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25th Sept. 2017

In life, some may walk, others may run, but remember the Lord gave the tortoise and the horse the same days to reach Noah’s ark.

Your journey might be rough and tough but you will definitely get to your destination.
Jacob looked at Joseph and saw a good son! The ten brothers looked at Joseph and saw a useless dreamer! The travelers looked at Joseph and saw a slave!! Potiphar looked at Joseph and saw a fine servant!! Potiphar’s wife looked at Joseph and saw a potential boyfriend! The prison officers saw in Joseph a prisoner! How wrong were all of them! God looked at Joseph and saw a Prime Minister of Egypt in waiting!!

Don’t be discouraged by what people see in you!! Be encouraged by what God sees in you!! Never underrate the person next to you because you never know what the Lord has deposited in that person.

Your maid may be a Chief Executive Officer in waiting for a company which shall employ your child. Your garden-boy may be a president in waiting. (Remember David got the anointing of becoming a King while he was a simple child herding sheep. Esther was a simple orphaned girl yet she was a Queen in waiting).

God is God:
He doesn’t care about age, no wonder he blessed Abraham.
He doesn’t care about experience, no wonder he chose David.
He doesn’t care about gender, no wonder he lifted Esther.
He doesn’t care about your past, no wonder he called Paul.
He doesn’t care about your physical appearance, no wonder he chose Zacchaeus (the shortest one).
He doesn’t care about fluency in speech, no wonder he chose Moses.
He doesn’t care about your career, no wonder he choose Mary Magdalene; a prostitute. All I know is that my God never changes
He never made a promise he wouldn’t keep.
He never saw a person he wouldn’t help.
He never heard *a prayer he wouldn’t answer
He never found *a soul he wouldn’t love
He never found *a sinner he wouldn’t forgive
This is the kind of God I would like to commune with every day, from the moment I wake up. I strongly recommend Him to you.


By: Enenche Comedian

There is a work side to prosperity. It is the works of your hand God blesses.

People are in farms planting yams and you are busy sitting in church, when it is harvesting time; don’t expect yams to fall from heaven. When it is eating time; people are eating and you are “believing” God for yams.

Faith without work is dead. There should be a corresponding action in line of faith.

When the gospel came to Africa, the missionaries saw two vital areas of deficiencies; hospital and school. They filled these gaps. Today, directly or indirectly, we have all benefited from it.

Today, we have a major problem; unemployment. Instead of filling this gap we are taking advantage of it.

We gather the unemployed and “prophesy” jobs to them. We give them stickers, sell “holy water”, tell them to sow and expect harvest, convincing them to “work” for the Lord, that breakthrough is coming… All these we do to exploit and explore the vulnerable.

We travel abroad. We have gone to Isreal and see the agricultural exploits there. But we are not willing to bring them home.

When we sow, instead of our money to be invested into ventures like agriculture that would alleviate the sufferings of the weak ones among us, we channel the money to an atheist in Germany who designed MOG’s customised car.

We channel the money to Buddhists in China where we bought our building materials. We channel the money to a gay in America who produced the sound system and lighting system.

We channel the money to a Muslim in Dubai who did the interior decoration of our ” magnificent ” building…what a Capital Flight!

Why are we crying of poverty and for breakthrough? The God that I know respond to work wherever he sees man doing something to advance humanity, be it a Hindu, Gay, Buddhist, atheist etc.

I don’t want to start mentioning names, neither do I want to indict any person. But just imagine Living Faith going to rice production, RCCG going into Cassava production, Christ Embassy into Maize, God’s Choosen into Yams, Catholics into millets etc.

The land is there, the man power is there, the money is there, like the missionaries, who saw a problem and filled it, we can also fill this problem of unemployment and food security.

Just imagine a church sending hundreds of trailer load of food to evangelise the north. No man can resist love. Feed them in love and watch how their hearts change. That was how the missionaries changed the hearts of our forebears.

The missionaries have tried for us, and instead of us to keep pressing northwards, we have resulted in building empires. We have commercialized the gospel. It is all about breakthrough, money and less Jesus, His Person, His Sacrifice and Finished works.

We have the manpowers to feed Nigeria and Africa, generate employment by adding values to farm produce and exporting them.

We have traveled abroad and have seen great agricultural exploits, it is time to bring these inventions home.

It is time we convert our exotic cars in our garages to tractors and other mechanised and modern agricultural tools. Doing what government cannot do, by do doing this; “THE GOVERNMENT SHALL BE UPON HIS SHOULDER “.

When we roar, the government is supposed to quiver, not because of our large bank accounts, but because of our intimidating exploits.

It is time to wake-up… I see a day when we shall be holding our numerous church services in farms and factories. It is time to take the government upon His shoulder. It is action time!

A mere comedian has spoken!


Folks! Nothing just happen! There must be a force before a motion. Just like oxygen activates human life; so self-discipline activates our dreams. If your effort alone is producing little or no result do the following: (1) Work on your mind to increase your level of focus; (2) Do one thing at a time, don’t be too over ambitions; (3) Study more about your line of discipline (4) Cultivate the habit of using; other people’s knowledge (OPK), other people’s time (OPT) and other people’s money (OPM); (5) Ask God for grace and direction (it could be that your current dream is not your strength and not His will).


Si vous devez être un solutionneur de problème, vous devez tout d’abord être un maître de la réalité. L’ignorance de la réalité de la vie, c’est ce que la plupart des gens appellent des problèmes. Vous pouvez vaincre jamais ce que vous ne connaissez pas. Les outils pour résoudre les problèmes et résoudre les problèmes de la vie sont ; soif de connaissance en temps opportun, ténacité recueillies près les expériences de mort, la passion effrénée pour la prise de risque difficiles, la crainte du Seigneur et l’amour pour Dieu, liaison avec légendes historiques et le même objectif demandeurs et l’amour pour vos voisins. Ne pas abandonner, être plus dur que vos situations difficiles à résoudre des problèmes et de gérer des situations difficiles.


If you must be a problem solver, you must first be a master of reality. Ignorance to the realities of life is what most people call problems. You can never conquer what you don’t know. The tools for solving problems and resolving issues of life are; hunger for timely knowledge, toughness gathered from near death experiences, unbridled passion for taking difficult risk, the fear of the lord and love for God, association with historic legends and the same goal seekers, and cultivate love for your neighbors. Don’t give up, be harder than your hard situations; to solve problems and manage predicaments.