace because the law and its religion is against them – both in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Every religious law is against the woman.

Any woman who teaches or supports any religious law is either ignorant or a hypocrite.

I wanna see hashtags like #WomenForGrace #NonReligiousSlayQueen or #GracedLady trend among our sisters.

I hate religion because it hates women.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I stand for freedom from religion.


6 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Entrepreneur

By: Kimanzi Constable

6 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Entrepreneur

Success in entrepreneurship is not an end destination. It’s a daily battle to be your best version of yourself even as you put out information, services and products that help your customers’ lives. It’s a constant work in progress that requires consistent effort. The “laptop lifestyle” version of entrepreneurship exists only in misleading Facebook ads.

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Running a successful business means planning for the future. You should have monthly and yearly goals. But, to be successful with those goals requires their daily implementation. Here are six things you can do every day to become a better entrepreneur and one who accomplish all of your biggest goals.

1. Plan each day the night before.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: duh. You know that it’s important to plan the night before, yet, many who will read this DON’T. You wake up and “wing it” all day hoping to be productive –and that’s a terrible strategy. To make the most of each day, you need a solid plan.

This plan includes knowing what’s important and what’s a wish. There are things that have to get done and things that can wait. We tend to want to do the easier tasks, but that may be hurting your business. Spend some time each night getting honest about where your focus needs to be.

2. Wake up a little earlier.

What time you wake up is a personal choice, but you should wake up early enough to have some you time. There should be some quiet time each morning to reflect, refresh and get re-energized. You can spend this time meditating, praying and engaging in some physical exercise. Getting your blood pumping and clearing your mind are elements of a formula many successful entrepreneurs use daily.

3. Start your day with positivity.

As you wake up earlier, have a plan for what you will feed your mind with. I’m not going to tell you to avoid email and social media. I am going to tell you to feed your mind with inspirational and motivation content. The specific media isn’t important: podcasts, videos, books, magazines, etc. What is important is to not let negativity ruin your day before it’s even started.

6 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Entrepreneur

4. Don’t give your time away.

One of the best ways to ruin a productive day is to give into distractions. Distractions come from people and situations that want your time. When you veer away from your plan in order to deal with someone else’s urgent problem, you give up control. Becoming a better entrepreneur starts with planning and sticking to that plan. It also involves having the strength to say no. It stings to hurt people’s feelings, but this is your life and business. So, do what’s right for you.

5. Work on one project at a time.

The myth of multi-tasking as a valid strategy has been around as long as entrepreneurship has, but science has proven it’s not effective.. Instead stick to your plan for the day and take each task one at a time. Give your full attention and energy to making what you’re working on the best it can be. You’re not striving for perfection, but you are striving for excellence.

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6. Respect your work-life boundaries.

As entrepreneurs, we are all about pushing hard to hits our goals, but that’s a surefire way to burn out. Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have clear boundaries. You decide ahead of time when you’ll stop “work” and focus on your personal life. You decide not to take business call all hours of the day and night.

There are more than six things to put on this list, of course, but these are a good start. It takes a lot out of you to be a good entrepreneur. It takes focusing on what’s right for you and your customers. It takes putting in the not-so-exciting daily work that leads to success.

Overall, the main goal of entrepreneurship is to create freedom in your life and make an impact in the lives of those whom your business serves. To do that, you need a plan, focus and constant growth both personally and in your business. Set yourself up for success each day, and strive to get better. These are the 6 Things You Can Do To Become A Better Entrepreneur

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BREADTH of MIND (Limitations to Effectiveness)

By: Gift Tarupiwa

BREADTH of MIND (Limitations to Effectiveness)

As i was in the quest for refreshing my mind, taking a walk around my neighbourhood this other day, I bumped into the sight of some hen that was encircled by it’s newly hatched chicks which were closely following their mother who in a desperate pursuit for food was concurrently scratching and poking the ground picking up some unidentifiable things from it.

Whilst I was taking a concentrative heed to this course of action, i lost my attention to a genus of birds that was snorting as it made it’s way up above the sky over where i was standing.

Immediately after they came out of the reach of my sight, I took my eyes back to the hen and as i was just mulling over the phenomenal art exhibited in the nature of these creatures, my imagination brought me to an eye opening and mind enlightening discovery that made me realise how irregardless of whatever ability and potential one may posses, there are certain factors that will emerge to be limitations to their effectiveness.

It was quite stupefying to notice that in as much as chickens are in the same vertebrate group with their flying birds’ counterparts, they are restricted to only get food from the ground yet having some wings that could accord them an opportunity to freely roam around getting food from unlimited sources just like what the flying birds do.

As i got to wonder why their ability and indisputable potential to fly is not in the best interest of their flexibility, I realised that it is the ratio of their body weight  that is not proportionate to their wing size hence making it difficult for them to fly.

After i had linked this discovery to the mankind fraternity, i then came to revelational radiance of how despite our possession of equal body functions that help us implement our contemplations, there are factors that add excessive weight to our intellectual flexibility thus governing and diversifying our effectiveness….

BREADTH of MIND (Limitations to Effectiveness)

Breadth of Mind (The What If Question)


By: Clement Ntukogu


Almost 98% of the preachers today and their followers are serving the “GOD OF MAMMON” known as the “GOD OF PROSPERITY”. In Matthew 6:24, Christ identified this “God of  Mammon”, He said;

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon”.

At his early ministry, Christ met directly with this “God of Mammon”, who presented the following offer to Him: “All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me” – Matthew 4:9.

Unfortunately, today so many preachers and their followers have chosen to serve the “God of Mammon”. All prosperity and breakthrough preachers are servants of this “god of Mammon”. In Matthew 7:16, Christ said, “Ye shall know them by their fruits”. They present to people the same offer presented by their master to Christ, that is, “prosperity and breakthrough” free of charge (Matthew 4:9).

In a sermon, they no longer preach repentance and salvation, they no longer tell people what they need do to have eternal life (Matthew 19:16), rather their messages are centered on “financial breakthrough”, “miracle money” “miracle cars”, “miracle houses” and so on!

These are some of their prophecies to people:-

“In the name of Jesus I decree and declare upon your life an outpouring of financial blessing, no more hardship!”

“Your FINANCIAL is about to increase!!” Somebody should type: “Increase in Jesus name!”

“Within 11 days, God will open your delayed money doors!”

“I prophesy that  your effort will no longer be wasted..! ”

“Be ready for your miracles and testimonies!”

……….If you believe, “like” “Type Amen” and “Share”……

Of course, this is not the gospel that Jesus Christ and His apostles taught the people. These preachers have watered-down the word of God in order to attract great crowd, this is in fulfillment of 2 Timothy 4:3-4 that says,

“For the time will come when they will not endure the sound doctrine; but, having itching ears, will heap to themselves teachers after their own lusts; and will turn away their ears from the truth, and turn aside unto fables”.

Today, the gospel of Christ has been so much abridged that messages from the pulpits no longer convince church members of their sins, rather people from all walks of life therefore flock to the churches in great numbers. They hear what they want to hear, so why should they be sober and fear God?

Are you serving the God of Mammon? Which is the God of prosperity. Why not tell yourself the truth? Let me tell you the truth, 98% of the preachers today are serving this “God of Mammon”, it’s only 2% that are still serving the “God of the Bible”.