By: Abigayle Mutua

Dear Minister.

As you’re coming into ministry, I welcome you on board. This is one of the most rewarding and non rewarding Work you’ll ever do. It’s not a job, it’s work.

There are two seasons that you must experience in this work. You’ll experience a dry season and a wet season. The dry seasons are times when character
is formed, while wet seasons are times of growth when gifts are given and developed.

Have you ever had a dry season? A season when God seemed silent? A season when you received no revelation? A season when your prayers appeared to go unanswered?
If you have walked the road of discipleship with Christ for very long at all, I am sure you already know what I mean when I talk about a dry season. If you are a Christian and have never experienced a dry season,you will at some point. Guaranteed!

A dry season is not much fun when you are going through it, but it is essential for strong spiritual growth.

Wet seasons are times of blessing, times of growth and expansion, offruitfulness and promotion. Dry seasons are seasons of pruning andpreparation in anticipation of the next wet season. Dry seasons are the times of the cross, and wet seasons are the times of resurrection life. In order to build a healthy, balanced Christian life we need both.

It is one thing to know that dry seasons will come but quite another to know what to do when they arrive. What do you do when God seems silent? How do you cope when your channel of revelation and words fromthe Lord seems to have dried up? Quite often when this happens you will be tempted to quit,to give up. That is the last thing you should do! A dry season is a time to press in to the Lord harder and farther and with more passion than before. In fact,that is one of God’s primary reasons for letting us go through periods of dryness: to make us thirstier for Him.


By Izuchukwu Samuel Nkwocha

Years ago, our fathers, dead and living had a mind that ministry isn’t about money….they depended and focused on the CALL cos they believe every provision will be met in their consistency and focus on the call…

But this generation ministers enter the ministry Prioritizing money, no wonder we have numerous errors…Ministers doing crazy things all for money.

we feel with money we can have anything and do any thing in d ministry which has lead to fraudulent acts and wrong desperation for money… but our fathers were dependent on the Caller and the Calling, this kept them sane and the Caller(GOD) provided them with the needed financial strengths at the right time.

This is why u see ministers jumping from one location to the other, one country to the other cos they came with business mindset…(where will this business flourish?)

Instead of many fathers influencing this generation on this importance, it has turned the other way round….sons are now influencing fathers.

Ministry is all about the CALL…staying and focusing on your CALL keeps ur focus and makes u stay pure. Loss of sight of your CALL introduces u to various errors.

Focusing on the title of your office than the CALL into that office. Most of your posts and prayers on Facebook are money based. The most pictures you upload on Facebook is bundle of money. Basking in titles..a young minister answering Doctor, Professor, President and Founder etc. Always want to take pictures with MOPOL just to show off with guards. Crazy to upload your hotel room during programs and things u eat. Always strategizing on how to raise funds during meetings. A young minister too quick to call his fellow minister a BOY. Dislike 4 mission and ministering in remote areas and small churches. Fasting and praying becomes a burden and old school. Studying of the word isn’t necessary except for a programs. Crazy program themes to suit the people. Church location fleshly chosen. Programs not spirit lead

These signs are very simple but real.

The intentions of our fathers for the ministry is strictly heaven based. They started church by divine direction. They organize programs by divine leading with themes Spirit given. They were passionate for souls but we are passionate for money.

If our generation and the next want to survive, Let’s build on the foundation the Apostles have laid and let’s build wisely on it. You can’t esteem and stay on your CALL and not control money in the future..



By: Abigayle Mutua

There are two elements that shape a minister. His ministry to God and his ministry to people. The two cannot be separated, but the intensity of the relationship will determine the strength and The impact of his ministry.

A man who spends more time ministering to men and less time ministering to God will have a ministry that will struggle with flesh, Worldliness and compromise. Because he/she becomes a ‘people pleaser’ and not ‘God pleaser.’ He will do anything to get acceptance and to fit in the circles of man.

A man who spend more time ministering to God than to people is one who cannot be moved or shaken easily. He is not attracted to worldliness because his needs can only be fed by eternity. This Is the man who doesn’t move when God has not said move! He becomes so in tuned with the Mind of God that his ministry to men emanates of Glory.

Most times people who spend less time ministering to God and more to people do not understand the dimension from which these ministers operate from and because they do not understand they begin to fight them. If you get more of God, you get more power. You don’t get more power to get more God.

In ministry power shouldn’t be the motivation, remember Satan can give it too, if power is all you need. And many ministers because of the attractiveness of crowds and Mega mentality have compromised to get the power but without God.

Watch carefully who you minister to more… Only God has the best interest for your ministry. After all he gave you the anointing for ministry.



By: Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala

“No man can pay a pastor’s salary for doing the work of the ministry.”

When God calls a man he becomes responsible for the needs of the man but when the man calls himself he pays the bills by himself. He who calls you is faithful and just to carry you.

What should be given to a pastor is called a token or an appreciation offering just to say man of God keep it up. It is not a salary and should not be called so. When you depend on receiving salary monthly, you will eventually go serious hungry and look for whom to blame for your hunger because there could be a time when the church won’t have money to pay you then you go about begging and telling people that the church is owing you salary. God doesn’t call men to keep them stranded, he calls men to qualify them.

The moment a pastor understands the value and the capacity of his caller(God), then it becomes easier for him to flow. Your heart towards serving God is what matters. When you pastor with the right heart then all you need to do is whether they appreciate you at month end or not just fire on because God has a way of rewarding faithfulness. All the disciples of Jesus left all that they were doing to do the work of ministry and they didn’t lack anything Neither did their family die of hunger. Even the ones who came to do ministry because of money or salary didn’t last long and the example is Judas.




Pastor. John Anthony

I weep for this generation and their carelessness towards God and everything spiritual…I weep! I weep for the unsaved who reject Jesus and those who have never heard about Jesus…I weep! I weep for the fathers who neglect their spiritual/physical responsibility for sons…I weep! I weep for pastors, believers who have never won a soul for Jesus…I weep! I weep for everyone who God has blessed so much but have never made themselves channels of blessings to the poor…I weep!

What’s the yardstick to measure a great man or woman of God; is it ordination, philanthropic gesture, miracle, prophecy etc?

We don’t use miracles and healing to measure a great man of god, Moses parted the red sea, Joshua commanded the sun to stand still and Elijah raised the dead, Elisha spoke to an iron axe to swim inside of a river.

We don’t use prophecy to measure a great man of god because Sooth Sayers gives better prophecy because Daniel interpreted dreams, prophet Isaiah, prophet Ezekiel, prophet Jeremiah etc. were better and major prophet.

We don’t use a man’s generosity, or the philanthropist of a man. How many people celebrates you? Abraham was a blessing to nations and job was a great blessing to everyone around him.

We don’t use crowd or cathedral because Prophet Moses had the biggest crowd of over 6million members.

Do you know that native doctors…perform miracles, perform signs and wonders, create negative manifestations, gives prophecy well. Native Doctors are no more in the bushes but in most assembly today in disguised, wolves in sheep clothing… soon Jesus will uncover them all because their time is up…

Jesus told us that john the Baptist was greater than the entire major and minor prophet in the Old Testament…

Matthew 11:11 KJV: Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

ESV:Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has arisen no one greater than John the Baptist. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

NIV:Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet whoever is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.

AMP:Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.