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If you are a politician, this is my advice: Be like Tinubu, “The Jagaban.”

1. Prof Yemi Osinbajo, SAN was Tinubu’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice. He is today, Nigeria’s Vice President.
2. Rauf Aregbesola was Tinubu’s Commissioner for Works. Today he is serving his second tenure as Governor of Osun State.
3. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN was Tinubu’s Chief of Staff and successor in office. He is today Nigeria’s Minister of Power, Works and Housing.
4. Alhaji Lai Mohammed was Tinubu’s first Chief of Staff. He is today, Nigeria’s Minister of Information.
5. Babatunde Fowler was appointed by Tinubu as Chairman of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service. Today, he is the Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service. At the National Assembly, there are countless “Tinubu boys” who have occupied and are still occupying seats till today.

Since 1999, the Tinubu camp has produced almost 98% of the members of the National Assembly from Lagos State. Forget politics, this man is a political enigma.Rewind to 1999, I am sure most of us have forgotten the names of the People who were
elected Governors then. Some of them have gone out of circulation. Some are gasping for breath politically. Indeed, most of them are no longer relevant today.

Who still remembers Mbadinuju of Anambra State, Jolly Nyame of Taraba, Mohammed Lawal of Kwara, Segun Osoba of Ogun, Attahiru Bafarawa of Sokoto, Achike Udenwa of Imo, Victor Attah of Akwa Ibom, Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia? That one has lost two
consecutive senatorial elections. But Tinubu has not only managed to remain extremely relevant, he has continued to control Lagos politics 100%. Not only that, he manages to carry his boys along and today they occupy critical positions in
our national life.

Take it or leave it, Tinubu is today, Nigeria’s most powerful politician. It didn’t just happen by chance. He worked very hard for it. Very very hard. The hallmark of a true leader is not just the
ability to rule well but also the ability to nurture and groom his associates. The JAGABAN!!!


By: Samson Senator-odion


Four underage girls, whose ages range between 10 and 13, were among the 13 suspected cultists arrested by the police in Ogun State early this week. According to reports, other male members of the suspected group were in their early teens, and their leader slightly older. He is 19 years of age.

All the suspects were, at time of their arrests, residents of Mosunmore Village near Kobape in Abeokuta, the state capital.
Stunned by the worrisome development, the Baale of the community was said to have alerted the police, sequel to the alarm raised by one of the suspected girl’s mother.

True to the allegation, detectives attached to Owode-Egba Police Divisional Headquarters, led by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Shehu Alao, swung into action and succeeded in smoking them out of their camp during initiation of another set of girls.

Speaking on the ugly incident, the state Police Commissioner, CP Ahmed Iliyasu, disclosed to Crimepuzzle that on Monday, August 28, 2017, at about 6:30 pm, a woman raised alarm to the Baale of Mosunmore Village near Kobape, here in Abeokuta, to the effect that her daughter went out late a day previous.

“Apparently disturbed by the said outing, the woman pestered her daughter who later confessed that she was initiated into a cult group, a development the woman found difficult to conceal to herself and alerted the community head who, in turn called in my men.

“Consequently, officers of Owode-Egba Division stormed the area and successfully apprehended the 13 youngsters in the process of initiating yet another set of under-aged girls”, CP Iliyasu said.
The girls, all primary six school leavers, confessed to being lured into the group by the boys.

Leader of the group known as “Penalty Guys”, 19-year-old Tunde Adio, narrated to Crimepuzzle how he was initiated by one Tosin, and also a resident of the community in January, 2017, adding that they came about their own group’s name during the last Easter celebration when his third-in-command, 13-year-old Adewale Raphael’s church was organizing a picnic.

According to Adio, “we decided to do customized vests, with the the inscription “Penalty Guys”. This was what attracted the girls and agreed to be initiated”. Adio’s second-in-command, Silas Sunday, 15, was also arrested during the police raid.

Meanwhile, CP Iliyasu has ordered that the suspects be transferred to the Anti-Kidnapping and Cultism Unit of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID) for further investigation and prosecution of the suspects.


By: Mr. Jide Kol Ord

“We need love action not hate speech”

Hate speech is speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

[1][2] In the law of some countries, hate speech is described as speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it incites violence or prejudicial action against a protected group, or individual on the basis of their membership of the group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected group, or individual on the basis of their membership of the group. The law may identify a protected group by certain characteristics.

[3][4][5] In some countries, hate speech is not a legal term[6] and is constitutionally protected. [7] In some countries, a victim of hate speech may seek redress under civil law, criminal law, or both. A website which uses hate speech may be called a hate site. Many of these sites contain Internet forums and news briefs that emphasize a particular viewpoint.

There has been debate over freedom of speech, hate speech and hate speech legislation.[8] Critics have argued that the term “hate speech” is used to silence critics of social policies that have been poorly implemented.

Source: Wikipedia.

What this means in our Nigerian context is Nnamdi Kanu was and is guilty of hate speech when he said openly referred to Nigeria as a zoo and suggested that his group must cut all dealings with Hausa’s and Yorubas (I genuinely love Igbos but I’ve been categorized as a zoo occupant by our supreme leader)

The gentleman that says Mr X is a fool, kill him or Mr Y is an idiot, chase him out, these are not hate speeches, until a person/group is targeted based on his/their attributes, the Arewa quit notice is the deepest form of hate speech(politics aside) because it carries some form of genocidical tendencies and an ultimatum with a call to action.

Everything is just different when it comes to the Nigerian political dictionary.

I hate hate speeches, everyone guilty of it should be arrested and penalized, we should have a counter hate speech unit, it’s a threat to free world and we as a country should have gone past this.



By: Andy Akporugo Jr

Life on social media nowadays is mostly hateful, treacherous and irresponsible; a frightening reality when we consider that it is home to the better part of our elite, our intellectuals. They in the main, now share the characteristic of the local politician who would conflagrate the nation with glib falsity, for the small comfort of lighting his cigarette!

The skewed information of lop-sidedness in appointments to public office amongst many wild ethnic claims, majorly without even the slightest interrogation, let alone wholesome analysis, is one more example of the tragedy of our elite.

I need to recover my sanity and for a while venture into the real world peopled by the majority of Nigerians, who without the sensibilities of wizards, simply desire with silent prayers, responsive governance and the warmth of innocent brotherliness irrespective of ethnic sourcing. I want to go back to sitting outside with dear friends every evening under the vigilance of the skies, to friendly banter and the excitement of uncorked beverages!








Andy Akporugu Jr

If: certainly the most powerful word in the dictionary. It has wings. It is the vehicle by which intellectuals remove analysis from the realm of forensics unto that of creative writing. It allows any result that the author wishes. It permits him to play God, determining what other things should be, or remain equal to get the result he wishes.

It is the vehicle by which we believe that had the military not intervened, Nigeria would have been better, much less corrupt. From it we are allowed to argue rightly that our economy would have been better but for the return of PMB and yet correctly say the opposite, of course pointing to all the portions of our big economy in the private pockets and handbags of thieving authority.

It is an excuse, it is a lie. It is really nothing beyond an attempt to intellectualize loose, fancy conjecture. If Nigeria was restructured… If the white man never joined us long time ago… If Ojukwu had succeeded…If men were God… If…[yes, allow me my space]… If I was the President of Nigeria!


“The exceptions or nonoccurence of other possible options of an event, enthrones a “ground strategist.” by Theophilus Izobofolo