By: Charles Awuzie

OMG! DID YOU HEAR WHAT HAPPENED IN SUMMER OF LOVE? – First of all, let me state boldly and firmly that Jesus is the beginning of love and He is the end of love. Outside Him, no love exists….. Calm down if this blows your mind, read on.

Sometime in 1967, the 60s Hippies Group organized what they called SUMMER OF LOVE. Please Google SUMMER OF LOVE. Summer of love was an event that sought to promote a CHRISTLESS Love. People were told to love anyone or anything. Do you know where it ended? Wild sex…. Orgies…. Gay sex….. bestiality… Pedophilia…. And all sorts of things… Then Blood Shed…. Murders….suicides … Killings…. Arrests….. Confusion…. Etc.
Over 100,000 people attended the SUMMER Of love, and the end of that ‘love’ event demonstrated that No True Love can exist outside Jesus who came as the Love of God unto us. For more on the summer of love, see this link

Recently, one of the propagators of the ChristLess love attacked my wife and myself. The attack was so bad that I had to question if she truly knew what love is all about. She then sent a private apology when she realized my wife was getting lawyers in America involved to deal with her defamation of our character and other issues we also know about. While I was wondering how their ‘love’ could be so wicked and heartless, I remembered the event of 1967 – Summer of Love. Everything began to make sense to me. Truly, there’s nothing new under the sun. These things have happened before. People have tried several times to find love outside Jesus Christ….. Just like a woman who tries to seek for love outside her husband or vice versa…. Just when they claim they have found a love without Jesus, bitterness sets in…. Inner pains…. Restlessness…. Loss of focus….. More confusion…. They begin to loss relationships, peace and soon, some of them lose their lives…. This happened in Summer of Love…. This is the story of all CHRISTLESS LOVE.

But on another thought…. Should we love beyond religion? Yes. In fact, a big Yes. The love of our Lord Jesus Christ is not bound by the walls of religion. Jesus brings love to everyone – atheists, Muslims, Christians and those who dangle between atheism and Christ. When you Embrace Jesus, you will find the purest love. Not the kind of love that led to the disaster in 1967. But the kind of love that has kept the universe 🌌 together for millenniums – Love divine. That love that guarantees peace. That love that heals. That love that saved the world. The correct hashtag is #EmbraceJesus not a confusing #Embracelove. What love? Let’s be more specific or at least genuine.

We might disagree on doctrines…. Cool. We might disagree on religion. Cool. But let’s never disagree on the absolute truth that TRUE Love is not in religion but in CHRIST JESUS. Let’s then make it clear to those around us that when we speak about love, we speak about the Love expressed through Jesus Christ. And hey, you also don’t have to make this clear if you are atheist or an unbeliever in Christ. But make it known that you don’t believe in Christ so that those around you will not be deceived. Be transparent. Be genuine in your intentions. Be honest in your presentations. We know love, we believe in love… We are awake to love… Not the love that is ChristLess… But the Love which we found in Jesus. Same love is why we warn the simple minded ones to be careful of anything that represents the SUMMER OF LOVE. We also know that the ancient serpent offered Eve love outside the Truth. Beware of anyone offering you love outside TRUTH. JESUS IS THE TRUTH. In Him is true love. If you argue this simple and plain truth, you are an atheist and we mark you and still love you.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I love you deeply.


Republished by: Izobofolo’s Blog

Nations extract taxes from their citizens, but not all citizens are required by law to pay tax. Take for example, the destitute, the bankrupt and nor profit organizations are not qualified to pay tax.

Likewise, the various “tithes” commanded in the Law of Moses served as taxes to support various functions of the nation; supporting the government officials (Levites), funding the national religious ceremonies and festivals, and providing for the needy (widows, orphans and immigrants).

Having said this, let us see who was qualified to tithe and who was not qualified to tithe.

OLD TESTAMENT EXPLANATION – The owner of a farmland had to tithe, but his hired hands were exempted. Was a hired hand required to tithe on his salary? Not at all! There was no law that required a tenth of one’s salary to be tithed (which was earned for services rendered). Neither did the tithe come from the results of a man’s crafts, handicrafts and skills.

Only the crops and animals were subject to the tithe. After all, the crops and the animals did not belong to the hired hand and only the increase from one’s land or animals was subject to the tithe. And note this. Fishermen did not tithe, though this industry is mentioned in the law (Leviticus 11:9–12).

Likewise, the mining industry is referred to (Deuteronomy 8:9), but the tithe of minerals extracted from the earth was never called for. The lumber business is mentioned (1 Kings 5:7–12) and construction work on buildings (1 Kings 5:13–18) but tithes were not extracted from people who worked in those trades.

The same held true for those earning an income from weaving, handicrafts, or from any form of manufacturing or merchandising. They all were immune from tithing, including all those in the military, and government workers. Only those Israelites who earned a livelihood from farming and herding inside Israel were required to tithe under the Mosaic Law.

NEW TESTAMENT EXPLANATION – This was still the definition during the time of Jesus. Jesus was a carpenter; Paul was a tentmaker; Matthew was a tax collector; Peter and other disciples had been fishermen and none of these occupations qualified as tithe-payers because they did not farm or herd animals for a living. As a result, none was required by the law to pay tithes. That was the reason there was no account of such in the entire New Testament.

To make it plain and simple, only the owners of farms and flocks were required to tithe. Some pastors commonly teach that the tithe is God’s and that he must get his tithe first. But the Bible says it is the tenth animal (the last one) that passes under the rod that is God’s, NOT the first (Leviticus 27:32).

Indeed, the Israelite who had fewer than ten cattle did not have to tithe on nine of them because the requirement stated that only the tenth animal that passed under the rod was to be tithed. This is the precise law of tithing which was ordained for Israel by God.

And as the governments of this world will always exempt some of their citizens from paying tax for some reasons, God (full of grace and mercy) did not request or require the destitute in the Old Testament to tithe. The poor were not required to tithe at all!

It is wrong to teach that the poor in Israel were required to pay tithes. In fact, they actually received tithes! Much of the festival tithe and the third-year tithe went to the poor! They neither owned farmland nor (substantially) raised herds.

And, since God is full of grace and mercy, it is not within the scope of his divine holy character to ask a poor person to tithe and deprive himself and his family of the basic necessities of life. There is not a single Old Covenant text which commands the poor to tithe, rather they were placed among the people who would benefit from the tithes (Deuteronomy 14:28-29).

But today, the reverse is the case, no one is exempted, and it’s unheard-of that a church member does not pay tithes. It’s an abomination, in fact. Churches rarely cater to the poor people’s needs, let alone receive tithes for their upkeep. In many cases, when the destitute and the wretched-of-the-earth ask for help from the churches or the pastors and tithe apologists, they’re horrified, even scandalized!

They ask the poor to borrow or sell whatever they can and pay tithes first. The pastors will tell them that they are poor because they don’t pay tithes! They will even advise the poor to pay their tithes so that God will open the windows of heaven for them!

In many churches today, the doctrine of tithing is quickly becoming a requirement for church membership, every member of the church is required to have a monthly marked tithe card, even the beggars are expected to pay tithes from the little they receive from their kind neighbors?

You pastors, do you not fear God? Have you altered and modified the word of God and made merchandise of the poor (2 Peter 2:3) so you can feed fat and own the biggest cars, houses and airplanes?

If you want your members to abide by the tithing laws, why don’t you teach them to perform (work) according to God’s instructions in the Scriptures?


By Nkechi Bianze –

Back in 2013, in my home Church, something happened that changed my whole perspective. An alter call for donations was made, thus:

“Praise tha Lord o. Our Daddy in the Lord is visiting us with his army of Soldiers. We need to look after our daddy very well. We need to lodge him in the most expensive hotel in town for one week. Feed him and mummy, transport him and look after him while he is with us.”

I was already making calculations in my head at this point, with the idea of the price of the most expensive hotel, and what it costs to lodge people.

Then the announcer continued…

“We are also going to look after his 50-man entourage, likewise. It would cost us at least N100k per day to look after Daddy and Mummy, and at least N70k per day to look after each of his 50-man entourage.”

I’m quite fast with numbers, most especially when these numbers are about money. Thus, it took me less than a minute to come up with a sum total of what they expected us to donate so we can “look after” the spiritual leader of the church. We are talking about a fund raising of not less than N25.2 million Naira here. For what? To have the spiritual leader come and preach to us for a couple of hours per week.

When the calls were made for those who want to give N50k and above to walk down to the “healing ground” for special prayers, I was about to go. I had N50k to give. But then, I snapped within me. I remembered that there are families who are struggling to feed. I remembered that there are children who can’t go back to school because they can’t afford tuition. I remembered that there are people in hospitals who are dying because they can’t afford treatments of N10k.

I had initially wanted to stand up to walk to the front with my N50k, but I saw myself parking my bag, and walking out of the church.

I went out, waved an okada man, and asked him to take me to the central hospital. I went into the hospital, then asked the nurse if there was anyone struggling with medical bills. I was showed two patients. One was a woman who had just put to bed, and two was a child who had just been treated for malaria. I gave them N15k each. The child could now be allowed to go home. His petty trader single mother almost rolled on the floor thanking me. What for? N15k? It was embarrassing as well as fulfilling…. I actually dropped a tear.

I took a bike to the car park, saw a crippled beggar, he was carrying his plastic plate begging the food seller for food. I gave him N5k, and also bought him food.

I went back to Church to join my parents, just like nothing happened.

The following day, I went to the primary school I attended at some point, greeted the head teacher, and asked if there was any student struggling financially. I was showed some. I chose three. I gave each of them N10k. I ended up spending over N65k on strangers who needed my money the most. I paid hospital bills, fed a beggar for at least one week, and paid tuition fees for three.

Any God who thinks that I should be in hell because I didn’t enrich an already stinking rich man who is a thousand times richer than myself and my parents, but rather gave that money to the poor, is a God I never want to have anything to do with.

This was the beginning of it all.

I don’t believe in tithing. That’s a modern day religious scam.

But I do “tithe”.

Everything that I should have dropped in the Church accounts goes directly to the poor. I pay tuition fees for people, I pay hospital bills, and I feed the poor. All these I do whenever I have the money to do it.

After this experience in 2013, I felt so happy within myself. I felt an inner Joy. I still feel joy within each time I remember that I have put and keep putting smiles on the faces of people who almost had no hope at some points, just with my N10k, N20k, here and there. So, I made a vow in 2013 that love is going to be my religion where I would be paying my tithe and offerings to people, mainly strangers that won’t recognize me again some hours after.

Even the Bible says; “whatsoever you do to the least of thou brethren, so you do unto me.”

Jesus Christ gave more than he received. The early missionaries that brought Christianity to Nigeria gave more than they received. They built schools, hospitals and churches for free. They did a lot to improve human lives, and asked for nothing back…. only believe.

But the opposite is what we have amongst Nigerian pastors these days. They make their gullible members milk cows to enrich themselves.

What is a sane man, who goes by the title “GO” in a country where many only survive on less than a dollar a day doing with four private jets? That has gone beyond greed, that’s insanity! And Nigerians keep enabling these brands of insanities.

Nigerian pastors and GOs will continue getting richer for as long as the average Nigerian Christian remains gullible. This gullibility is simply self-inflicted-mental-laziness. You have refused to think with your brains, so these GOs think for you. And they think for you to their own benefits.

I don’t give in Churches anymore. Heaven knows I won’t give a dime to a multi-billionaire pastor while there are still beggars on the streets.

Nigerian Christians need to start using their brains. This is URGENT!

Think man, think woman, because no one ever died of thinking critically with his or her brain.

Even though I become a billionaire today, no Nigerian pastor would get a dime from me. My “tithes”, alms, offerings and seeds would all go directly to the poor in my society. Not to some of the richest people in the world.



By: Ord Jide Kol

This idea is so wrong! is it possible that only Christians are going to be in paradise?
Only 31.5% of world population are Christians, what happens to the remaining 69.5%?

4,200 religions in the world and the ones that originated from Africa have been regarded as fetish, evil and occultic even by Africans themselves, traditional worship can’t be evil, the popular religions adopted by Africans are traditional worships of some other…
Please I’ll like to be quoted, ‘Any religion without love is evil’ be it Christianity, Islam or Buddhism.

No religion is greater than the other, I think there is one God and we all belong to different worship departments, every religion is great and God is the greatest.

I celebrate the religion of my forefathers even though I don’t practice, I respect it.

My Christian brothers i am a Christian! are you?


THE JONAH PROBLEM – loved God…hated His beloveds

By: Theophilus Izobofolo

“let us not repeat the Jonah’s problem of loving God but not the things He loves.”

For a long time, I was reading the book of Jonah and thought why would Jonah could be so disrespectful to God and Disobedient. Then I began to read Jonah with fresh understanding and as I read, I saw that there was a very special relationship between God and Jonah. It was a close and tight relationship based on love and Loyalty, and protecting honors.

Jonah Loved God so much that he had a problem with people misusing God’s grace. He saw God forgive people who would soon after forget and go back to sin. Come back again and receive grace only to return to sin again. And in his relationship with God, he felt defensive with God. He felt a need to protect Gods Honor. So when God sent him to Nineveh to deliver a word of impending judgement, Jonah Decided he wont deliver it because God will show mercy to Nineveh if they hear the word and repented .

His problem was that He loved God but didn’t love the things God loved. We run a danger of killing people with our ministry if we do serve God, get defensive about God and do all that but without love. You love God first, then love yourself. After that, that very low with which you love yourself, love your neighbor.

With love you can preach the message of “grace and truth, love.” Love is the greatest gift, fruit and weapon. The ministry is all about exhibiting the love of God not judgment.

When Jonah later obeyed God, he then understand the meaning of total obedience and loyalty to God (love). You can’t impact lives without love. You were saved by unmerited grace not your works, academics prowess, parental hereditary advantage favored judgement or money, so don’t win souls by judging and condemning them.